LEGAL DISCLAIMER: I don't own GX and I never will. What a shame... I also don't own Disney. The beginning chapters are based very loosely around the Little Mermaid, but they become more related later.

So how about I stop blabbering and get to the story already?

- -

The worst thing in the world could be the best thing that happened to you. Love. Yes, I've fallen in love with my childhood friend, Jim Cook. I've longed to tell him for a while, but I can't. He's not exactly my type, considering I'm a crocodile. I've wanted to be human ever since I was first hatched. He's the reason I want to walk on two feet, instead of four. It'll never happen. Uh oh, here he comes.

"There you are, Shirley," he smiles. "I've been looking everywhere for you!"

I let out a friendly growl.

"We best be getting off, then," he said as he hoisted me onto his back.

He walked me to the Duel Academy entrance and let me down.

"I have to go inside," he said. "You stay here and don't you go running off."

He smiled and walked inside. I looked until he vanished from my sight. I wanted to go in so badly, but that idiot Crowler said that Jim had to leave me outside until we went back home. Stupid Crowler. I can see why everyone hates him.

I then heard some ruffling in the bushes. I let out a slight growl.

"Come here," a voice called.

I looked around, but saw only a moving bush.

"You want Jim, don't you? You want to be human."

I nodded.

"Well, then follow me," I walked over to the bushes and followed the calling voice.

It lead me to a cave of some sort. I cautiously walked inside. There stood someone who I never expected to see.

"Hello, Shirley," she said.

I opened my jaw.

"Oh, right. You can't talk."

She walked over and put a glowing ball into my mouth.

"This should help.."

"Yubel!" I cried. "Wait, I can talk?!"

"Yes," Yubel smiled. "Isn't it nice?"

"I thought you were bonded with Jaden," I said.

"I couldn't help but overhear your problem," she smirked. "So, Jaden's taking a little rest while I take a little field trip."

"I don't trust you," I growled.

"I'm on your side now. Besides, I can help you become human."

My eyes went wide. "Human?"

"If you want to win Johnny's heart, you'll have to become human."

"First off, his name is Jim," I corrected. "Secondly, what's the catch?"

"You just can't talk," she said simply.

"Then what's the point?!" I yelled.

"He'll know you exist," she smiled. "And he'll be all over you. But, you have to do it within 3 days!"

"What if I don't?" I questioned.

"You'll turn back into a crocodile and become my 'little friend'."

"I don't know about this.." I hesitated.

She put a contract on the floor beside me.

"It's up to you," she shrugged. "You'll never get another chance like this."

I stared at the contract. What harm could it do?

"Fine," I sighed. "Sign my name."

Yubel let out a chuckle and a purple smoke covered me. Everything went black.

I awoke by the coast of the beach. Was I dreaming? I looked down and my eyes went wide.

I have..human legs?!