Jesse's POV

When I woke up, I felt as if I was hit with a sledge hammer 20 times and then run over with a car. Absolute crap. But I couldn't think about that right now. I had to tell Shirley what was going on. Then it hit me..

"Jaden!" I cried as I looked frantically all over the destroyed dorm for a trace of my Slifer friend. After digging through tipped over desks and mattresses, I eventually uncovered my bruised friend. It looks like the desk hit him in the mouth because it was bleeding a little bit.

"Jaden!" I called again as I tried to lift him out of the mess.

"Jess?" he asked weakly.

"Don't worry, Jay. I'll get that Yubel for doing this to you."

"No.." my friend said as he shut his eyes.

"No? Jaden, I think that desk knocked your brain out! Whadda yea mean 'no?'"

"Because...that's not...Yubel..."


Shirley's POV

I smirked at seeing a slightly dazed Hassleberry before me. I guess I didn't lose my strength when I turned human. But as soon as it came, my smile vanished. Where did Jesse go? Suddenly two students came by our direction. Maybe they've seen him. They turned towards me.

"Hey," one Silfer said. "You're that girl I saw hanging out with Jesse and Jim."

"I'm surprised you're not at the docks," the other Slifer replied.

Docks? Why the heck would I be there? They must've seen my puzzled expression.

"You mean you haven't heard?" the first one asked.

I shook my head slowly.

"Jim Cook's leaving the island," the second replied. "He looked pretty weird today though. He said something about never coming back."

Never coming back?! What was that bloke thinking?! As fast as I could, I ran towards the docks to see my friend with a suitcase in his hand. Behind him I saw Syrus, Alexis, Atticus, and even Axel.

He looked like he hadn't slept in days. I saw no pupil in his visible eye. Under it were big bags that made him look like he was 40 instead of 19.

"Why are you leaving?" the little bluenette asked the Aussie.

Jim said nothing and continued to stare out to the sea and hanging on to his brown suitcase for dear life.

"You promised you'd stay with us until you had to go back home," the Rhodes girl whined.

"I'm sure Sheppard will let you stay with Jesse and Axel," Atticus added.

"And what about Shirley?" Axel finally said. "You plan on leaving your best friend here?"

Jim chuckled. "That worthless piece of crap? I don't need her."

Everyone's eyes went wide when they heard the animal loving Jim Crocodile Cook say that about his lifetime companion. My heart just melted...Jim has cared for me since I was a baby... I've looked after and protected him...he said I was his best friend...and was like some horrible dream...did leaving him make him hate me? No, this is just a bad nightmare. I'll wake up...

I fell to the ground trying to hold back the tears...

Wake up...

Wake up...

Shirley please...

Just wake up...


Jesse's POV

Once I got Jaden outside, we tried to wake up the sleeping dino duelist.

"I'd love to have more cookies, mommy..." Hassleberry smiled as he laid there.

"Hassleberry," I shook him. "Wake up!!"

Jaden limped to the nearby stream, filled up a bucket with water, and splashed it on the face of Hassleberry.

"Wh-what?" He finally snapped open his eyes. "What in Sam Hill did you do that for?!"

"No time to explain," I said. "Take Jaden to the nurse."

"What happened to you, Sarge?"

"I'll..explain once we get there..." Jaden said as he put his arm around Hassleberry and was led to the nurse.

I ran like I was running the marathon as Ruby appeared on my shoulder.

"They know what to do, right?" I asked, referring to my crystal beasts. She made a variety of sounds and nodded her head.

"Good," I panted. "I just hope..we're not to late...or else Shirley and Yubel...are in big trouble..."