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The ringing of the phone increased the pain in everyone's head.

"Someone get it," Lita said with her head on the counter. Everyone else just moaned and also put there heads on the nearest thing they could find. The hangovers were finally starting to settle in, and with all the running around they did just minutes before didn't help seize the pain. Randy, of course, was able to get the phone.

"Hello," he said in a monotone.

"Wow don't you sound enthused," Matt said from the other line.

"Two words…hang over," Randy said.

Even though he was able to function, it didn't mean his head was being as kind as it could have been. Matt just chuckled from the other line. He had been through those nights with the gang many times, and as great as they are during, they suck after.

"So what do you want before I hang up on your ass and get me some coffee…and dry clothes?" Matt didn't even question why Randy needed dry clothes, he figured if Jeff or his little red haired friend were anywhere near the house, it explained everything.

"I actually called to talk to Red, is she around." Randy looked over at Lita to see her head down, and her eyes closed, which meant she was probably sleeping.

"Yeah she's around, but talking to her might not get you anywhere."

"Why's that?" Matt said confused.

"Because it seems like…" he took a good look around him, "Every person in this room who can be considered a decent wrestler is dead."

"And what about you," Matt asked. "I am more than just decent, I am drop dead amazing."

"Don't get too conceded pretty boy." Randy turned his head to see Lita looking over at him.

"But I thought you…and I…ugh alright here's the phone." Lita took it from him, and greeted the man on the other end.

"Hey Matt."

"Hey Red, how you feeling?"

"You know, that question is really starting to get on my nerves." She stated as she signaled Randy to grab her crutches.

"Jeez, a man tries feeling sorry for his dearest friend, and she rips his balls off." Matt joked.

Randy returned with crutches in his hand, and then went off to the coffee maker to get some. Lita skillfully took them in her hand and moved into the war zone…or what they used to call living room, all while keeping the phone between her shoulder and ear. She sat on the couch and continued the conversation.

"So, how are things on Smackdown? Don't you miss us? And by us I mean me and Jeff. The rest are just added bonuses. Or…just a big pain in the ass."

"You bet Red, it so boring over here; me and Jay have nothing to do without being with you guys. And Jay is driving me crazy."

"We could always switch Jay for Randy." Matt quickly answered that one,

"No, no need for that. I'll deal with him. Maybe give him a twist of fate or something." Lita giggled and looked up as she felt she was being stared at. There Jeff was, leaning up against the wall, just staring down at her.

"Can I help you," she asked, without taking her ear away from the phone.

"Umm, what?" Matt asked.

"No not you, Jeff."

"Oh, Jeff's there let me talk to him." By now Jeff was already on the couch, and his ear was pressed up against the phone.

"Jeff! Your all wet, don't be sitting on the couch." She said to him. He grabbed to phone and started his way up the stairs.

"Yes mom," he yelled. She shook her head and leaned back against the couch, hoping that it would relieve her headache in any way.


Jeff stepped into the shower, the hot water feeling comforting after being in those wet clothes for so long. He let the water cover his head and the rest of his tone body. He just stood there and let his head travel into many thoughts. Thoughts about Lita, the love of his life. But also thoughts about Stacy, and what she tried to pull last night.

She knew I loved Lita, everyone knows. So why did she kiss me. She was just drunk that's all. But she wasn't even dared to; she did it on her own will. I think I should tell Lita about the kiss, maybe just bring it up in a conversation, and see what she says about. See if she actually cares.

His thoughts were interrupted by a loud scream which he knew came from Lita. He then heard what sounded like a stampede across the down stairs.

Lita was sitting there, letting her mind drift as she tried her hardest to control the throbbing in her head.

What's with this headache lately? Maybe it's just too many thoughts running through my head. Like about Stacy, god the bitch. Why would she kiss Jeff? But it's not like I told her my feelings about him. It's not like I told anyone. So maybe this is what I deserve, for keeping to myself. She had just as much right kissing him as I do. It's just that she actually went through and did it.

It was just then that a searing pain shot through her entire body. She couldn't hold back a scream as she lost control of her own body. The pain took over, and all she could do was scream. Randy came running into the room, took one look at her, and screamed for everyone else. Within 10 seconds everyone was in the room, not knowing what to do. Adam got in front of her and tried to calm her down. Her knuckles were white from gripping at the couch, and her eyes were tightly shut.

"Li, Amy, its Adam baby, open your eyes, tell me where it hurts."

"E-every…w-where." She was able to say through the pain. Things flashed through her mind like lightning. She managed to catch a picture of Jeff, and that's what she needed right then and there.

"J-Jeff," she screamed.

"Chris, go get him…NOW!" Adam screamed. Lita seemed to be getting worse by the second, the pain becoming more and more. No one knew what was going on, and they hoped Jeff could help. Chris flew up the stairs and busted through the door. By now, Jeff had gotten out of the shower and threw on the closest pair of pants he could find. Chris came barging in, grabbed Jeff by the arm, and flew back down the stairs. Jeff stumbled and fell to the bottom of the stair case, but then immediately jumped back up and ran over to the couch.

"Li, its ok I'm here," Jeff said as he grabbed her hand.

"Jeff," Lita said as she gasped for air.

"This is bad, I'm going to call 911," Trish said, and John ran to get the phone.

"Li, calm down, just breathe," Jeff said, not knowing what to do. The last time this happened, she was in the hospital, and Jeff was able to have Nicole give her medicine. That's when the idea popped into his head.

"Randy! Go get my phone in the kitchen." Randy ran into the kitchen, and returned only a few seconds later. He motioned for Adam to take her hand, and not to say a word, so she wouldn't think Jeff had left her. Once they switched positions, Jeff dialed the number to his nurse friend. She picked up after 3 rings.

"Hey Jeff what's up," She said.

"Nicole! Lita is in pain, a lot of pain. Like that night…when you gave her the medicine. What do I do?" Nicole immediately sounded alarmed.

"Ok Jeff listen carefully, do you have anyone else there?"

"Yes, I have enough people," Jeff said.

"Ok, you need massage her neck; it will loosen up the muscles and make most of the pain stop. But be careful, make sure you are gentle, be slow, and don't have her freak out."

"What are the other people there for?" Jeff asked.

"Incase she freaks out." Nicole stated.

"And Jeff, call me if anything happens."

"Will do," Jeff said and quickly shut the phone.

Jeff sat on the couch, and placed his hands gently on Lita's shoulders. She tensed up even more, and arched her back in pain. Jeff continued doing this, his touch becoming very soft and soothing. The other wrestlers held their breath and watched as Jeff worked his magic on Lita. It looked as if he was actually using his hands as a vacuum, and was sucking all the pain away. Adam, who still had his hand in hers, felt her grip ease up gradually as Jeff kept going. All of Lita's muscles started to relax as she drifted into a calming slumber. Jeff had stopped, and took her in his arms as she lay sleeping.

"What….was…that?" Randy said out loud. Everyone else looked as Jeff as if that's what was also on their minds.

"I have no clue, it happened once in the hospital when I was there, in the middle of the night. It's like she gets random pain attacks." Jeff said as he stared at the beauty in his arms, sleeping so soundly after what she just went through. It hurt him as much as it hurt her just to have to witness it. Her blazing red hair stuck to his wet torso. His hair hung in front of his face, as did hers. It was a sight for all on looking wrestlers to see.

"Guys, we should clean up a little," Trish said. Everyone took a look around, and the only thing that wasn't visible through it all was the carpet. John rubbed the back of his neck.

"Yea, I guess Trish's right." John said. John and Trish both left the room in search for garbage bags, when Randy's phone rang.

"Stacy?" Randy said as he answered the phone. He was glad that both Jeff and Lita had dosed off, so emotions didn't start going wild. He took his phone and went outside to continue the conversation. Chris also left the room to get to the upstairs to find some dry clothes. Adam continued to watch Lita as she slept. Something didn't feel right with all these pain attacks, they worried him. Then, he took notice to Jeff's hand that was slowly slipping off the arm of the couch. He sighed then started to pick up some cans.

All of a sudden Lita jumped out of her sleep. This caused Jeff to wake up to, and Adam to turn back around. Her breath was fast and hard, as if she just had a nightmare.

"What's wrong Li?" Adam asked curiously. She looked down, with a look of total surprise on her face. Jeff followed her glare with his eyes, and noticed his hand on her injured leg.

"I felt it."