What If

(A/N: Hey all, I'm back for my second attempt at a Harry Potter fic :o I know, it's horrible, and you are all probably clicking out of this right now. Haha yeah.

Anybays, This fic was a snazzy little idea I had after watching the last episode of Dawson's' Creek, where Jen's system was slowly shutting itself down and she had a few weeks to say goodbye to everyone else and they had time to say goodbye to her. I hope nobody in the middle of Dawson's Creek is reading this, cause they're all going to team up to kill me.

This is my first Harry Potter fic that have characters in it other than Fred, George and Percy. It's my first attempt at writing Mr. And Mrs. Weasley and the rest of their family plus Harry and Hermione. If anybody's out of character then let me know, I'll accept criticism easily. If something is unrealistic or it just plain SUCKS, let me know and I'll fix it. So, read and enjoy, and hopefully it'll be somewhat bearable to get through.)

"Get down!"

Harry pushed Ron and Hermione to the ground as the wall behind them was blown into a thousand pieces, and they felt bits of wall and wreckage skim their hair lightly as it came from every which direction.

He breathed a sigh of relief as he noticed Percy and Fred crouching down beside them, looking shaken yet unharmed.

"How the hell..." Percy started, white as a ghost. He shook his head lightly and stared at the wreckage, looking for signs of any more Death Eaters. "Well, I think they're gone."

They all stood up wordlessly, brushing off their clothes, Fred doing so almost nonchalantly.

"Anyways, Perce, before we were almost blown to smithereens, I could've sworn I heard you crack a joke. Where's the book of world records when you need it, eh?"

Percy smiled at him, looking jokingly ashamed of himself.

"Well, I thought we were going to be--"

The air exploded.

Harry, once again, threw himself down while grabbing his two best friends in the process. He lay himself flat against the ground, his eyes closed painfully tight, and prayed to Merlin that everyone else was alright.

The force of the explosion knocked Percy off his feet and slammed him into a nearby wall, his head cracking painfully against the stone surface. His vision swimming and his head throbbing, he had to close his eyes and rest there for a second before he could collect himself and see clearly again.

Opening his eyes, he was met with a sight he was sure he would never be able to forget for the rest of his life.

The rest of the wall that wasn't destroyed tittered dangerously on it's own, creaking threateningly. He saw Fred, who was on his back and his wand was lying at least five feet away from him.

Groaning, Fred opened his eyes just in time to see the wall sway one last time, before it fell forward.

To Percy, it felt like years as the wall fell. It was like everything was happening in slow motion, and surely Percy could do something, and yet he couldn't move.

He was frozen, his head still throbbing madly, and the wind was still knocked out of him. He watched almost helplessly as Fred put up his arms, trying to soften the blow as the large wall collapsed on him with a sickening crunch.


Percy had to throw himself to the ground and put his arms over his head as the wall exploded, sending chunks of stone flying everywhere. He felt his cheek start to bleed as a rather sharp piece of rock grazed him.

Looking up, Percy saw Bill Weasley running towards them, his wand stretched out in front of him. His scarred face brightened with pure fear, Bill fell down beside Fred, staring at him with disbelief.

Percy vaguely heard Hermione screaming somewhere behind him, yet it seemed so far away. He saw Ron and Harry get up and walk over to have a closer look, but he didn't even acknowledge them.

"Is he..." Ron started shakily, with a terrified look at Fred.

"No," Bill said calmly, his fingers poised at Fred's throat, "There's a pulse, but it's light."

Percy head this, but barely. He was staring at Fred's face, which was cut, bruised and covered with blood. He looked down at his chest and noticed that his robes were drenched with a dark, red liquid.

"Bill!" Percy yelled, pointing out the injuries to him.

"Oh, god." Bill whispered, his face going noticeably white under the streaks of dirt.

"I don't know how we're going to do this, but we need to get him to St.Mungo's, now."

Bill stood up and everyone backed away from Fred. Hermione had her hands clapped to her mouth, her eyes wide. Harry and Ron looked almost disbelieving as they watched Bill scoop up his younger brother into his arms, his head lolling from side to side. He took off down the corridor, everyone moving to follow him quickly.

Stopping at the doors to the Great Hall, Bill rammed his shoulder into the door, avoiding doing more damage to Fred than there was already done. His eyes sought out his parents and found them almost immediately.

Bill ran over to them, carefully balancing Fred in his arms.

Molly Weasley shrieked loudly as she spotted her two sons, both covered in Fred's blood. Bill's face was white and splattered with blood, yet Fred's injuries were more striking and noticeable, since there were green and black and blue bruises all over his face, and scratches from his forehead to his chin. She also spotted the blood seeping through his robes.

"Merlin, no, please no," Molly sobbed desperately, her fingers running through Fred's hair and touching his face, "What happened to my baby?" She asked shakily, while Arthur calmly checked his wrist, throat and chest.

"Some Death Eaters blasted down a wall and it collapsed on him," Bill said in a wavering voice as his mother let out a low, dragged out moan, "I got there in time to blast it off of him, but it might've been too late, I don't know." He finished, looking at Fred's pale face.

"Well, he's still alive, but his pule is weak. If we don't get him to the hospital soon..." Arthur's face was stern, yet his cracking voice betrayed him.

Molly looked at her husband pleadingly.

"Please, Arthur, you have to go, you have to get him there." Her voice finally stopped shaking. (1)

"Molly," He started quietly, "What about you, what about everyone else? What if something else happens to my family when I leave?"

"Arthur," Molly said back, a look of determination on her face, a threatening look in her eyes, "I can take care of everyone. Nothing else is going to happen to any of my children, or so help me Merlin, there will be consequences." She said in a low voice that actually made her husband take a step back.

Arthur moved towards Bill and reached over, taking Fred's unconscious form into his arms and staring down at him with a devastated look on his face.

He moved over to Molly and kissed her quickly and fiercely, staring into her eyes. "I'm going to get off of Hogwart's grounds and apparate us both to St.Mungo's. If there's anyone that tries to stop me, Death Eaters and Aurors alike, it was not be a pretty sight." He growled in a non Mr. Weasley tone of voice, and he took off past the rest of the family with Fred in his arms.

It was two hours later, and Arthur Weasley found himself pacing the waiting room down the hall from where Fred was currently residing, which was a small, private room.

He felt torn between two situations; Staying here and waiting to find out the fate of his son, or hastily making his way back to Hogwart's to find out if the rest of his family was injured.

Had Harry been able to defeat Voldemort? Or had Harry actually been murdered in the process? Harry was as good as a son to him, and Arthur worried about him just as much as the rest of his family.

He felt a sharp pain in his chest at the sudden thought that maybe he'd never see one of them again. Would he actually ever see Fred again?

He barely remembered how he and Fred were able to get to St.Mungo's in one piece. He remembered running. Oh, so much running. He was vaguely surprised at meeting no obstacles on his journey; most of the Death Eaters had been in the forest with their master.

He remembered getting to Hogsmeade quickly and apparating him and his son safely to St.Mungo's without painful splinching. He remembered the Healer's coming quickly to shift his bloodied son out of his arms and run him into the empty room in the emergency ward.

He hadn't seen his son after that and he hadn't heard any news on Fred's condition. He could be dead, for all Arthur knew, and that made breathing hard to do for a few minutes.

"Arthur! Oh, god, Arthur!"

Turning around sharply, he barely had time to react before his wife threw herself into his arms.

He hugged her shaking form tightly, and looked over her shoulder at the rest of his family coming toward them quickly. People in the waiting room were turning to look at them and were whispering to their neighbors. Arthur realized they must look pretty silly; sobbing and covered from head to toe in dirt and ruins.

"You-Know-Who is dead, Arthur! Harry defeated him." Molly said all in one breath, turning to give Harry a shaky smile. Arthur only then noticed Harry, and leaned forward to capture Harry's hand in his own.

"Oh, heck, what am I doing?" Arthur said exasperatedly, throwing his arms around the teenage boy.

Harry looked taken aback for a second, then smiled lightly and hugged him back. "Thanks, Mr. Weasley" He said quietly.

Arthur pulled back, smiling back at him, then turned quickly to his family. Counting all six of his other children to himself, he let out a sigh of relief and moved to give them all comforting hugs.

Bill and Charlie both smiled weakly and clapped their dad lightly on the shoulder. Everyone else was looking severely shaken, especially Ginny, who had tears quietly falling down her face and was clutching George's hand tightly in her own.

George, Arthur noticed, was whiter than anyone else. He had his face set and his lips were white as he pursed them. "Dad," he spoked quietly, his voice almost unrecognizable as he asked the question they were all wondering themselves, "How is he? Is he..."

Arthur shook his head slightly. "I don't know, George." He said, his voice breaking. "I haven't heard anything yet."

Just then, a young woman was walking down to hall to come meet them. She had curly brown that fell to her shoulders, and she had a pretty, kind face. The name tag clipped below her collar on her uniform read "Mary".

All the Weasley's turned to her quickly, and they all looked terrified.

"Hello," Mary said pleasantly, shaking Arthur's hand as Molly stared at her with pleading eyes, "I'm Healer Marshall and I'll be taking care of your son." She said with a nod of her head to Molly and Arthur.

George let out a shaky breath as she continued, "I'm guess you all are wondering about the condition he's in." It wasn't really a question. (2) It took all the willpower every single one of them had not to cry as she looked at them with a sad gaze.

"That wall broke a lot of your son's bones, I'm afraid. His nose was broken, one of his cheek bones, four ribs, his right arm and his right leg. His right arm took the blow when he tried to brace himself, so it was the most damaged."

Molly let out a low groan of despair at these words. "Luckily, you brought him here in time for us to be able to mend his bones. This is the good news." Mary added, her voice unwavering yet her sad eyes betrayed her.

"I'm afraid the wall did irreversible damage to your sons system. We were able to mend his bones, yet we can do nothing for his organs. His heart is slowly failing, and his kidneys. There was a lot of internal bleeding. While we were able to put that right, it does seem that his system is slowly shutting itself down. It also seems that this process is going slower than it would for most people, muggles, of course, who would actually die after a few hours. With Fred, we're not sure. It could be hours, days, weeks, or even years. We don't know." She said slowly, meeting all of their eyes and frowning.

Nobody did anything. None of them said a word. The shock hadn't yet set in, but they were all looking at Healer Marshall as if they were seeing her for the first time, all of their faces as pale as the light reflecting off of them.

"I'm so sorry," Marshall said, her eyes sad and serious, "There is nothing we can do to save your son."

The first one to snap out of their reverie was Ginny. She began to sob into her hands, her face not visible, and Molly moved to hold her, breaking down also. Everyone else looked shocked, still looking at Healer Marshall disbelievingly.

George swallowed hard, staring at his brothers doctor. "So it is definitely...terminal, then." He said in a low, smooth tone.

Mary only made the slightest movement of her head to signify a nod at George, and turned to look at the stunned Mr. Weasley and the rest of his family.

"It's lucky that your one son was able to blast the wall off of Fred in time." She said, nodding in Bill's direction, who was pale. "Otherwise, he would've been killed instantly."

"Ah, is that right." George said in a cold, unlikely voice. "He just...prolonged the inevitable, let's say." (3)

Bill bit his lip, and turned away to stare at the floor, not meeting George's piercing gaze.

"Well, then," Mrs. Marshall said in an uncertain voice as she looked between Bill and George, "He's asleep, but you are all more than welcome to come and visit him." She said, giving a sad smile to the two women, who were still crying softly.

"His room is just down the hall here. Follow me." She moved down the corridor and the Weasley's followed her quietly, minus the sound of Mrs. Weasley blowing her nose after she found a tissue.

Behind Ron followed Harry and Hermione, of who were both looking tearful and helpless. Hermione made a move to put her arm around Ron, but he moved hastily out of her way, his face set in a determination not to cry or even show emotion at all.

George arrived at the door first, and stopped suddenly, pausing hesitantly to look into the room. The door had a glass window in it, and George had a perfect view of his twin brother. It made him stop dead and he felt his heart sink at the sight of him.

Fred's face was still battered and bruised, yet the blood and the scratches were gone completely. George could see row after row of thick white bandages on Fred's chest and stomach underneath the St.Mungo's robe. They looked oddly pink against Fred's even whiter skin, which was showing.

George stared at the sight of him disbelievingly. Was that really Fred in there, looking so weak and so helpless as he slept on, ignorant to the fact that he was slowly dying? What would he do when he was told, who would tell him exactly, and how much time did he have left?

George willed himself not to let the tears fall, the tears that were gathering quickly on top of his eyelid and lashes. He blinked hastily and smoothly, before drawing a deep breath.

Feeling the stares of his family, he grabbed the door knob, slowly opened the door...And he walked in.

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