This is a continuation of Danny and the Avatar, and please for the sake of my writing please pretend Zhao perished in an accidental trip down the stairs, and I can think of plenty of ways to get around Yue (mysterious grin) and remember, as stated in the first book Danny and Aang will meet two new friends, both masters in earth bending, and both are a ton of trouble to the gang and won't exactly get along, and for a warning there will be some DS and I will not be able to live with myself if I didn't have Sokka try to flirt with both Jazz and, most painfully, Sam! Don't own ATLA or DP. And also for those of you who have not seen the show I am going to start putting small notes on the bottom detailing in stuff that was missed and won't be mentioned.

Danny sighed in relief as he saw the familiar woods once more. They had been traveling for a month or so over water and were finally nearing Omashu. When they were a little ways away Sokka had them land Appa so they could walk with 'dignified poise' into the city.

However when they began to overcome the final hill Sokka stopped at the top "Welcome to Oma…oh no" he stopped and whispered. Danny, Jazz, and Sam exchanged nervous glances before rushing to the top. There at the top a giant Fire Nation flag flapped gracefully over the entrance to the smoking city.

Sam grabbed Danny's arm while Katara did the same to Aang "We have to move on, it's not safe" Katara said. Aang shook his head "Not without Bumi" he said stubbornly. Danny stepped forward "Bumi is a friend, if there is a small chance he is in there would you just leave him to the Fire Nation?" he asked.

Everyone exchanged nervous glances but then bowed their heads in defeat "Alright but do we have to take the sewer again?" Sokka asked. Aang grinned evilly.

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Sokka trudged behind the others with his nose plugged "I just had to asked" he muttered as the sewage went into him. Sam, Danny, and Jazz were working together to create a front line passage while Aang and Katara kept what ever got through off of them.

However Sokka got stuck in the back of the group and continuously got smothered in the sewage water. After a few minutes they arrived once more at the sewage hatch. Everyone climbed out while brushing off their clothes "Well that wasn't to bad, not even as bad as the first time" Katara remarked.

Sam raised an eyebrow "I don't think I wanna know" she said. Suddenly Sokka the slime monster crawled out, covered in, well, slime. Katara sighed and her, Danny, Sam, and Aang all combined their water bending, curtsey of a barrel in their ally, to wash him off.

Then Jazz, Danny, and Aang used air bending with their staffs to dry him. However he had some things sticking to his face this time. He noticed and screamed "Things are on my face! They are going to destroy me!" he shouted.

Aang quickly tackled him to be quiet before taking them off. Sam smirked and looked at Danny "Doesn't this seem so familiar" she said. Danny smiled "Tucker, you know, I wonder if we'll see him around here" he said.

Jazz shrugged. Suddenly three guards rounded the corner "Hey! What are you kids doing out past curfew!" one of them demanded. The teens grouped around Aang, and Jazz, to Danny's surprise, blocked him from view.

Aang put a little hat thing on and Jazz motioned for Danny to put his hood on "We apologize sir, we got a little lost and are heading home right now" Katara said. Nervously they turned around "Wait, what's wrong with him?" one guard asked, pointing to Sokka's marks left by the pentepus.

Katara looked at them carefully "he has, uh, Pentapox!" she said quickly. The guard reached forward "Um, I wouldn't do that, it's very contagious!" she said. Suddenly Sokka decided to play the act, looking very sick "Oh it's so awful I'm dying" he said as he clutched at his face.

Katara's face brightened "And deadly!" she said. The guards took a step back "I think I've heard of that, didn't your cousin die of Pentapox?" one asked. The guards shivered "You're right, uh, lets get out of here!" one shouted before they ran off.

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A few minutes later the gang was walking along a wall thing while Danny fell back to walk with Jazz "Why did you want me to get my hood on?" he asked. Jazz sighed and pulled a paper out of her outfit "Back at the air temple I found this in town" she said. Danny saw a Fire Nation wanted poster with his picture "The Phantom Bender? That's what they're calling me?" he asked.

Jazz shrugged "I don't know but hold on to that" she said. Suddenly they were interrupted as some rocks went down a hill towards a small family. Aang airbended the boulders away and Danny saw the family look up "The resistance" he heard one woman shout.

Instantly they took off running while trying to deflect attacks from a Gothic girl who began chasing them. After they hit a dead end Danny and Aang turned to fight back. Luckily the ground underneath them went sliding underground.

The group all fell into a tangled mess, right into the very hideout of the resistance…

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The group split up a ways at that point. Aang wanted to talk with the general along with Katara and Sokka while Jazz and Danny thought to inform Sam on his little fame. As soon as she saw it however he regretted it "Your on a wanted poster! Danny you have to be more careful now! Wear your hood up where ever you go or change your looks or go around as Phantom" she said.

Danny motioned for her to be quiet "Look, Clockwork is the one who turned me into the Phantom Bender which means there is a purpose" he said quietly. Sam fell silent and fumed for a bit.

Suddenly Danny picked up on Sokka's next words with his sensitive ghost hearing. Quickly he whirled around "oh no he didn't" he said with a smirked.

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Danny smirked as the villagers became covered in the pesky 'Pentapox' and looking very sickly. However Danny and Aang looked normal.

Jazz shot them a concerned glance "Are you two coming?" she asked. Both boys shook their heads "We need to find Bumi" Aang said. Danny nodded and together they took off into the sky with their gliders to go in pursuit to look for Bumi.

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Later Danny returned to the camp. He briefly noticed that Aang had found Bumi's pet but no Bumi. Suddenly he did a double take as he saw Katara cooing a small child "Um Katara?" he asked.

Katara smiled "He kinda came with us and I'm the only person who wants to watch him" she explained. Danny nodded as he saw the Fire Nation symbol on his clothes "I can see why" he muttered. Slowly he sat down by Sam and Aang (who by the way looked upset).

Danny looked at Aang "Don't worry, we'll find that crazy king even if I have to tear the town apart" he said. Aang smiled in gratitude "thanks Danny" he said. Danny opened his mouth to say something when a hawks screech drove through the sky, echoing in the mountains they were hidden in.

he curiously watched as a messenger hawk delivered a message to the leader "It's from the governor, he thinks we kidnapped his son and is willing to make a trade for King Bumi" he said. Instantly the night quieted.

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Danny and Aang walked at the head of the group. Above them Bumi was being lowered on a cable in a metal box "Hello everybody" he called. Aang smiled warmly at the sight.

Then they all turned their attention to the three strange girls approaching. These three were new looking to Danny though one of them seemed strangely familiar to him. Cautiously the gang stopped "Give us back king Bumi!" Aang shouted.

The Gothic girl from earlier stepped forward "Do you have my brother?" she asked. Sokka stepped forward with the young baby. Suddenly one of the girls stepped forward "You know, a thought just occurred to me, we are trading a toddler for an old and powerful earth bending king?" she questioned.

The Gothic girl narrowed her eyes and stepped forward "Your right, the deals off!" she called as she motioned for Bumi to be taken away. Aang gasped and jumped up along with Danny. Unfortunately as they opened their gliders Aang's little hat came off while Danny's hood flew off of his face "The Avatar and The Phantom Bender? This must be my lucky day" the girl in red said evilly.

Danny lost track as him and Aang began working to freeze the chains. Suddenly the evil girl came up and shot a blue fire blast at them. Danny and Aang deflected it and fell to the ground.

Luckily Danny was able to direct them onto a chute. Unfortunately the girl in red just followed suit and managed to get another chute. Aang laughed suddenly "Just like old times isn't it Bumi?" he asked.

Danny looked at Bumi who seemed to be trying to get his attention "Aang! I need to talk to you!" he shouted. Aang closed his eyes "It's good to see you too!" he said over the wind. Danny flinched when that other girl came up alongside them.

Quickly he used his own fire bending to direct her blue one away. Suddenly the two paths both of them were on joined and Aang tried to get rid of her by sending an air blast that she calmly shot through. Both boys ducked as she shot another blue fire blast at the two.

Swiftly Danny began to use air bending to go faster and was soon joined by Aang. Danny then noticed they were going under some beams so he used air bending to destroy the beams. Both sighed in relief as the container she was in came out empty.

However the chase pursued as she jumped out from where she had ducked. They both ducked as another bout of blue flame came their way. Then Appa came up along them.

Swiftly they bended off the chute, missing landing Bumi's metal prison by inches. They landed roughly in another chute and went down trying to keep standing. Then Bumi bended a small mountain that blocked a giant wheel of blue fire from burning them to a crisp.

Aang looked at him in shock "You could earth bend!? All along?" he asked. Danny rolled his eyes "Well, they didn't cover my face" Bumi replied cheerfully. Then he bended himself to a stop on a stone hill.

Aang looked down "I don't understand, why didn't you free yourself? Why did you surrender when Omashu was invaded? What's the matter with you Bumi?" he asked angrily. Danny sighed, preparing for a long lecture "Listen to me Aang and Danny, there are options in fighting called jing, it's a choice on how you direct your energy" he said.

Danny nodded while Aang rolled his eyes "I know, there's positive jing while your attacking and negative jing when your retreating" he said. Bumi smiled "And nuetrojing, where you do, nothing!" he said. Aang looked in confusion while Danny nodded "so there's three jings" Danny stated.

Bumi looked thoughtful "Actually there are eighty five but lets focus on the third jing, nuetrojing is the key to earth bending, it involves listening and waiting for the right moment to strike" he told them. A look of realization crossed both boys face "That's why you surrendered" Aang said in realization. Bumi nodded "And that's why I can't leave now" he said .

Aang looked downcast "don't worry Aang, we'll find you a teacher" Danny said. Bumi nodded "Your teacher will be someone who has mastered nuetrojing, you need to find someone who waits and listens before striking" he explained.

Suddenly Momo climbed up Aang's arm "Looks like Momo has mastered a few jings himself" he joked. Momo caught sight of Bumi's head and freaked. Danny smirked at the reaction "good bye Aang and Danny, I'll see you when the time is right" he said.

Then with a laugh he earth bended himself up the chute and away from the two boys just as Appa appeared behind them with Katara, Sokka, Sam, and Jazz on him.

Line break

Later that night Aang and Danny quietly lowered the young baby behind his parents while they weren't looking. Then quickly they airbended himself on the roof and watched.

Danny smiled when the woman turned around and gasped in happiness "Tom Tom!" she said as she went to hug the happy baby. Both Danny and Aang sighed before taking off into the night…Okay, this is the first edition of ATLA fun facts! Or not. Well first off Aang can go into what is called the Avatar State which is an all powerful state in which every single past Avatar focuses their energy through his body making him all powerful. The bad side? If he is killed while in the Avatar state then the Avatar will cease to exist forever.