The knot in Simmons's stomach twisted painfully as three more plainly dressed Sector Seven specialists brush coldly past him and into the room beyond his seat in the hallway

Title: The Wanderer's Wandering Daughter

Author: Red Wasabi

Disclaimer: Not it!...I mean not mine!

Notes: So this chapter is one of those time jumping chapters that I warned you all in the beginning about. It is set after ch3, before ch4.

Rated: PG-13


The knot in Simmons's stomach twisted painfully as three more plainly dressed Sector Seven specialists brush coldly past him and into the room beyond his seat in the hallway. Eight, that made eight engineering and robotics specialists, together in advanced mechanics workshop. And he had been sitting outside the room, counting specialists for the past five hours; waiting for a sign. He would take any news at this point; he just needed to know whether or not she would--

"Fluids we need more—!"

"The main electricity module is failing!"

"Shut down the neural—!"

Simmons closed his eyes and willed away the urgent and frighteningly panicked voice in the room beyond. He refused to react unless he had concrete proof; all he had heard were some eggheads yelling at each other. That could mean anything…they could be wrong—maybe, they were just over reacting.

Simmons felt his heart lurch keenly in his chest, wearily he placed his head in his hands, rubbing vigorously at the bridge of his nose to hide his prickling eyes. 'It'll be alright, it will be alright; I just have to have some faith." He chanted unconsciously to himself. Even if things weren't going the way they should, he always had to have a little faith.


"Reggie, sit still!" The older woman tried to look stern as she reprimanded her small grandson, but Reggie knew better. Mother Simmons was all bark and no bite, at least where he was concerned.

Eagerly the small boy twisted around again to gaze intently up at the mesmerizing stained glass windows behind him. Staring at the intertwining colors and shadows that almost seemed to vibrate with life inside the old cathedral was one of his favorite pastimes when visiting Grandma Simmons. They had been visiting the cathedral almost everyday too, which in Reggie's mind partially made up for the fact that his dad had sent him to live indefinitely with his old mother.

"Reggie," Mother Simmons voice echoed loudly in the near empty cathedral, guilty Reggie turned back in his pew to face the empty alter. "Why do we have to be here?" He asked in a loud whisper.

"Don't you want your mother to get better?" Reggie looked curiously over at his grandmother; was her question a test of some kind? His Father had already told him about cancers, and how they attack the body, and how medicine didn't help. His Father had wanted Him to understand that people don't 'get better' from cancer, and his mother certainly wouldn't be an exception.

"Daddy already told me about that Grandma; I know Mama is going to die because of the cancers." He replied matter of factly.

Mother Simmons mouth pursed angrily, "He would have—your father I mean. He's so like his father…" Mother Simmons voice trailed off sadly. She had tried so hard to balance out her husbands overbearing, over expecting personality by being loving and soft to her only son; but her effort came to late. The boy had shrugged off her affections, and embraces, and had grown cold and distant; just like his father.

Mother Simmons looked back over to her only grandson, the boy was about to lose his mother, but he only spouted off silly science facts and figures at her. Suddenly as she took in his bright eyes, and bemused smile, she felt a wave of uncontrollable anguish wash over her, and if she had been anywhere else but the silent Cathedral she might have let it all out in a loud sobbing howl. But she was, and she didn't; instead her mouth tightened in a determined frown. She had failed to save her husband, and consequently her own son; but she would not lose Reggie to their demons. He would not be like his Fathers' before him.

Overcome with remorse for the past Mother Simmons reached out and pulled the startled boy into her arms; clutching on to him like he was her last life line. At first Reggie remained rigid in her arms, but slowly he gave into the urge to be soothed by her rocking embrace.

"I know what your Father said Reggie," Reggie's ears perked at the mentioning of his enigmatic father. "But you must forget all that he has told you." Reggie's eyes widened at Mother Simmons command. If there was one thing that he knew it was to remember. And carefully too, whatever Daddy him because if he forgot…

"Why?" Mother Simmons nearly felt her heart break in two as Reggie's little face, pinched with worry over the thought of disobeying his father, looked trustingly up at her. It just wasn't fair that a face that should have been so innocent and a carefree was already having the life sucked out of it by the very person who should have been doing the most to protect that light.

Carefully Mother Simmons placed Reggie's small body on the kneeler next to her; she lightly folded his hand before finally replying, "Because sometimes men like your Father don't know everything, though they think they do, and we have to have a little faith in the impossible anyway."

Reggie's face scrunched up in thought, "But the cancers, they can't be—." Mother Simmons placed a firm hand over her grandson's mouth, silencing his logical arguments.

"No Reggie, forget about cancers, and your father. Just pray with me, and have faith that everything will be ok."


Simmons didn't bother to look up as two more scientists hurried by him. He didn't have to look up to know that they made ten. Simmons closed his eyes again, and breathed deeply; haltingly his lips began to make the shape of words he thought he forgotten the day his grandmother had died. 'Hail Mary, full of grace…"


Kitta knew that something was off the minute she woke up and crawled blearily out of her nest. She bemusedly rubbed at her eyes before realizing what was wrong; the door to her room was still locked. Curious Kitta checked her inner chronometer, her eye flashed brightly in surprise as she registered the time, nine o'clock, and already two hours over her usual release time.

Although the naturally thick cave walls kept her room well insulated from any noise beyond the equally as impervious doors in front of her Kitta decided to try and listen for the telltale footfalls of either Simmons, or Springer coming to release her, albeit late.

Kitta leaned her head against the heavy doors straining to hear the usual buzz of activity outside. She could hear nothing, not even the whirl of the generators. Kitta jerked back from the door in surprise; the generators! She could not remember a single day in her entire life that had passed without the constant hum of the cryo-generators steadily pumping out electricity to freeze the cavern nearest her own.

Suddenly a terrible howl, unlike anything Kitta had ever heard before rang out in the hallway rattling her doors as if it were paper. Kitta skittered back in terror from the doors, and crawled on all fours back into her nest. She felt a guilty sense of relief rush trough her that Simmons had apparently forgotten to come unlock her doors and let her out. She would much rather stay in her room and be bored for the day then face whatever it was that was going on out there!

Shakily Kitta settled back under the green canopy that was propped up by a pair of chairs on either side. Yes, it was much better to be in here right now, but—Kitta cast a worried look at the doors across from her nest. With whatever was going on out there would Simmons still remember to come and help her rebuild her nest at night?

Kitta curled up on her oversized plush pillow with her back pressed up against the wall. She still didn't trust those doors fully yet, and figured it would be a better idea to keep an eye on them. Soon she let out a drowsy yawn; she really wasn't tired, she was sure of it, but something about her nest. It just made her feel safe, and warm, and happy.

Kitta fondly reached up a delicate hand to stroke the rough green sides of her nest. Rebuilding her nest alongside Simmons was a high point of every night for her, and though Springer never helped them he always stood by the door quick to offer her advice on what she needed to improve. Simmons didn't like it when he would do that though.

Kitta curled into a tighter ball, she understood more of their relationship then they realized. She knew that they didn't like each other and that fact often frustrated her to no end. They were the two most important people in her life, why couldn't they get along, if only just for her?

And besides Springer always snuck her those tasty blue globes that she loved so much. Every night, well after she had been put to bed, Springer would come barring a bag full of them, and every night she would eat until her systems felt like they wee going to crash. They always made her feel kind of sick by morning but she just couldn't say no to a treat that was being dangled in front of her mouth.

Kitta let out a forlorn click, as she tried to ignore the growing hunger pains in her fuel tank. She was lonely, bored, hungry, and she wanted her agents to come and unlock her doors now.

Abruptly the floor began to shake causing Kitta and all of the rewards she had collected in her room to bounce violently on the ground. Before she was able to squeal in fright, let alone run further form the trembling doors, the entrance wall to her room shattered open like it was made of glass.

Instantly Kitta was thrown up against the wall of her room, and landing back on the floor with a painful click. She almost didn't notice the body next to her, until it groaned lowly. Kitta let out a pitifully childish wail as she stared down at the man on the floor next to her.

Slowly as if in a deep fog, Springer rolled his eyes to look up at the shaking alien. He could feel the blood—his blood pulsing rapidly out of his body and the darkening edge of his line of vision warned him that his time was almost up. He took a deep, rattley breath as he stared up at Kitta's horror stricken face. "Hope this doesn't scare you for life, kid"

Kiita watched in shock as Springer body began to convulse widely and then suddenly became still. What had caused—In an instant Kitta's head jerked sharply to the gaping hole in her wall as the giant looming figure that had lived in the cavern next to hers, and that had haunted her nightmares stepped menacingly through the opening.

Kitta back up in abject horror as it strode towards her babbling harshly on in some language she couldn't place. She let out a desperate screech as it's humongous hand darted out and roughly grabbed her up.

Kitta felt her voice seize up as the monster brought her up to it's frightening face and began to harshly speak to her. Kitta stayed silent in shock, staring into the giant red eyes as if they would reveal this beast's desires to her.

The monster let out a roar of rage that nearly deafened Kitta's audios, and then suddenly he was squeezing her. She had never felt anything as painful as her life slowly being crushed out of her, one circuit board at a time. The wail that had so stubbornly stuck in her throat came out now, as she thrashed violently to no avail in the demon's grip. Out of the corner of her darkening optics Kitta saw Simmons flanked by several other agents, including the Old Man; rush into her room towards the behemoth that was killing her.

For the second time that day Kitta was forcefully thrown into the jagged cave walls of her room. This time though instead of getting up and attempting to run away from the monster, or to Simmons, she just laid there where she had landed in a painful mess of wires and sparks.

Simmons could only feel the rush of blood in his ears and the sound of his quickly beating heart as he dashed towards the crumpled form of Kitta. He didn't even notice that he had attracted the attention of MBE1 as her tiny frame began to jerk intensely as she tried to get up. Kitta's eyes flashed in fear at him as they both realized at the same time that her lower limb components, as well as most of her upper half were no longer responding to her commands.

"Stay there Kitta, don't move—" Simmons was shoved to the floor mid sentence.

"Come and get me you lousy excuse for a tin can opener!" Simmons eyes nearly popped out of his skull his father already bleeding from several open wounds thanks to the previous explosions, rushed towards the giant iceman shouting obesities while wildly shooting at him. That was a side of his old man that he had never seen before.

Simmons gasped as he saw MBE1's sweeping hand coming up behind from his father. "Dad!" Simmons called out hoping that man would turn and avoid the dangerous hand. However his warning seemed to have the opposite affect on Walter Simmons; Simmons flinched in the split second as his father's bitter and cold glare met with his own gaze. He had never managed to be the kind of man his father had wanted him to be.

The second was gone the moment a second even more violent explosion ripped through the room, sending Simmons flying into the wall next to Kitta, and MBE1 to floor. Instantly, like flies on a carcass, agents swarmed over MBE1 down frame spraying liquid nitrogen in every crack, crevice and opening that they could find.

Simmons limped painfully over to where Kitta's shattered frame lay; her blue eyes flickered desperately at him, like a candle dying in the wind. Simmons chocked down the bile that rose in his throat as he looked over her badly damaged frame. "Medic! We need a Medic!" He yelled loudly, hoping that the loud whine of the nitrogen capsules would cover up the sound of fear in his own voice.


The first sensation she became aware of was numbness, then suddenly a blinding pain that pulsed steadily though her entire frame. Kitta let out a low groan and tried to roll over only to find herself strapped down to the bed she was laying in. The memories of the past day suddenly became more vivid in the inky darkness and Kitta couldn't stop herself from whimpering in fear. In a flash a dim light clicked on and she was greeted with the worried, but relived face of Simmons peering down at her.

"If I let you out of your restraints you have to promise not to move around too much," He whispered softly at her. Kitta buzzed slowly agreeing with his terms.

As soon as her restraints were gone Kitta extended a still trembling hand towards Simmons. At first all he could do was stare at the outstretched hand, Kitta had never offered, or asked for such basic affections, not from him, or anyone for that matter. He had long since figured that she, while in most respects was very human like, didn't crave affection or love the way a human would; but the real question was she trying to comfort herself, or him?

Hesitantly Simmons placed his hand in hers, mindful of the still tender wires, "I know today was a bad day Kitta," Simmons chuckled quietly at his own understatement. "You received a lot of damage and you won't be training for a while, but its ok, everything will be alright. If you just have a little faith in me Kitta, I promise everything will be alright."


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