"Truth," Yuna finally decided, looking unsure of herself. Just as Paine had feared, Rikku dragged the two of them into a game of Truth or Dare, immediately asking the riskiest of questions. Rikku was really way to curious for her own good. Paine grimaced at the idea of what Rikku might dare her to do, or force her to answer. Then again, she felt safer than Yuna, realizing Rikku might not want to ask Paine certain questions or make her do specific things with Yuna around.

"Woot!" Rikku yipped. "Alright, ya got a crush on anybody?

Yuna frowned. "I knew you were gonna ask that."

"Well?" Rikku egged her on, leaning in curiously with her elbows on her knees. The three of them had circled up in the middle of Rikku's room, which was less girly than Paine imagined it would be. The walls were painted bright yellow, decorated with what looked like art she'd printed off the internet. She didn't have a computer like Paine. Instead, she had a large desk with drawing paper all over it. Paine didn't really get a chance to look at anything Rikku had drawn, because she was literally dragged to where she sat the moment she came in Rikku's room.

The three of them were picked up by Rikku's dad, Cid, taken to Pizza Hut for dinner to make up for their lost lunch, and then stopped by each of the girls' houses to pick up clothes, toothbrushes and other little sleepover things.

"WELL?" Rikku took a sip of her green tea, crossing her legs expectantly. Yuna blushed.

"Alright, fine. His name is Tidus."

"Tidus!?" Rikku leapt up. "Don't know him." She laughed, sitting back down lazily.

"God, you scared me. I thought you were gonna say something bad about him or something."

Paine was enjoying the company, but had grown a little tired of the "Truth or Dare" game. It was supposed to be wicked in a way that only young girls would understand, but Paine wasn't impressed by it. Maybe they weren't asking the right questions, or maybe it was the fact that they weren't doing any dares.

"Does he know you like him?" Rikku giggled.

"Hey! One question at a time!" Yuna held up her hand defiantly.

"Poop. Fine, it's your turn."

Paine took a sip from her Sprite and settled down into her bean bag chair a little more. She'd brought it with her to the sleepover, figuring it would come in handy. And of course, she was right.

"Paine, truth or dare?"

Weird, Paine thought, assuming Yuna wouldn't wanna ask her or dare her to do anything. The brunette just seemed to surprise her more the longer she knew her.

"Uh..." Seriously though, what what the worst Yuna could do? "Truth," she decided, taking another sip of her Sprite.

"Felt Rikku's boobs yet!?" She nearly exploded, laughing.

Sprite came spraying out of Paine's mouth and she sat up really fast, wiping her chin. Yuna and Rikku were both laughing really loud--a little too loud, especially if Rikku's dad had already gone to sleep.

"No!" She almost yelled. "God, Yuna. I did not expect that from you. I'm gonna have to deduct some respect points," Paine laughed, jokingly.

"Respect points?"

"Yes. My sister invented this, it's kind of like the leveling up system in some video games," Paine explained. "A hundred respect points would be the most respected person, ever. And zero, well, that would be like Gippal."

Yuna and Rikku erupted into laughter the second time.

"So how many have I got?" Yuna asked, a little afraid of the answer since she just found out she'd lost some.

Paine scratched her chin, looking up at the ceiling as if counting. She decided. "Sixty-eight."

"That's it!?" Yuna whined.

"Hey, we just met. Gimme a break."

Yuna frowned.

"How many have I got?" Rikku asked.

"Hm, two!"

Rikku gasped, clutching at her heart.

"I'm just kidding, damn! I'll give you as much as Yuna. SHOULD be less, though..." Paine said, winking.

"I'm not blind, I totally saw that wink. What did that mean, HUH!?" Yuna laughed, a little too nosy for her own good. "Hey, and shouldn't respect points not be involved during a game of Truth or Dare? I mean, anything we might ask would just drop our points faster and faster. If we asked anything that DIDN'T deduct respect points, well, it just wouldn't be as interesting."

"Yunie's got a point, Paine."

"Fine, I won't keep track."

"Sweet! Ask me a question, Painey. Ask me!" Rikku begged. Just what Rikku wanted her to ask, Paine didn't know. What should she ask?

"Aren't I supposed to ask you Truth or Dare first?"

"Oh! Right! Oh, poop. Now I can't decide. I can't decide!" Rikku pulled at her hair like she was going insane. Paine smirked, wondering if Rikku was going nuts over whether she wanted to let Paine in on some dark secret of hers or be dared into something that could be much more fun...wait, Paine. Yuna's here, remember? Yuna's here. Rikku continued tugging at her own hair for a minute. "DARE," she finally chose.

"Oho, alright. Let's see." Paine scratched her chin for a second time, glancing sideways at Yuna, wondering what would be acceptable. It was proving more than difficult. Exactly what could she dare Rikku to do that was appropriate with her cousin around? She didn't wanna make her do anything stupid or gross, and she really didn't wanna make her do anything uncomfortable. She was starting to really dislike this game.

"Come on, come on! You're taking too long," Rikku complained.

"Well, this game kind of sucks. I don't know what to dare you."

"I know!" Yuna laughed.


"I can come up with three different dares for Rikku, and you pick one of the three."

Perfect, Paine thought. Nothing Yuna could come up with could possibly be that bad. "Okay, that sounds alright to me."

"NOOO, PAINE. You've doomed me!" Rikku crawled on her hands and knees toward Yuna, looking pitiful. "Please, go easy on me, Yunie. Don't make me skinny dip in the pool like last time. It was sooo cold!"

Paine choked on the hard knot that suddenly appeared in her throat. Seeing Rikku wet and naked might have been one of the hottest things to ever cross her mind, but STILL. Meanwhile, Yuna was toying with her iPod, looking quite devilish. Many evil thoughts must have been coursing through her mind. Paine DEFINITELY didn't expect this sort of reaction. Yuna wasn't what Paine thought she was at all! She dreaded Yuna's ideas, but at the same time, was quite interested in what they might be.

Rikku bit her lip and pouted as Paine and Yuna whispered dangerously, their voices just low enough to where she couldn't hear a word. Her only hint at what they might have been saying was the looks on Paine's face. Her cheeks had gone really red and she shook her head. Yuna whispered some more. Paine shook her head even harder, if that were possible. Yuna whispered again, and this time, Paine backed away from the brunette, looking utterly shocked.


"Hey, I gave you three choices. Don't complain!" Yuna laughed, plugging an ear bud in and rocking her head innocently.

Rikku and Paine focused on each other. Paine seemed to be in greater turmoil than she had at first--she ran over the three choices in her head, trying hard to decide which one to dare Rikku to do. Her face had gone permanently red. She wondered for a minute if Yuna might be a little too interested in the lesbian relationship she'd found herself in with Rikku. But then again, Yuna DID say she had a crush on a "Tidus," which Paine assumed to be male.

"Okay um, Rikku," Paine began.

Rikku was looking at her with puppy dog eyes.

"Uh, Seven Minutes in Heaven," Paine blushed, looking away quickly.

Yuna laughed.

"Ooh!" Rikku brightened up immediately, leaping to her feet and grabbing Paine by the hand. She pulled the dark girl to her feet so swiftly that Paine almost lost her balance and fell.

"You can thank me later," Yuna mused, plugging her ear buds in and taking Paine's place in the bean bag chair.

The closet door snapped shut. The darkness was a little overbearing, and it was so quiet at first that Paine felt she was alone in there. But then Rikku's hand grazed her cheek.

"So uh, seven minutes in heaven is where we just kiss, right?" Paine whispered, leaning against the door.

Rikku only giggled.

Paine was pretty sure it was just a kissing game. Although, "heaven" could mean anything. Anything pertaining to Rikku was definitely considered heaven in Paine's eyes.

Rikku still hadn't said anything. Paine wondered if she was nervous. Rikku, nervous? she thought. No way. Then again, she could have sworn a full minute had already gone by and they were both still only standing there in the dark, pretending not to notice each other.

"This is a little weird," Rikku admitted.

"Yeah, a little," Paine agreed, leaning slightly against the door. "I thought you would be excited, after this morning's bathroom incident."

Rikku's voice giggled again. "Trust me, being in a dark closet with you is beyond exciting--it's just Yuna. It would be weird to do something in here with her around."

The closet door squeaked open once more, pushed open by Paine. The two girls squinted into the light, trying to stay quiet. Yuna was still sitting in the bean bag, rotating her finger around the touch pad on her iPod. They closed the door again.

Two minutes had passed.

"Okay seriously we should do something, though. We might not get another chance!" Rikku laughed.

"Pfff, we had better get another chance." Paine prodded at Rikku jokingly, accidentally jabbing her in the chest.

If they could see each other, Paine was sure they'd be exchanging blank stares.

"My bad," Paine eventually apologized. But Rikku wasn't interested in her apology. She'd taken Paine's hands and pulled them up toward her belly, raising her t-shirt in the process. She did it all so painfully slow, like she wasn't sure she should do it or not. Maybe she really was nervous.

Paine hesitated only once, pulling her hands back but then letting Rikku guide them. She was surprised to find that Rikku wasn't wearing a bra at all. Her fingers brushed against smooth skin, so smooth it seemed impossible. She figured feeling another girl's boobs would pretty much be like feeling her own, but touching her own boobs definitely never got this same reaction out of her.

Rikku sighed and leaned into Paine, touching her lips to her neck. She wound her arms around Paine's back and clutched on to her shirt there, breathing deep into Paine's ear. Paine's own breath caught in her throat as she continued to slide her fingers across Rikku's rib cage and gently knead the blonde's breasts.

"Oh my god this is the best massage I have ever gotten," Rikku tried to laugh but was cut short by a sharp intake of breath. Paine had nipped at her neck, pressing her full lips against her collar bone. Rikku closed her eyes and shuddered, knowing in her mind that nothing could possibly be better than this. Every part of her seemed to tingle and grow hot as Paine flicked her tongue against her neck, then absorbed the moistness once more with soft kisses.

Paine continued to plant kisses all the way up her jawline until she found her lips, then let her hands fall down past Rikku's waist to rest on her hips. She was suddenly aware of Rikku's fingers plucking open the buttons on her shirt, and did nothing to stop her.

"How long has it been?" Paine asked, as if Rikku would know.

"I don't care," Rikku breathed, pulling loose the last button and sliding her shirt down past one shoulder. She pressed her lips against Paine's neck while reaching up under her bra clumsily. She only giggled against Paine's skin when she thought she was being silly.

There was a knock, and both Rikku and Paine groaned.

"Fifteen minutes are up! Jeeze, you guys could go on forever. You know it's SEVEN minutes, right? I'm getting a little bored."