A Night to Remember: Chapter 01


Author's Note: I was going to have the title be The Dance, but that just sounded lame, so here we are.

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Tory Blake and Colin Stephens were very much in love. Their relationship had been awkward at first, as most relationships are, but it had blossomed into something very important to both of them.

Unfortunately, because they were a gay couple, it wasn't always easy to show their affection for each other in public. Often they'd had to conceal their love by going to Tory's house or making out in a closet, which they had done before their sophomore year had ended. Now that they were juniors and in school again, they were pretty much back to square one in the hiding-their-relationship department. However, it just so happened that there was to be a fall dance at their school.

Tory was talking to Colin by their lockers when Mandy showed up to tell them about the dance.

"Hi guys!" she exclaimed cheerfully.

"Hey, what's up?" said Tory.

"So are you guys going to go to the dance on Friday?" she asked. Colin and Tory both shifted their eyes to each other and then back at Mandy.

"Uh…" Tory began.

"Well…" Colin joined in.

"Oh, you guys just have to come! Please?" begged Mandy. "All the profits go to the school! If enough people buy tickets we might get to print the yearbook in color!" Mandy was on the Student Council, since that was what all the popular girls did (A/N: It's true. At my high school it was, anyway), and so she was determined to get as many people to go as possible.

"I…guess…we could buy tickets…" Tory said slowly.

"Yeah, I guess. Yeah, sure," said Colin.

"Yeah, OK, we'll go, Mandy," Tory confirmed.

"Great!" Mandy jumped up and down once in her happiness. "Um, OK, you can buy tickets in the cafeteria at lunchtime. Oh, thanks, you guys!" she squealed, hugging the two boys. They felt a bit uncomfortable as their female friend hugged them both, but they knew that that was just Mandy's way. "OK, see you Friday!" and she left the two together.

Both Tory and Colin were silent for a few seconds after that. Neither of them had asked the other if he had wanted to go to the dance, and now they had both just kind-of been roped into it. Both wondered if either would have asked the other in the first place had Mandy not asked them!

"Well, I guess we're going to the dance," said Tory.

"Yep," agreed Colin, awkwardly.

Hands in pockets, the couple exchanged nervous glances and grins, before finally relaxing and agreeing on it.

"OK, well, I can't wait," said Tory, finally.

"Me too," said Colin. "I mean, me neither. I mean--" both boys laughed. "I mean, yes, I'm looking forward to it," Colin finally managed.

"Alright, I've got to get to class," said Tory. He knew Colin had to too, but he just happened to say it first.

"Right. Bye."

"Love you," said Tory quickly, pecking his boyfriend on the lips.

"Love you too." And they parted for their different classrooms.

This new school year, Colin and Tory didn't have any periods together except lunch, so they were together to buy their tickets for the dance. Since neither had really asked the other, they each just paid for their own tickets, instead of one paying for both.

They didn't say much more about it the rest of that day. The bureaucracy had been taken care of. They knew they were both going to the dance. They agreed on meeting there at a specific time. Now all that was left on their minds was the dreaded WHAT TO WEAR!


End of chapter 01

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