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From Chapter 7:

"Stop!" Sam looked around at their situation.

"Damn!" Jack exclaimed as he saw that carter and Abby were being brought right to their cell.

This time a force field was put in place as well. It was going to take a long time to get out of this mess. And everyone knew it. Jack looked at Sam and bounced lightly on the balls of his feet, his hands clasped behind his back

"So Carter, what's Plan B?"

Chapter 8

"Teal'c. You wouldn't happen to know any other way out of here?"

"I do not O'Neill." Teal'c replied.

Over in the corner Sam was sitting next Daniel trying to assess Daniel's wound from the staff blast.

"How is it Daniel?" Sam asked.

"Its better when I don't move it."

"I think I may have some morphine in here."

"Carter how is it that you managed to keep your pack and the rest of us didn't?" Jack asked.

"Luck sir." Sam said, smiling at Jack and then back at Daniel.

Abby was sitting on the opposite side of the room with Ben and Riley, clinging on tightly to Ben. After what happened she wasn't going to let go.

"Abby you can let go now, everything is fine."

"I was so scared. I mean even with everything we've been through I never thought anything like this existed." Abby said looking around room.

Jack looked around at everyone in the room, his team and Ben's group. He didn't know how the hell they were going to get out of this one. SG-1 had done it before numerous times, but this time was just a tad different.

"Carter see if you can try and get that door open."

" I'll try sir, but I still have to figure a way to remove that force shield as well."

Sam got up and walked over to the door to see if there was a panel she could hook her laptop up to. She finally found one when the door opened and the shield came down. In walked three Jaffa warriors with a fourth coming following in after him. But this Jaffa was different. He was the first prime of Kali.

The first prime pointed to the other Jaffa and then to Daniel who was still sitting on the floor. Sam saw this and yelled. "No you can't, he's injured. Take me instead."

"No Sam, I'll be fine."

"Bring them both."

Sam and Daniel were led out of the room.

"What's going to happen to them Jack?" Abby asked.

"Well I don't know, but if anyone can get us out of this mess it is those two science twins!"

Sam and Daniel were lead down several hallways to the large room which turned out to be the peltak or the ships bridge. There was a window at the front of the room with several Jaffa there. At the back of the room there was a throne which was very typical of a hatak vessel considering the Goa'uld thought themselves to be Gods. On the other side of the room was a large door which was closed, but not for long.

The door opened to reveal Kali's first prime with four other Jaffa following him. He walked over to where Sam and Daniel were standing.

"Well, well, what do we have here? Part of the famous SG-1. My queen will be very happy to know that we have captured you."

"Don't hold your breath" Sam said angrily.

"Silence!" Was then heard from the door on the left side of the room. Sam and Daniel both looked over at the door…there stood Kali. Daniel dropped his head.

"Well this is a surprise, Colonel Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson here on my planet. But why is the question." Kali stated. "Well, first we shall find out why you are here on this planet."

"Not on your life." Retorted Sam.

"We shall see about that. We shall get it out of you one way or the other. Jaffa!"

The Jaffa immediately wacked Daniel in the knees, making him fall.

"You will kneel before your God!" The Jaffa exclaimed. Sam was pushed down to her knees as well.

"Oh man, don't you think this is getting a little old. I mean you know we're going to get out of here one way or the other." Sighed Daniel.

"Enough of this insolence! Jaffa take these two away and bring me O'Neill." Kali Shouted.

The Jaffa picked up Sam and Daniel and brought them back to the brig. Daniel was thrown in first, falling immediately to the ground clutching his wounded leg. Sam followed by rushing to Daniel's side.

"Easy fellas, we're not going anywhere." Jack said

"Jack I didn't tell them anything." Daniel told Jack with his hands over his face.

"I know you didn't Danny Boy."

"You are coming with us now!" Replied Kali's First prime as he stepped forward to grab Jack. Jack jumped up and attacked the few Jaffa around him, trying to get an escape plan going. But that didn't work because he was zatted a few moments later. The Jaffa picked up Jack's unconscious body and dragged it out of the Brig.

"What do they want with us? First you, then Dr. Jackson, and now General O'Neill." Riley asked in a panic.

"Kali wants to know why we are here on this planet.'' Sam replied looking at everyone in the room including Teal'c. Riley still looked confused.

"Kali has retreated back to this planet when other parts of her domain were taken over by Ba'al. You see, Kali once had an active naquada mine running on this planet. She abandoned the planet when the mine went dry, taking the people with her to become her slaves. So she retreated back here, to a planet she hasn't been in a hundred years. "Daniel explained.

"So it is just our luck that when we came along looking for the third tablet, she just happened to show up?" Riley asked.


"I hope that General O'Neill doesn't give anything up." Abby stated.

Sam looked over at Abby who was looking more and more frightened as the minutes passed by. "Everything is going to be okay. Jack won't give anything up. He is special forces trained to resist mind control."

Abby looked over to Ben and Riley and then back to Sam and nodded.

Back on the Pel'tak (Bridge of the ship)

Jack was brought into the room where Kali was waiting for him. "So Kali. How's it going?"

Kali smiled at Jack. "Better for me than it is for you and your comrades." She replied

"And why is that?"

"Colonel Carter and Dr. Jackson were not very helpful in telling me what I require to know. Perhaps I shall get it out of you?"

"Hmm, let me think about this for a second. No!"

"Insolence! You will tell me what I need to know now." She raised her left hand with the ribbon device and fired, after a few seconds Jack fell to his knees. One of Kali's Jaffa came walking into the Pel'tak and bowed to Kali.

"My queen there is another ship in orbit."

"Who is it?" Kali looked at the Jaffa.

"Ba'al my queen."

Jack looked up and at Kali who walked out of the room in a quick walk. Jack put his head in his hand and waited, also trying to figure a way out of this mess.

Kali came back in to the room with a smile on her face. "Well I know I will get what I need out of one of you. Ba'al has come."

"What, he didn't like the way you are running things?" Jack smirked at Kali.

"Ba'al will be here shortly and then we shall see if that smile will still be on your face. Take him back to the cell."

Back at the Cell

Jack was thrown back in to the cell and the door shut behind him. Jack looked out the windows in the door then turned around to face everyone.

"How did it go Jack?" Daniel asked still lying on the floor.

"Well she didn't get anything out of me but we have a little bit of trouble."

Daniel looked down at his leg.

"What kind of trouble sir?" Sam asked.

"Well Ba'al just showed up. Apparently Kali is going to let him finish finding out why we are here."

"Well we can't let that happen sir." Sam replied as she started to look for another way out of the room.

"No we can't" A stout familiar voice bellowed from behind then. Everyone turned to the door.

"What the Hell are you guys doing here?" Jacob said with a very straight face.

To be continued