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Summary:"He likes you." "All we do is fight." "That's his way of dealing with it; he thinks he'll ruin you two's friendship." "He can't-" "He does." "This isn't good." "Why? I thought you liked him." "Layla, I'm dating someone. This isn't good."

Chapter 2: The Boy Friend and bus rides

He wanted to bur- no incinerate something. Arson had to be sure, so he read the note over again for the third time since he had found it found taped to the window that lead into the love of his life's bedroom. Correction the former bedroom of the love of his life, according to the note in his hands at least.

For starters this note will have to be brief since I'm being rushed by my mom; I'm taking a big chance by leaving this for you. Anyway,
I'm sorry; my father is after me, and I have to move away. I know I've kept a few secrets over the years from you, but to be fair you've kept your own share of secrets from me. I'm not sure if you ever caught it but I have powers. I manipulate my bone structure and have a major healing effect. That's part of the reason I was never scared of your powers by the way. Over the years I've used my powers sometimes when you've saved me, one of the most notable times was recently when I was captured by Retched, the guy who suspended me above all that acid. You got to me in time, but my arm was splashed with acid, so was your uniform.

Yes, he remembered that. It was hard for him not to. It had been... gross, for a lack of better word, to watch the skin dissolve from the love of his life's arm. His clothing was resilient against the acid, her bare skin was not. She had only been clothed in a bathing suit, Retched had snatched her from the city pool before all the other occupants had fled in fear. He had filled the pool with acid and dangled Grace over it from the diving board. Arson had of course, saved her, but the chains use to hold her to the diving board had fallen into the acid and created a splash. He had watched the skin on her arm be eaten away until the ambulance had taken Grace away. Two days later he showed up at her window and her arm had been completely healed; she claimed it was because of some doctor with vitakiensis who was on duty when she got to the hospital. Looking back he realised it was odd that she didn't even flinch when the green crap had eaten through her skin and muscles.

The doctors had to only wash the acid off my skin, the skin grew back on it's own in a matter of seconds after they got the acid off my skin. Retched escaped you if you don't remember. He went to my father who was an associate of his and asked questions since he had recognized how slow the acid had eaten away my skin while he was being put in the cop car. Long story short my father did some research and found out about my existence. My father is the super villain Skull by the way. He showed up at the high school in civilian cloths and started talking to me, letting it slip who he was and what he wanted. He wants me to join him and immediately threatened Brian when I said no. We're running because we're scared of what he may do to get me on his side.

Arson found himself very unenthused at the idea of dateing a super villian's daughter; it only add more complications to his life then he wanted to deal with at the moment. But he loved Grace and that was enough for him to want to find her. And do several other things with her but that was off subject.

Do me a favor and forget me. My family and I won't be coming back to Cobalt, ever. You have my apologise but it's too dangerous. I love you, I always will and I can't put you in anymore danger then I already have with my worngsyndrom.
Yours forever and always,
Grace Archer

All Arson knew was that he had to find her, had to find her and tell her he loved her. Had to find her and protect her. Had to find her and tell her the truth, tell her everything. Tell her it was ok with him that she was a super, that she was the daughter of a villain. Tell her everything about him. Take her to meet his family, take her to meet his dad. First Arson had to find her, and he had no clue where to look.

I sighed as I grabbed a tank top, wind breaker, and a set of my brother's shorts. I picked boy shorts over girl shorts because girl shorts are too short and wearing pants is out of the question with my powers. I don't wear skirts or dresses either because neither crotchless item of clothing is fun when you're a ninja, like Brian and me, and jump from roof top to roof top. Perverts can look up them if you didn't draw the connection immediately. I also grabbed a pair of running sneakers before I left my bedroom since I had no clue what I was going to do that day.

I ate my breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast without complaint before shoveling down a few things of sugar behind my mother's back. Sugar + Me equals A-Brian-who-is-pissed-off-at-the-world-for-creating-the-drug-that-made-me-more-hyper-then-normal. But something told me I was going to need the sugar today, and my little notions of this normally turn out to be right.

"Let's go," Brian grumbled as he stalked into the kitchen. He was wearing jeans, a white wife beater, and a black dress shirt that was left unbuttoned. I noted that this was what he wore a few days ago and that it was dirty. He probably wasn't awake enough to realise he picked it out of the wrong pile of clothing, I thought as I fallowed him out of the house. Yes, my dearest stepbrother who talks to animals is not a morning person by any means. For me this is a good thing, for him this is a very bad thing. Why? I began poking him as we walked down the path towards the bus stop. I could see Brian slowly twitching, and twitching, and twitching-

"STOP!" he snapped as we reached the bus stop where Layla and Will were standing. "Stop fucking poking me." Layla giggled and I rolled my eyes and waited a few seconds before I began poking him again. Will and Layla were trying not to laugh from what I could see, I was busy dogging the swats thrown at me by Brian wile I continued poking him. Then the bus showed up in time for me to be hit over the back of my head by Brian.

Will, Layla, Brian, and I picked up the back packs all of us had dropped at one point in time and clamoured on the bus. I was walking behind Brian, poking him repeatedly in the back of the neck. "For the fuck of hell Grace, stop bloody well poking me, god damn it!"

"LANGUAGE!" the bus driver called back at us as we fell into seats in the middle of the bus.

"ENGLISH!" Brian and I called back on impulse, something we use to do all the time in Cobalt. Both of us have a very bad habit of cussing excessively, so teachers found it necessary to yell 'language' at us. I mean what the hell? It's bloody English. 'Course Katie was the one who started it, though she was just mumbling under her breath-

Great now I'm freckin' depressed. This is so not cool. See, see I read these stories all the time about girls getting school transfers and then they some how snag the hottest guy in school. Yep, I see no hot guys on the bus. None what so ever so I think it's safe to say I'm going to die wrinkly, old, and with a hundred cats. I miss Arson. Damn it. The stories never mention the pain of what the girl leaves behind in her old home.

Layla was looking at Brian and I like we were nuts when we turned back around and faced the seat where Will and her were seated directly behind us. Across from them were two people who seemed to be starring at us to. So was the guy across from us. "And you people are?" Brian asked.

"Oh yeah, that's Maj." Layla pointed to a girl who wore a lot of purple, to much purple. Honestly I found it creepy, like those girls who wear to much pink. But I also think the amount of green Layla wears is creepy. When 90 prescient of your wardrobe is one color you have problems. "She turns into a guinea pig." All right, that's weird.

"He's Zach-"

"I am Zach-Attack. I glow." All right, never mind guinea pig girl isn't creep. Albino boy here is. I mean come on he's wearing more neon then the purple girl is wearing purple. These people are creepy, I want to go back to the normal high school I use to. People knew the value of wearing decent clothing. Judging by Brian's twitching eye, he does to.

"And that's Ethan, he melts." I resisted making an 'ick' noise. This kid wore a lot of orange. Sorry, normally I'm not into fashion bus come on. Why the hell are these people wearing so much of one color?

"Brian Archer, I talk to animals, I'm a senior." My step brother said while inclining his head slightly in greeting. "Oh and I'm Layla's cousin."

"Grace Archer, Brian's step sister. I have a rapid healing effect and I don't sleep." That's when I saw where we were, on the high way not to far away from Cobalt. But we were traveling down a dead end road... why am I getting the urge to throw myself out the window. "What the fu-"

The bus driver just drove off the edge of the ramp. I'm not kidding either I wanted to scream. Scream because I knew that if this yellow death trap hit the ground I may die, and dieing isn't on my things-to-do list. Then the seat belts came over our chests and the metal bar folded down from the seat in front of us. Then the bus suddenly jolted. Looking out the window I realised the bus now had wings and the jolt was the rocket boosters that now were sticking out the back of the bus, spewing flames in their wake.

Kids were screaming. Brian was now awake and did not look happy when the bus was doing loops and turns through the air.

"Its a roller coaster," Brian muttered and gripped the seat. Yes the male who will accompany me while I run across the roofs of sky scrapers is afraid of roller coasters. Steven found this absolutely hilarious and at times I did to. But right now wasn't one of those times. I mean I'm a little freaked myself.

Soon enough though the bus ride leveled out and conversation resumed.

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