A/N: Just roll with it, rofl. xD

Anthony: (bursts inside with a violent, unpleasant force) Mr. Todd! Johanna just gave me a key! Now I can help her leave that forsaken prison she resides in and stopped being watched over the same man that you're about to kill! I mean...shit.

Turpin: (blinks) You mean...the key with the blue paw print on it?

Anthony: Well, uh, sure! (pulls out key and points to paw print) Yes, there it is, right there.

Turpin: (jumps out of chair with glee and begins to clap hands in a merry fashion) We found the last clue! You found it! You found it! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Mrs. Lovett: (scampers upstairs) Bow bow?

Sweeney: (grin) You know what this means...!

Anthony and Turpin: (bouncing around with childlike innocence) THINKING CHAIR!!!

Mrs. Lovett: (chasing her tail) Bow bow bow!

Anthony and Turpin sit cross-legged infront of the red barber chair, holding lollies and smiling pink-faced.

Sweeney does a jig, Mrs. Lovett prancing on all fours behind him. Sweeney plops down into his barber chair. A happy tune begins to play.

Sweeney: (singing) We found the last paw print, it's the third clue! We put it in our notebook because their Blue's clues! (leans forward) Who's clues?

Anthony and Turpin: (wide eyed and giggly) BLUE'S CLUES!

Sweeney: (singing) We sit down in our thinking chair and think...think... thi-i-ink.

Mrs. Lovett: (perching herself on Sweeney's shoulder) Bowwww bow bow!

Sweeney: Cause when we use our minds and take a step at a time, we can do ANYTHING...

Mrs. Lovett: (giddy and licking Sweeney's face) BOW BOW!!

Sweeney: (jazz hands) THAT WE WANNA DO!!

The music abruptly ends and Sweeney kills the three of them.