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Chapter 1

Kyra POV

When my sister-in-law, Alexis Montez-Morgan, invited me to Tampa with her and my younger older brother Trent, I was all set for it, especially since I was leaving behind my matchmaking mom in Atlanta. Julia Morgan was determined that her only daughter would follow her brothers into marriage. Another reason I was excited about going is because having my 3rd oldest brother Jarell and his wife, Destiny join us made the trip even more fun and it just got better.

I have been fortunate to meet the city's elite. I strutted through the spacious lobby of Reynolds Hotel in my new Jimmy Choo pumps, passing the interested gazes of the men and curious stares of the women.

Not being conceited, but I know I look good with my new gold silky dress that complemented my golden skin. As always I dress with care, but especially today because I have to replace Alexis in an auction. Alexis wish she can do it, but it seem weird offering a bride on the auction block. Stepping outside of the outdoor restaurant, I search for Destiny.

Just as I turned to search somewhere else, a deep masculine voice stops me. A hot shiver went through my body. Disturbed and shock by my reaction, I turned around. It felt like my breath gave in. About ten feet away Destiny stood with a broad shouldered masculine man. A gray tailored suit fit his powerful body to a tee. One of my unique abilities from my Spanish descendent have always been to size people up quickly and accurately. I did that now. Wealthy, powerful, dangerous and would take what he wanted and didn't care about the consequences.

As if sensing me, he slowly turns his head in my direction. Our eyes stared into one another's. His caress me on one, slow movement.

Destiny realized his attention on something (or someone) else and glances around. When she saw me, she smiles. She starts walking towards me and pulls the stranger with her. Destiny runs a five-star hotel in Atlanta with my brother, Jarell.

"I was looking for you." I tell her.

"I was talking to Randy…"she pauses, "Kyra Morgan, Randy Orton."

"Ms. Morgan." He greets me

"Mr. Orton." I return the greeting. So this is the infamous Randy Orton, billionaire real estate mogul.

Destiny looks from Randy to me. "Kyra is Jarell's sister. Randy is a friend. We bumped into each other in the lobby." I smile.

I read articles about him, but there's been little information on Randy Orton. Orton Resorts and Spa, the playground of the rich and famous, were scattered around the world. Being his exclusive broker for the next Orton property in Miami, where 55 private estates were going from one to 12 million dollars, would be a dream job for me. I haven't received a response from my application, but I moved on. What I can't figure out is how Destiny and Randy, who are complete opposites, were friends.

Destiny is open and nurturer like Jarell and Randy is known to be ruthless and relentless.

"Destiny, I hate to interrupt, but we should be going to the auction." I say

"So they let you replace Alexis?" Destiny stated.

"Did you doubt?" I ask her. Destiny laughs and hugs me.

"Kyra changed places with her sister-in-law, so she could be one of the prizes for a dinner tonight at the auction."

"Well, I won't keep you any longer, then. Goodbye, Destiny, Ms. Morgan." I see pain in his eyes. Why?

We head for the elevator, in the spacious room I am unable to keep myself from looking for Randy. I quickly locate him heading towards the front doors. Three men all tall and athletically built, flank him. Suddenly he stops and turns, I feel the adrenaline of his intense glaze. Without looking away he said something to the only guy on his right. Then as fast and suddenly as he stops, he spins and continues. The man he had spoken to watch me for a second longer, and then follows. I'll see Randy Orton again…I know it…


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