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Liar! Deceiver! Traitor! Betrayer! Zuko heard all these names in his head, these voices which were laced with unspoken accusations as he fled the city. He wondered what had he done to deserve this. As if to answer his question, memories came back to haunt him, the face of his father, angry and betrayed, his dead sister; they all came back to haunt him. He let his memories take him back, back to his childhood when he had met a beautiful blue-eyed girl whom he loved now, and always would love.
He was playing at the beach, when a girl came up and asked if she could play with him. Before he could say no, she sat down and started to help him build his sandcastle. They spent the rest of the day together, until her parents came and took her away, glaring at him as they did so. Just then, his parents came, his father glared at the Katara's father. "Ozai." The word was spat out. "Hakoda." Ozai hissed. Katara looked on with curiosity. Zuko ran to his mother, afraid of his father's temper.

"Katara, come." Hakoda grabbed her hand and strode off. "Bye." Katara whispered to Zuko. "Bye," Zuko whispered back, as his mother took him away. He wondered if he would ever see her again.

His father's eyes were brooding, with a hint of anger in them, promising Zuko that he would be scolded later. Instead, he was praised. His father had scorned the notion of him being friends with Katara. "What an idea." His father's voice was full of scorn. "What an idea! Come here my son, my wonderful son." His father held Zuko in an embrace. "Get close to the daughter, you get closer to the royalty, since that girl is pretty much the Water Tribe Chief's daughter." Ozai murmured. This was brilliant. The whole world would be his if things went according to plan. All thanks to his son, who should have the same mind frame like that of his predecessors. The mind that would help him take over the whole world. Or so he thought.

"Tomorrow, I will train you personally, and make sure you can take over the world." Ozai murmured as he shut the door to his son's room.

As the years passed by, Zuko grew stronger, and his father filled his heart with hate, making him a formidable opponent to anyone who dared oppose him.. He was strong in every aspect, physically and mentally. To Ozai, he was perfectly suited for the task at hand. "Come, the plan will be in motion soon enough." Ozai's robes swished as he passed the guards, with Zuko not too far behind him.

Ozai and Zuko watched from the cliff as his sister took on the waterbender. As she bended the water to protect herself, he could see that she was a master waterbender. She moved gracefully but aggressively. He watched her freeze his sister in a block of ice. But Azula was a firebending prodigy, and easily, she overpowered the waterbender. As she collapsed on the beach, Azula smiled evilly. "Go," Ozai hissed at his first-born. Azula set fire on to the surrounding trees and left.

Katara's vision blurred. She could smell smoke, but the firebending witch had injured her. She saw a man's face before she fainted from pain.

Zuko watched her. He picked her up and wove his way through the trees. She groaned once. It seemed to him that the whole place was on fire. Gradually, he left the area and headed to the safety of the flat plains that bordered the beach.
Katara opened her eyes, her vision blurry. "You're safe." The man looked at her as he put her down. He seemed vaguely familiar, like a forgotten dream. "Where am I?" Katara tried to sit up but a throbbing pain in her leg prevented her from sitting up.

"You're safe for now." The man moved to sit down beside her. "Who are you?" Katara's eyes shone with inquisitiveness. "You look so familiar, like I've seen you before." The man hesitated. "Do you remember the day your father took you to the beach at the Fire Nation, Ember Island?" Katara nodded. "Remember that kid you played with?"

"Yeah..." Katara looked at him carefully. "You're that kid right? Zuko?" He nodded. Just then Hakoda came up. "Katara, thank the spirits you're safe." He looked at Zuko and glared at him "You're the Fire Lord's son right?" Hakoda spat at his feet. "What are you doing here?"

"Dad," Katara began but Hakoda cut her off. "I suppose your father sent you." Hakoda sneered at Zuko. "Dad, he saved me." Hakoda paid no attention to her "That sister of his attacked me and he saved me." Hakoda looked at him warily. Just then, Aang stepped up and looked at him carefully. "You want to join us, but you have no reason to." he stated. "You are sincere, but you have to prove yourself worthy of our trust." The airbender looked at Hakoda. Hakoda looked extremely angry.

"I am sincere, I want to join you to go against my father. I have seen what a tyrant he is." Zuko's voice was calm and measured.

"He isn't lying, and he is truly sincere." But there was something that Aang couldn't detect underneath the words. "Come. Let us go."

Katara and Zuko lagged behind. "This is so exciting." Katara whispered. "Yeah," Zuko whispered back. They talked to each other on their way back to Ba Sing Se.

It was mid afternoon when they arrived at Ba Sing Se. Zuko shown to a room with a bed and a wash basin. Other than that, there was nothing in the room except for some clothing and a chair. Katara entered his room and cast a critical eye at his room. Her brow creased into a frown as she saw the room that he had. She looked as if she had something to say. She shook her head and grabbed his hand. "Come on, I'll take you on a grand tour of Ba Sing Se."

Together, they wandered about the streets of Ba Sing Se, buying anything that caught Katara's fancy. They returned to the palace with their arms laden with Katara's many purchases. After depositing the shopping in her room, she took him to the kitchens, introduced him to the cook, a plump, motherly woman who smiled a lot. She handed him a bun and smiled at him. "Dinner will be ready in half an hour." Here was someone who didn't eye him was suspicion. He smiled slightly and thanked the cook. She beamed at him.

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