I have been thinking long and hard about doing a sneak peak of book three and was not sure how to do it but I decided I am going to do it the same way they did for the actual show and showing only a sentence or two per scene that can get everyone's blood pumping. Don't own DP or ATLA. And yes it's the scenes from the real trailer but they are distorted to fit this fic. And yes I know everyone hates this every sentence break thing but every sentence gap is the change between a new scene because that would be way to many line breaks! And you guys got off lucky, I only got four reviews but I'm giving you the preview anyway. And this time I have it set to accept anonymous reviews, I didn't realize it was off so anonyomous people feel free to review!

Zuko stood on a ship, staring at the moon as though it held a secret from him. Behind him approached a young girl in a black outfit, a small item in her hand that flashed in the moonlight.

Danny groaned as he slowly opened his eyes, pain coursing through his body. Everything looked blurry but as soon as his eyes cleared he saw something that made the pain hit him all the worse, he was surrounded by Fire Nation posters.

Sam and Katara gently moved the water on both boys backs were identical wounds lay on each of them. The water leaving which caused a small flash.

Zuko sighed as he watched the sunset, a strange young girl sitting besides him, both with tears running down their cheeks.

Zuko bowed before the Fire Lord who watched from besides a fire. The young girl was standing in front of the Fire Lord looking nervous.

Zuko walked uneasily onto a platform with that strange girl trailing behind him. He looked like a true Fire nation prince now, all except his hesitant and confused expression, the girl also stood looking like true Fire Nation royalty but with the same unsure expression.

Danny glared at Sam while Aang faced away from her and Katara "I've always known I would have to face the Fire Lord, but now I know I have to do it alone with only Danny" Aang said harshly.

Zuko looked angrily at his uncle "You brought this on yourself you know, you should have left when you had the chance, not be a traitor" Zuko told him angrily. Iroh simply sat there ignoring him.

Zuko grabbed his twin swords off his bed and strapped that and a travel pack on before turning to face the mysterious young woman who stood at attention. With determined smiles they both put their hoods on as they turned to leave.

Sokka pointed a strange black sword forward, a wolf like helmet on his head as he gripped some rope on some unseen object, Jazz sitting behind him with her hair blowing freely with a few streaks of black running through her hair and a slightly modified silver version of her normal outfit on "Charge!" both shouted fiercely.

Aang and Danny fell downwards through the sky. Aang swiftly turned to demolish a rock in order to impact his landing while Danny used his air bending to do so.

A strange fire bender bended a huge flame at three figures that calmly watched the approaching flame as though it were nothing.

Four figures stood on top of a volcano that had smoke billowing from the top making the air thick and making the four figures hazy.

Zuko angrily launched a blast that hit an unknown object, the girl glaring at him angrily.

Danny let out a startled gasp as clocks surrounded him, taking him on a trip through time.

Zuko grabbed a man and hoisted him up to the wall while the other girl drew back her hand, a flame igniting in her hand in a dangerous way.

Two men and one girl opened their eyes to reveal a strange glow as everything around them flashed a brilliant white.

Hakoda's ships steadily sailed out of the dense fog around them, as Danny shivered in nervous anticipation.

Aang and Danny simultaneously blew a man off away from them from where they remained hidden out of sight.

Three tanks moved forward as fire rained down on them, inside one of them was Teo looking fiercely ahead.

A blue fire ball exploded in the distance as Sokka and Jazz shielded their eyes from the light.

Both Aang and Danny floated next to each other on driftwood as they surfed on a giant wave, their clothes tattered and frayed.

Danny snarled angrily as he turned to a startled and fearful Sam "I will never turn my back on my friends!" he shouted angrily.

Katara and Sam bent a huge wall of water that rose above them in a great sheet of water.

Aang, Jazz, and Toph rushed forward in anger to attack some unknown source.

Strange black haired blue eyed female angrily blue a breath of air at some unknown object, launching her back in the sky.

Aang, Jazz, and Sokka went flying back as Tucker and Toph rolled to their feet to launch an attack.

Azula leapt over her chair to avoid the air blast sent by Aang as he ran to her, trying to hit her again.

Both Aang and Danny exchanged helpless looks as lightning flashed through the sky, lighting up their wet faces in the rain.

Sokka fiercely tried to attack a man with a strange black sword before dodging a stab himself.

Sokka held onto Appa's horn that was the only thing uncovered by armor as he cut off a weapon like thing that stuck out of a strange tower.

Sam swiftly ran out of hiding to bend a huge blast of water to some figure that stood on a cliff watching them.

Sokka burst down a door and both Sam and Katara ran after him, freezing unknown opponents.

A strange man chopped his way through dense bamboo as he chased after a young teen.

A truck filled with barrels of some unknown substance slowly ambled into a wall and exploded on contact.

Katara and Sam were on Appa as he flew in between two red war balloons like the ones at the Northern Air temple as both girls ran their water through to slice them open.

Aang, Danny, and Jazz exchanged sad looks as they stuck their mangled gliders into the ground that glowed red.

Three figures stood near each other as they each released all four elements in one attack, showing that the three of them were Avatars.

Aang, Danny, and Jazz stood at the top of a cliff over looking a city. They then opened their gliders, blue for Aang, golden for Jazz, and black and white swirls for Danny as they each took off in different directions.

Book 3, The Beginning Of The End, to be released sometime in the futureā€¦