As in my other Rose/Scorpius story, I've decided that they, along with Al, are in Gryffindor. But don't be mistaken: this isn't a sequel to GWWNFY. Thanks, guys :)

Kid Me Not

History of Magic

Gryffindor House

7 February, 2023

In conclusion, the goblin wars of the seventeenth century could have been completely avoided had our Ministry exercised enough foresight to recognise the inevitability of a rebellion which had been in the works for hundreds of years.

Rose laid down her quill and scanned the long piece of parchment for any glaring errors or inaccuracies. Finding none, she allowed a small smile of contentment to form upon her lips. The effort that had gone into this paper was worth it; Professor Kinegal would doubtlessly reflect her hard work with an "O". There was something deeply satisfying about a well-earned "O".

"Time's up! Please put down your quills and place your essays on the left side of your desk—you included, Aimeson," called Professor Kinegal, looking pointedly at a boy still writing in the back of the class. He glared at her and reluctantly obeyed.

Allowing herself one last glance at her pristine piece of paper, Rose suddenly felt as if somebody had simultaneously kicked her in the stomach, cut off her air supply and poured lemon juice into her eyes.

I love Scorpius. Scorpius is a sexy beast. I love Scorpius. Scorpius is a sexy beast. I love Scorpius. Scorpius is a…

Over a thousand well-thought out words somehow, somehow replaced by this?! Rose snatched at the paper frantically, but it was already flying away from her, Summoned by Professor Kinegal's charm. Losing her head completely, Rose jumped up from her seat and screeched, "Professor!"

Professor Kinegal approached her seat with unbearable slowness. Sounding aggrieved: "Yes, Miss Weasley?"

Rose's voice dropped to a hysterical whisper. "I need that paper back, Professor, just for a moment, please—I need it!"

Professor Kinegal was insultingly unconcerned. "I'm afraid that's impossible, Miss Weasley. You have had two hours to write this essay, as has everyone else. If you haven't finished, I must advise you to improve your time management skills and hope that the results will show in your next assignment." She said all this a little too loudly for Rose's taste.

"No, Professor, oh, no, it's not that!" said Rose desperately, raising her voice slightly. "Please just—"

"Better luck next time, Miss Weasley," said Professor Kinegal as she turned away, essentially ending the conversation.

Rose slumped back into her seat. Mind going a mile a minute, she succeeded somewhat in suppressing the urge to panic and looked over at Scorpius, who was sitting in the same spot as she, three rows over on the right. He was clearly oblivious to the words that had appeared on the piece of parchment. Good. That was one thing in his favour right now. Rose looked away hastily when he caught her eyes. Was it a good thing that he looked concerned?

Al, then. Two rows to the left and one seat back, he was preoccupied with a rather nasty coughing fit.

Rose narrowed her eyes. Laughing fit, more like.

"Class dismissed," said Professor Kinegal. "I'm not assigning any work today, but I expect everyone to come prepared next class. We'll be looking at the wizard-Muggle crises of the eighteenth century, and I warn you, there's a lot of material to cover!"

Normally Rose would have been listening attentively, probably even jotting down a note or two, but today saw her grabbing her book-bag and darting after Al, who had vanished after hearing the two magic words.

She stopped as soon as she reached the end of corridor. The rest of the students were just now beginning to file out of the classroom, and Al's absence was quickly making Rose angrier than a hornet.

"Albus Severus Potter!" she yelled, and before she even had a chance to utter the rest of the threat, she was greeted with a hissed, "Shut up!" Armed with all she needed to know, Rose stalked toward the broom cupboard and yanked it open with a certain ferociousness. Lo and behold, her beloved cousin was sitting cross-legged on the floor.

"You!" she sputtered, and the guilt Al had never mastered concealing told her that she had not jumped to any incorrect conclusions. "What… the… h—"

"Can I just say that murdering me outside Professor Kinegal's room will put a very black mark on your near-flawless record?" said Al. Despite the guilty face, he looked infuriatingly unremorseful.

"Al, I just don't understand you sometimes!" cried Rose. "Have I done something to embarrass you recently? 'Cause I didn't realise telling your mum that you threw up in Care of Magical Creatures would warrant something like this! Why, Al?"

"Yeah, I'd forgotten about that. That was pretty rotten of you; now everyone's always bringing it up at family dinners!"

"No, no, no!" said Rose. "You can use that against me some other time, but you sure as heck can't bring it up now. Not after that, which I believe you were in the process of explaining."

"Er, yeah, that was sort of an impulse thing. I kinda just felt like getting a reaction out of you," said Al, edging out of the cramped cupboard as best he could. "But if you wanted to—I mean really wanted to—you could see how this could be a good thing for you in the long run!"

"Do tell," said Rose, laying on the sarcasm.

"Your essay—I noticed you cut a little close in terms of time today, Rosie," said Al with a straight face. "Why do think that was? Hmm?"

"Gee, Al," said Rose stonily, "I'm not sure, but knowing you, there's some far-fetched answer that has nothing to do with me simply having a lot to say."

Al laughed. "Somehow I think the only thing far-fetched will be the excuse you give me when I remind you of how you were looking up to stare at Scorpius Malfoy every five minutes. Somehow I think that may have taken a toll on your 'time management skills'."

Shocked, Rose's jaw dropped a few centimetres before she flew into a full-fledged rage.

"Albus Severus, you complete prat, I should hex you into the next MILLENIUM!"

"Hi, Rosie. Hi, Al." While the other students had scampered off in favour of other attractions (food), it seemed that Scorpius had lingered behind.

"Hi, Scorpius!" chirped Rose brightly, not a twinge of upset in her voice. Al had to resist the urge to snort. He nodded and greeted Scorpius instead.

Scorpius' gaze was focused on Rose alone. "Is everything all right, Rosie?" he said, a tad awkwardly. "I don't want to pry or anything, but… er… well, I thought something might be wrong."

Whether he was referencing her outburst in class or the fact that she was clearly about to send a very nasty jinx his friend's way, Rose was unsure. However, she lowered her voice a few pitches. With the exception of the babbling, she sounded more normal when she said, "Nope! Not a thing. No-thing, in fact."

"Oh… okay," said Scorpius uncertainly, probably wondering what in Merlin's name was up. Internally Rose was cursing herself for sounding so idiotic, but really, what was the point? This was nothing compared to how she'd look when Professor Kinegal got to her essay.

"So—how are you?"

Not trusting himself to hold in the laughter that only such uncomfortable small talk could provoke, Al subtly wandered a little ways off. May as well let them think they had a little privacy.

"Rosie?" said Scorpius. He hoped most fervently that his voice wasn't betraying any nervousness. "It's, just, you know… Hogsmeade weekend… wondering… if we could go together?" Had that made sense? He couldn't remember.

A breath away from an eager "yes", Rose caught herself. Al was standing right there, smirking his head off. As if she couldn't see him!

"Oh, er, Scorpius," she said, stammering slightly. "I can't. I'm sorry. I… I can't." She wished there were some other way to put it, because "I don't want to" was even less truthful.

"It's fine," said Scorpius quickly. Mercifully, he did not ask her if she had other plans. "I guess I'll you around, then." Having quite forgotten Al's presence, he took off.

Rose watched him as he turned the corner. When she was quite certain he was gone she turned to face Al. "I hope you're happy," she said simply.

"Ah, Rose," he replied, rolling his eyes. "You shouldn't've done that."

"Not one word!" she told him. "You'd just better hope I forgive you, Albus Potter. Maybe you'd better start thinking of ways to make it up to me, because I could make your life exceedingly miserable if I wanted to."

"You're more than capable, of course, but I'm sure you'd never do that to your dearest cousin," said Al knowingly.

"I'm going to fail, Al! Fail! Lily's never done anything remotely as horrible as this to me. Nor has James, for that matter!"

"You should tell Scorpius you'll go to Hogsmeade with him. You've hurt the poor bloke's feelings, and besides, you want to go!" said Al, exasperation creeping into his voice.

"No, I don't!" retorted Rose, far from sure why she was lying. All she knew was that right now Al deserved to be lied to, and besides, what right did he have to tell her what to do? Shaking her head, she turned and walked off.

"Tell him," called Al after her. "Tell him, Rosie!"

As she rounded the same corner Scorpius had so recently passed, Rose tried to understand how a person could, in the space of half an hour, go from being relatively carefree to having not one, but two issues on their mind. At least she knew which one had precedence.


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