A/N: Hey, my twin and I are back with a new chapter of Listen Dammit

A/N: Hey, my twin and I are back with a new chapter of Listen Dammit! Hope you like it! Oh, and I know there are many people out there who absolutely hate George and Izzie together, so here's what I've got to say to them, DON'T READ THE FIRST 3 AND A HALF PAGES!!




Brooke and Hailey entered the house quietly. "Izzie's definitely here, I smell cookies!" Brooke sad. She turned to Hailey and saw her staring at the foyer in awe. "Hail, anyone home?"

"This is where Der told Mer their last kiss in perfect detail…" Hailey replied.

"Oh brother…" Brooke rolled her eyes. "Yeah, it's also where Finn kissed Meredith."

Hailey made a face. "You had to ruin the moment."

"We gotta focus on the mission at hand, which is Izzie and George."

"How many chances does one get to stand in Meredith Grey's house??" Hailey whined. She sniffled and sighed. "Fine, George and Izzie." Hailey started off towards the kitchen.

Both girls stopped abruptly when they saw the mounds of cookies covering every flat surface. In the middle of the cookie-chaos stood Izzie covered in splotches of flour.

Hailey skipped into the cookie-heaven and greeted Izzie with a smile. "Hi! My name is Hailey!" she explained.

"My name is Brooke." Brooke introduced.

"Hello…" Izzie hesitated. "Why are you here?"

"Where's George?" Hailey questioned.

"He's at the hospital." Izzie replied.

"We'll wait!" Hailey said.

Brooke eyed the cookies. "Hey Iz, can I have a cookie please?"

"Oh yeah, sure. I think they might be missing something, though." Izzie scrunched up her face.

Brooke smiled and grabbed a cookie. "Oh my goddess! These are amazering! Seriously! Hailey, eat one!" Brooke shoved half of her cookie towards Hailey.

"Holy bejesus! These are awesome! I want to marry them!" Hailey said between bites of cookie.

:But they seem like they're missing something…"

"Cinnamon!" Brooke shrieked.

"What?" Both Izzie and Hailey asked.

"Peanut butter cookies need cinnamon!...And honey." Brooke replied.

Izzie went around the kitchen making a new batch of cookies with the cinnamon and honey. Brooke and Hailey bounced excitedly as they waited for the cookies.

"Um…Izzie, why are you baking cookies anyway?" Hailey asked.

"What are you talking about?" Izzie asked.

"Well, you only bake cookies when something bad happens. So what happened?" Hailey stated.

Izzie hesitated before answering. "It's George."

"Oh here we go." Brooke sighed.

"I mean, when he told me he loved me, I thought everything would be great, but it's not. Parts of it are great, but…I don't know. We seem different…" Izzie sighed. "Maybe it's just me."

"Do you feel like something's different?" Brooke questioned.

"I feel like we don't talk anymore. We're always moving so fast and we only see each other in passing or when the other is sleeping." Izzie sighed again. "I really need to talk to him." Izzie turned to the oven and opened the door.

"Is there something wrong?" Hailey inquired.

"I think I'm pregnant." Izzie said while getting out the cookies. Hailey and Brooke's jaw dropped.

"Baby…" Hailey gasped. "That is AMAZERING!" she jumped excitedly and ran around the counter to rub Izzie's belly.

"I don't know for sure." Izzie whispered.

"Let's find out." Brooke suggested, gesturing toward the pregnancy package on the table.

Izzie sighed but picked up the box and went to the bathroom. Hailey bounced over to Brooke. "This is SO exciting!" she gasped. "We should come here more often!"

"So more people can be pregnant?" Brooke asked.

"No! Well yes, but no. I just like being here, knowing where what happened…becoming an Auntie to Izzie's baby!' Hailey giggled.

"I don't feel safe in this house…" Brooke replied.


"It's Meredith and Derek, they go at it like bunnies! I highly doubt they always wait til they get the bedroom."

"Meredith's room!" Hailey squeed and ran out of the kitchen.

"I say they had sex in the bedroom and she runs to it…" Brooke sighed and went after her twin. She stood in the doorway watching Hailey look around the room. "Why are we in here?"

"It's where Mer had her feeling. And because of that feeling she had that moment with Derek and he told her their last kiss!"

"Wanna know the best thing about this room?"

"What?" Hailey asked in confusion.

"It's a Finn-Free Zone!" Both girls giggled.

"Ew…" Hailey shuddered. "Stupid Finn!" Hailey plopped down on Mer's bed, wrapped herself in the blankets and inhaled. "Mmm, Derek."

"Oh geez!" Brooke sighed. "Think of all the other guys that were in there!"

Hailey jumped up. "EW!"

Brooke giggled and jumped on the bed. "I'm sure they've been washed!"

Hailey glared. "Evil whore…" Hailey glanced around the room. She walked back toward the door.

"Where are you going?" Brooke asked.

"I don't know…" Hailey wondered off, out of the room.

Brooke jumped out of the bed and walked out of the room. She found Hailey at the top of the stairs, sitting on the top step, staring. "What are you…?" Brooke began to ask.

"Shh!" Hailey interrupted. Brooke walked over and sat down next to her. Then she saw them…George was cradling Izzie in his arms. Izzie was crying.

"I think that means she's pregnant." Hailey whispered.

"How long were we in Mer's room? Unless George broke the laws of physics, I don't think he'd get here by now."

"Izzie needed him." Hailey replied softly.

They stayed silent for a couple minutes. "Should we go down there and talk to them?" Brooke asked.

"Nah, let's slip out the back door so we don't disturb them." Hailey whispered.

As they tip-toed past the couple George looked up. Hailey smiled at him before walking out the door.

"Where are we going to go now?" Brooke asked Hailey as she slipped into the passenger seat.

"We have Bailey and Tucker." Hailey answered.

"Ah yes, Tucker."

"And the baby!" Hailey giggled.

"Of course the baby!" Brooke said. "We get to verbally kick his ass!" Hailey and Brooke drove back to Seattle Grace.


They walked through the doors and stopped at the stairs. "If I were Bailey where would I be…" Hailey pondered aloud.

"Well, normally she'd be in surgery, but since Tuck's in the hospital, I'd say she's with him, ignoring her husband." Brooke answered.

"I'd ignore him too if I were her. He's an ass!" Hailey angrily replied.

"Let's find Bailey," Brooke said. Her and Hailey skipped off into Seattle Grace to find Bailey. They headed to the child care area.

"Look at all the babies!" Hailey squeed as they passed the nursery. She put her hands on the glass and started to make baby noises.

"Bailey, we are looking for Bailey," Brooke told the one nurse.

"Oh she's in the room right down the hall and to the left," the nurse replied.

"Olivia!" Hailey yelled and pointed at the nurse walking a few feet away.

"Syph nurse!" Brooke giggled. Both girls ran after her. They ducked into the nursery along with Olivia.

"Aww, babies!" Hailey said again.

Olivia turned around. "What are you two doing in here?"

"Protecting the babies from your syphilis," Hailey sneered at Olivia. Brooke giggled.

"Excuse me?" Olivia questioned, her face as red as fire.

"You heard me," Hailey snapped stepping toward Olivia.

Olivia stared at the girls. "You realize I could have you thrown out of here?"

"You realize I could kick you in the face?" Hailey replied. Syph nurse glared at her. She then walked out. Hailey giggled and clapped. "I rock!" She looked back at the babies. "Hello cuties! You're so adorable! Yes you are!"

"Hailey, Bailey?"

Hailey stopped talking baby talk. "Right."

They walked toward the room where Bailey was standing over her child's bed. She was singing to him. Hailey peered in and gazed upon the wonderfulness.

"Aww, she's singing to him," Brooke whispered.

Bailey heard Brooke and looked up at the two girls. "I was expecting you."

"Sorry, we didn't mean to interrupt your motheringness," Hailey apologized, stepping into the room.

"You were expecting us?" Brooke questioned with a confused look.

"I know everything that goes on in this hospital," Bailey stated.

"Oh," Hailey said sheepishly. "Then sorry about threatening to kick Olivia in the face," Hailey apologized.

"She deserved it," Bailey assured Hailey.

"You rock!" Hailey smiled.

"She's Bailey, of course she rocks," Brooke justified.

"I've been expecting you. Why have I been expecting you?" Bailey said in a way only Bailey could.

The girls looked at each other before responding. "It's about Tucker…and your marriage." The said in unison.

Bailey turned back to her son. "There's nothing to discuss."

"But," Hailey began


The three girls sat in silence for a few moments. "Um, Miranda?" Brooke said. Bailey looked up. "I think it may be a good idea to talk about it."

"Aw way! You called her Miranda!" Hailey whispered to Brooke.

"No, she's right," Bailey sighed. She tucked the baby in and stood, staring out the window at the streets of Seattle.

Brooke and Hailey both sat down and waited for Bailey to begin.

"I don't know where it went wrong," Bailey began.

"Well when did you start feeling this way with your husband?" Hailey questioned.

"It only started recently," Bailey sighed. "Maybe after Meredith and Cristina came back."

"What happened?" Brooke asked.

"It was just little things at first. Then he started yelling about me not being home, not spending enough time with Tuck," Bailey looked down at her sleeping child. "He acts like I'd rather be here than with them. But I have to be here, it's my job to save lives. But he doesn't understand."

"Do guys ever understand?" Hailey commented. Brooke and Bailey glanced over at her. "Sorry," Hailey said.

"I'm sorry Miranda," Brooke said. "He should understand that this is your job."

"It is just a job though. Maybe I shouldn't have taken the job as Chief Resident. I knew it was going to take more work and more time away from my family, but no, I have to be the best. I had to show Callie that I was better. I had to prove everyone wrong, why?" Bailey broke down.

"This isn't just a job," Hailey hugged and comforted Bailey. "You are saving people's lives everyday that you are here. Without you, this hospital wouldn't be able to run. Every person in this hospital knows that. You don't have to prove yourself to anyone. Not one person here doubts that you are best."

"When you child is old enough to understand he will realize how amazing of a mom you really are. He will love you, not because you are the best, but because you are his mom," Brooke said glancing at the baby and stroking his hand.

"Your husband is just a big poop-face," Hailey giggled and Bailey cracked a smile.

Brooke stared at the floor. "What?" Hailey asked her.

"It's just…I think Bailey should talk to her husband." Brooke turned to Miranda. "You love him, don't you?"

"Yes, I love him." She sighed. "He's my best friend, he knows the real me."

"If you love him that much, then fight for him, fight for your marriage." Brooke blinked her blue eyes. "Don't let him go."

"How can I win a losing battle?"

"It's only a losing battle if you give up," Hailey replied.

"What if he has already given up?" Bailey asked.

"Poopy-face," Hailey mumbled. Brooke glared at her. Hailey gave her a shocked face and said, "What? I'm just saying!"

"Your husband is not a," Brooke paused, "poopy-face," she finished and sighed.

"Haha, you said poopy-face!" Hailey giggled. Hailey then got serious and looked at Bailey straight on. "Your husband hasn't given up. He's just…frustrated. If you want to keep this marriage you have to fight for it. Believe it or not, he's fighting for you right now. This is his way of fighting. It might suck, but he's trying. Now it's your turn."

Brooke smiled, impressed by her twin. Bailey looked down at her baby, then back to the girls. "You're right, I need to fight." Bailey smiled before walking out of the nursery.

"So we've officially fixed one couple and have two in progress. I'd say we're pretty good at this!" Brooke giggled.

"Oh yeah!" The girls high-fived. "We rock!" They stood there for a few moments. "Soooo…what now?"

Hailey started to count off the people on her fingers and softly spoke under her breath. Then she suddenly looked up at Brooke. "Lexie!"

"Lexie? We're not yelling at her, are we?"

"No! We're going to jump on her!" Hailey squeed.

"Jump on her?" Brooke worriedly asked.

"Yep! Like we did to Crissy!"

"Like you did to Crissy!" Brooke said. "Let's go find Lexie!"

"Yay!" Hailey squeed and jumped down the hallway.

They wondered down the corridor and found Lexie talking to a redhead. "Uh oh…" Brooke said with wide eyes.

"Addison!" Hailey glared.



So that's chapter two. Sorry it took so long, but passing a notebook between classes and forgetting about the story accounts for most of the time….hopefully chapter 3 will be up soon!

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