Who's Gonna Save Me

"I was happier with him in the past month , than I ever was with you." said Lana to Clark.

Pain exploded in Clark's chest at the hurtful words.

"Really?" said Clark, his voice wobbling with emotion, tears leaking like a faucet from his azure eyes.

"Yes." said the phantom, picking up Lana and running off with her.

Clark falls to his knees and shrieks like a banshee "nooooooooo… Lanaaaa….." He started weeping openly.

The next morning when he had pulled himself together he started to pack his bags, but memories of himself and Lana together were littered all around the house. He threatened to burst into tears at every moment. He glanced at the nightstand where a picture of them together broke his newly gained control over his emotions as he fell onto his knees again and screamed once more, "noooooo…. Lanaaaa…"

A few hours later finds him driving his red truck. I'm through with Smallville, I'm through with women, I'm sick of being the good guy, thought Clark.

After a little more driving he pulls up to a shady looking bar. As he enters the dimly lit bar he sees someone who fills him with a sensation he has never felt before. The creature before him had unruly light brown hair and devilish green eyes. A hint of five o' clock shadow was darkening his jaw. He picks up a drink and slowly draws it toward his luscious lips. He was wearing a black leather jacket that looked well worn, and faded ripped jeans slung over his slim hips.

"Dean!" A voice broke Clark out of his thoughts. The voice belonged to a tall brown haired man. Clark felt a strange kinship with this man but quickly suppressed this sensation. The tall brown haired man walks toward Dean.

Damn it he's taken, thought Clark sadly. Trying to drown his lust for the mysterious Dean, Clark decides to throw caution to the wind and drink the night away.

After only the first drink he feels a delightful buzz. By the second drink he was thoroughly intoxicated. He stumbles out of the bar looking for a motel to crash the night at. While walking (more like tripping) toward his car, Clark hears with his super hearing power, a noise coming towards him. He turns to see a beautiful woman. She blinks and her eyes are pure black with absolutely no hint of white.

Clark gazed with a stupid look on his face and attempted to use his heat vision, (ignoring the fact that he is attempting to kill, as far as he knows, an innocent woman in his path) but couldn't concentrate because of the amount of alcohol coursing through his system. The lady dashed towards him with a blade when a voice called out from behind, "Watch out!"

Clark falls to the ground and looks up at his savior. It was the leather clad Dean from the bar with a shotgun in his hand.

The lady vanishes at the sight of Dean. The tall brunette from earlier runs up to them and asks "did we get her?

"No," Dean curses, "She got away."

Dean holds a hand down to Clark to help him up.

"Are you okay man?" asks Dean

"Yeah," Clark responded, his voice cracking.

Dean raises an eyebrow but doesn't say anything.

"I'm Clark Kent." Says Clark, "Thanks for saving me."

"Sure thing, I'm Dean Winchester, and this is my brother Sam."

At his words, Clark gave an audible sound of relief; he still had a chance with this mysterious man.

Author's note: This was written by me and two of my friends. We were just throwing ideas around and thought that this would be funny. Please tell us if you would like us to continue writing the story because we have already thought of more. We do not own the show Supernatural or Smallville or any of its characters even though we wish we did.