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Larry took another step back and his hands sliding along her arms were about to break the contact when she took one of them, stopping him in his retreating movement.

- "Wait", she said, almost whispering.

Larry instantly looked at her and they locked eyes again. His heart beat accelerated. Wait ? Oh.. don't make me wait. Wait isn't an option now. Calm down Larry. Carefully, he closed the distance between them again, slowly, living every single movement fully.

I shouldn't let him do it, he's about to leave again.. why does he have to leave ! I shouldn't.. but maybe we could use it.. as a way to say goodbye ? Ally was looking for the best argument she could find to explain to herself why she was agreeing to this, why she wanted it so much, why she needed it.

Larry was now so close she could feel his breath on her skin and lips. His loose tie, the first button of his shirt undone, his sad eyes, and his messy hair, everything was attracting Ally to him. And she was done trying to find excuses. She simply wanted him back, and she didn't need to apologize for feeling that way, did she ?

She squeezed his hand a little more, and he got the message and kissed her. He took her second hand in his. Soon he released it, his hands going through her hair, on her back, on the soft skin of her cheeks.
She melted, litterally. Their kiss got more and more passionnate and without noticing it, they had made their way through the kitchen and were now standing in front of Ally's bedroom's door. She opened it, and stepped in it, but he stayed in the living room, catching his breath.

- "I.. maybe.. this is going too fast.. and with everything that is going on", Larry was lost, his feelings were blurred, of course he wanted to enter that room, but he didn't want her to act out of compassion, he wasn't acting out of sadness. This meant something to him. He loved her.

- "Yeah, okay, she said disappointed, you're right.. we should.. go to sleep, that's better."

She was lying, but she didn't want to beg him to reconsider his decision.

- "Yeah.. we'll talk about that tomorrow ?" Larry asked.
- "Sure.." she didn't know what else to say. "Good night."

She started closing the door.

- "Wait," Larry stopped her. He kissed her again, very softly, just to make sure she knew he didn't want to forget about all this. To make it real. They were just slowing down a little, nothing else. He wouldn't pretend to be her friend anymore.

She closed the door, but didn't move. Her hand stuck to the handle. She closed her eyes, bumping her head on the wall.

He looked at the door for a moment, then turned and saw the pillow and the blanket she had put on the couch earlier that evening. All this was so exhausting. He sat down against the door, his arms on his knees, and buried his head. He could use a little silence.

I'm an idiot. Of course it's going fast.. but it's about damn time ! regrets were already filling his mind up. It didn't feel wrong. It didn't even feel fast. I overthought it again, I'm always expecting the worse, but never hoping for the best, he thought, and snapped himself twice.

On her bedroom, Ally was still struggling with her feelings, or more precisely what to do about them, because she went down to the conclusion that it wasn't too early nor too fast for her, she had waited a whole year for it to happen again. She needed to know why it felt too early to him, because as far as she was concerned, she was just done playing.
"We'll talk about that tomorrow" hey.. you're damn right we will ! she started pacing.
He lifted his head, put it against the door and looked at the couch. He was about to stand up and reach it when he fell down.

- "What is this all about ?!" Ally asked, her voice full of reproaches, opening the door and looking at the couch.

He fell on her feet and frightened her.

- "What.. what are you doing here ?!" she looked at him, still on the floor.
- "What are YOU doing here ?" he replied.
- "Why is this too fast ?" she ignored his question just like he had ignored hers.
- "I don't know.. I thought.." he finally stood up. "I was thinking.." he sighed, looked down, "I was being stupid again.. right ?"
- "Damn right !"

He looked up, met her eyes and smiled. She smiled too. Which made him feel a chill going down his spine.

- "Okay," he said before kissing her again.

They both entered the room, and he closed the door. The dusky room only revealed the contours of her figure but he stopped to look at her, and kissed her on the neck, on her cheek, on her forehead, before getting back to her lips. She led him to the bed, took off his tie in a sensual and meaningful way.
They got rid of any piece of fabric separating them and they made love. Any move, any breath felt like another step toward freedom, liberation, welfare and completion.

They laid down on the bed, Ally secured in Larry's arms, his hand caressing her shoulder.

- "I love you", he whispered in her ear.

Her eyes were closed, and since he obtained no response, he thought she had fallen asleep. But she hadn't. She was wide awake, thoughts running through her mind.
He's going to leave again.. I shouldn't have let it go that far.. I'll be hurt and depressed all over again.. and he had to say it.. Ally was thinking, unable to move or say anything. She let a tear drop from her eye, roll down her face and crash on the pillow.

She took a deep breath.

- "What are you going to do ?" she asked him, surprising him.
- "You're awake ?"
- "Uh uh.. Larry how do you feel ?"
- "I just told you.."
- "You can't do that. You can't ignore what you've learned tonight. How do you feel ?" she asked again.

They didn't move, she found very useful not to be facing him.

- "I don't know yet.." Larry said, pain in his voice.
- "You're going to go back to Detroit, right ?" Ally asked, squeezing the pillow under her head.
- "No! I can't!"
- "What do you mean, you can't ? Of course you can, and you will.." she said, hoping she was wrong for her sake, but at the same time, hoping she was right, for Sam's sake. "You always do what's best for Sam, and what's best for him now is to have his father with him."
- "I know, but I can't go back to Detroit.."
- "Yes you can, it's not like you haven't done it before, the only difference is.. now you have a good reason. A real one. An important one. And you know the city.."
- "Ally.. would you go somewhere you know there's no oxygen ? I can't go to Detroit." Larry looked at her. How could I leave her again ? How could she even thought about that ? He knew he would go through a lot of problems, but it just wasn't possible in his mind. Even less after that night.
- "Detroit has oxygen, you lived there 8 months.." Ally didn't want to understand, she didn't want to be guilty of Sam's miserable childhood if his father stayed in New York.
- "Ally.."
- "No, Larry. Tell me ? What other solution do you have ? You have to go back there, and fix this, she was now facing him."
- "I.. I don't know.. he could come here.. live in New York with me ! Yeah ! That's the solution !" Larry said, excited.
- "Larry, I've moved to New York because Maddie went through a nervous breakdown. She didn't know anyone there, she missed her friends, everything was changing.. you can't put Sam through this !"
- "Not every child reacts that way, and I could at least ask him. I could ask him where he would rather live.." Larry was trying to convince himself.
- "He will tell you what you want to hear."
- "Ally, two hours ago I might have thought about going back there.. but not anymore. Two hours ago, I would have left a friend, but you're not .. you're more now. I can't do that again", he said, pain could be heard in his voice.
- "You mean two hours ago, I was really just a friend ?" Ally asked, she thought playing the fuirous card would help him do the right thing.
- "Ally, you know that's not true. But I broke you once, us being friend, I wouldn't have broken you as much as.. us being a couple."

A heavy slience settled in the room. Ally broke it.

- "Go to Detroit Larry", she said it like she really wanted it, which surprised her more than him.
- "You did hear me, right ? I love you. How.. ?" Larry was scared, and in pain, and lost.
- "Larry.. go to Detroit, your place is over there."
- "Ally, stop that. I know you. You wouldn't have let this go this far if you didn't have feelings for me."
- "Okay. So what ?"
- "I won't leave you", Larry stated, simply, like something so obvious it was idiotic to even say it. "I love you", he said again.

He wanted to hear those words coming from her, but instead of that, she remained silent again.

- "Don't you ?"
- "What ?" Ally closed her eyes. She didn't know if she would be able to lie about this but she knew the question would come. And that her answer would seal Sam's fate.
- "Love me", he finished.

She kept her eyes closed, trying to find the strength to pronounce the words he dreaded.

- "No, Larry. I don't anymore. You should go back to Detroit, get on with your life", she finally managed to let out in one breath.

He turned her on her back, and moved backward, creating some distance between them.

- "You're lying", he said, half crying, half yelling. "Look at me. Look at me, in the eyes, and tell me you don't love me. Do it."

She clenched her fists. Sam, think about Sam. The litlle boy deserve what's best...

- "No, I don't", she said, looking at him, right in the eyes.

He couldn't believe it. She really did say it.

- "So what was this about ?" he said, gesturing to designate the scene.
- "Closure." She was so disgusted by her lies that she couldn't pronounce more than one word at the same time.

Larry stood up.

- "Maybe I should go then. You should tell Maddie she got it all wrong by the way.." he said, unable to look at her anymore. He quickly took his clothes, but Ally hid his tie, she wanted to keep it, as a piece of those perfect moments they had just spent.

He turned and went out of the room, but before closing the door, he said :

- "I will always love you, don't expect me to find someone else."

He closed the door and sat on the couch, letting go the tears he had repressed.
Inside the room Ally moved in the bed, her head now resting on the pillow where Larry's head was minutes ago. His scent and warmth were still all around it. She took his tie, put it under the pillow and cried too, burying her head to damp the sound.

Finally, when no more tears would form, she fell asleep. And so did he, on the couch.

In the morning, Sam came out of Maddie's room at 9.30 and found his father wide awake, pacing in the living room.

- "What are you doing ?" he asked.
- "Good. You're up", he smiled, still trying to convince himself that what he was about to say was the right thing to do.
- "You okay ?" Sam continued.
- "Yeah, I'm.. good..." Huge lie. "But what about you ?"
- "Okay.. Ally's up ?" the boy turned to see Ally's door.
- "No buddy, come on let's go.."
- "Where ?" Sam looked at him.
- "To my apartment, pack everything.. we're.. we're going back to Detroit", finally said, a hand going through his hair.
- "What ?! When ?! Why ?"
- "Well.. tonight, the flight is already booked. And.. to live there.."
- "You're leaving Ally ?" Sam asked, he couldn't understand his father's behavior.
- "I'm not leaving Ally, I'm.. I was never back in her life.. come on."
- "You won't wait for them to get up ? How will they know we're gone.. ?" Sam was getting mad at him.
- "I wrote a note, come on now."
- "NO !" Sam yelled, hoping it would wake Ally and Maddie up.
- "Sam! Keep it down will you ?"
- "NO ! I won't ! Why do I have to go back to Detroit ?! It's not fair !"
- "Sam.. I'm coming with you," Larry told him, trying to calm his son.

Sam's plan worked. Maddie got out of her room, and Ally did the same seconds later.

- "What's going on here ?" Maddie looked at Larry who already had his jacket on.

Ally looked down; she didn't want Larry's eyes to read her feelings on her face.

- "My father is crazy. He wants us to go back to Detroit. Ally do something !" Sam said, desperate.
- "Do what ?" she asked softly.
- "You're actually going to let him do this ?" Maddie asked. "And you ! You were going to leave without saying goodbye ?" she asked Larry, a lot of reproaches could be heard in her voice.

Ally looked up, and she caught his look at the note. She saw the paper.

- "What is this ?!" she asked, angry. "A note ?!"

Larry's silence worked as an answer.

- "I can't believe it !" she yelled.

Sam and Maddie got closer from one another, and remained silent.

- "Why do you care ?" Larry was angry too. She didn't have the right to do this. She told him she didn't love him and now she was making a scene because he didn't know how to say goodbye to the love of his life ? What the hell was wrong with that woman, he asked himself.
- "So you don't think this is just about the last thing you should have done ?"
- "Again.. why do you care ? It's not like I could hurt you.. right ?" he snapped at her. Sam, coat, we're leaving.

He saw Maddie.

- "Maddie, I'm sorry, you were wrong.. and Sam needs me now.." he said, his voice soft and warm again.
- "I don't need Detroit !" Sam replied. "I hate that city ! I've always wanted to go with you to Boston ! Why do you do that to me ? I dont want to see Jamie again," Sam finished, and with that, he went into Maddie's room.

Maddie looked at Ally.

- "You're leaving us !" she was really mad, and looked at Larry who froze a little under the girl's furious eyes, "and you ! you're gonna let them go ? what is wrong with you ?!" she made it clear that she was more pissed at Ally than at Larry, she followed Sam's move into her room and Sam appeared, "I'm not going !" and he locked the door, and added, "try and make me go back there if you can !"

Larry was gaping. His son's reaction was so violent he didn't know he had it in him. He went to the door and exhaled before talking, to calm down.

- "Sam ? Sam come out of here. We're going to my place and we'll talk about it.. okay ?" Larry asked.
- "NO ! Your mind is made, I know it ! I don't want to."

Larry could hear sobs in his voice.

- "Let him calm down", Ally said from the end of the room, a voice shaky because of Maddie's words and reaction.
- "Don't say anything, please", he replied, in a cold tone.
- "Alright."

She went in the kitchen and got herself busy, fixing breakfast even though she didn't know whether someone would eat it.

Inside the room, Maddie and Sam started talking, half whispering so that the adults wouldn't hear any of it.

- "Why did you yell at your mom ? She's not the one who's sending me back to Detroit.." Sam asked.
- "She's not doing anything to keep it from happening either." Maddie was bitter.
- "You're lucky, at least your mom loves you."
- "Maybe.." Maddie was a little ill at ease, "but you're lucky too. You still have a dad."
- "Yeah.. but he doesn't listen to me"
- "I wish I had a father, even though he didn't listen to me all the time. Your dad is great.. sometimes.." she began but didn't finish the sentence.
- "Sometimes what ?" Sam asked.
- "Nothing.. it's stupid."
- "Tell me."
- "Okay, you've asked for it. Sometimes I wish he was my dad.. not my real dad, but you know like my dad.. I mean.." she felt out of line.
- "I know what you mean. Me too." Sam stopped her.
- "What do you mean, you too ? He's your dad." Maddie frowned her eyebrows.
- "Yeah, he's my dad, I'm talking about Ally." he bit his lips.
- "All this is stupid. They could probably be happy together, and that's all we want, and it's like.. it's like we're screwed." Maddie concluded.
- "That's a bad word." Sam pointed out.
- "God, little boy much ?" she mocked him.
- "I'm just more polite." he replied, in a proud tone.
- "No you're just more LITTLE" she joked.

They kept on mocking each other when they heard Ally talking.

Larry had stayed at the door, waiting for Sam to finally come out. He was about to lose patience when Ally came out of the kitchen with a tray of food.

- "Want some ?" she asked Larry, as if to sue for peace.
- "No thanks", he replied. He was too upset to eat anything.
- "Go in the kitchen, I'll put it in front of the door.. they are probably hungry."
- "Yeah, tell them I'm in the kitchen, I'll get him when they open it", Larry said.
- "No, Larry. Go in the kitchen, leave him be", Ally continued.
- "Fine."
- "Maddie, I'm taking Larry in the kitchen, there's a tray with food right in front of the door, you know you can trust me, right ?"

Sam answered.

- "She said she doesn't know you anymore. And.. uh.. is my dad really in the kitchen ?" he asked.
- "Yes, Sam." Ally answered. She was hurt by Sam's report of Maddie's words, but hid it as best as she could. "Please Sam, let me just see that you're okay.."

The door unlocked, Sam's head appeared, checking if Larry was somewhere to be seen, and he opened the door a little more.

- "Why does he wants me to go to Detroit ?" Sam asked Ally.
- "I think it might be my fault.." Ally was feeling really guilty about the situation between the father and son.
- "How ?"
- "Here, take this", Ally handled him the tray. "I thought it would be better for you to remain in a city you know.. I'm sorry Sam.."
- "Then you can tell him that it's not better then.. can't you ?" Sam asked.
- "It's more complicated"

She heard Maddie's voice from inside the room saying "if you don't fix this, I'm not talking to you ever again."

- "Is she okay ?" Ally asked Sam in whispers.
- "She cried for a while, and then she stopped.." Sam shrugged his shoulders.
- "I think you should talk to your father, Sam." Ally suggested.
- "I'd rather have you talking with him first".
- "Fine. I'll talk to him." Ally smiled at the boy.

He put the tray inside the room and while locking the door again, added, "Thanks".

Ally went in the kitchen where Larry was mumbling things, punctuating them with some knocks on the table every thirty seconds or so.

He doesn't want to leave, she doesn't want me to stay.. what am I supposed to do ? Larry was exhausted.

- "You're alright ?" she asked cautiously.
- "Oh, I'm just perfect, you see.. my life couldn't be better right now.. my son won't talk to me, I'm in love with someone who's not with me and her daughter's mad at me.. and guess what ! I didn't even started all this !" he looked at her. "What a wonderful world it is.." he commented ironically and went back to his mumbling and knocking.
- "Maybe.." Ally started.
- "You know what would be really, really great ?" Larry lifted his head up and looked at her.

She responded with a stare.

- "A little silence." he let out.
- "I'm sorry Larry", since everything was already neat, she started cleaning things that didn't need to be cleaned, a bottle, flowers, some papers.

He looked at her, and against his will, he started smiling. She had a way of making him unable to stay mad, even when she wasn't trying to.

- "What are you doing ?" he finally asked her, his voice sounding much calmer.
- "Keeping myself busy.." she replied, scrubing the plastic fruits that were on the table. "If I think to much right now, I'll probably lose my mind in the process".
- "Isn't that done already ?" Larry couldn't help but joke.
- "You're probably right", she finally smiled. "Look, you should talk with Sam, and stay here if that's what he wants".

They heard the door of Maddie's room opening and closing.

Maddie appeared in the kitchen.

- "Sam wants to talk to you", she said to Larry, avoiding Ally's look.
- "What about us ?" Ally asked. "Don't you think we need to talk ?"
- "I'm going to go in the bathroom." Maddie continued, looking and visibly talking to Larry. "So you and Sam can have some privacy.. see, not everyone here his a selfish unable-to-be-happy person who wants you to leave." she finished with a cold tone.
- "Hey !" Larry exclaimed, and made her jumpy a little. "That's no way to talk to your mom. You stay here and have a nice chat with her while I go deal with Sam, okay miss ?"
- "Yes." Maddie had lowered her head.
- "Maddie, I think you and I will have to talk once I'm done with Sam.. by the way.. your mother is anything but selfish and I think an apology would be welcomed here" he said, still sitting down at the counter of the kitchen.

Ally pursed her lips, she was so thankful she could have run through the room and in his arms, but she repressed her feelings.

- "Sorry" Maddie said, give Ally a quick stare.

He stood up and went in the girl's room.

- "Sam ?" he asked and looked for him.
- "I'm here", the boy answered. He was sitting down on the floor in a corner of the room.
- "You want to talk ?" Larry was calm again. "I'm sorry I yelled earlier.."
- "I don't want to go to Detroit. I didn't want you to know about all this, but now you do, please, please, why can't we stay here ?"
- "Why do you want to stay here ?"
- "Because there's Ally and Maddie and it's New york, and.. I like it here.. it's like..", Sam looked at his father.
- "Like what ?"
- "Like having a real family."

Larry could see that he wasn't just saying this to please him, he was really thinking it.

- "If I want you to live here, we'll have to go back to Detroit for a while", Larry said, sitting down next to Sam.
- "Why ?"
- "Custody.. I don't want your mom to come all the way here.. are you sure this is what you want ? There might be another way of solving the problem, you know ?"
- "I don't want to talk to her anymore", Sam said, clenching his fists. "I spoke with Maddie and she told me Ally was never like that, and they have only know each other for a year ! And there also.."
- "What ?" Larry asked, frowning his eyebrows and leaning his head.
- "Maddie would be very sad if we went away. She told me."
- "She did ?"
- "Uh uh. She said she's sure that you're a great dad, and she told me I should speak with you. That I shouldn't be angry at you because you're only trying to do.. the best thing.. but dad, I don't want to go back to Detroit."

Larry thought for a while about the situation.

- "Okay", he agreed.

Sam looked at him, his eyes wide opened.

- "Really ??"
- "Really."
- "So you're okay to take me with you ?" Sam asked.
- "Of course Sam, I was never unwilling to live with you. I just thought you were better with your mother.. come here."

He put an arm around his son, and they stayed like that.

Ally and Maddie went to check if everything was okay after few minutes.
Sam looked at Maddie.

- "We're staying !" he exclaimed.

Maddie smiled and looked at Larry.

- "Awesome !"

Ally looked at Larry too, and he nodded. Sam and him both stood up.

- "Sam come on, let's go .. home." he said, the words were sweet and warm.
- "You're coming back tonight ?" Maddie asked.
- "I don't know Maddie", Larry answered.
- "You could.." Ally said shyly.

He looked at her.

- "What for ?" he asked intrigued.
- "Dinner.." Ally looked at Sam. She wanted the boy to convince his father, so she wouldn't have to.
- "Yeah, and you said we need to talk.." Maddie intervened.
- "Please, dad, say you're okay.. please ?"
- "I wouldn't like to be a burden for our friends here, Sam." he said. He wanted Ally to beg. He wanted to feel wanted. He needed to think that she may have lied, and he was craving for her to restore his hope.
- "Larry, come on." she gave up, "it would be nice to have both of you for dinner, and you'll never be a burden." Her words were quite casual, but he saw a lot more in her eyes. He saw exactly what he was looking for.
- "Okay. What time ?" he smiled. Could everything turn so great then so horrible and the perfect in only one day ? he couldn't believe it. The last 24 hours had been so full of emotions it was actually making him a little dizzy.
- "Whenever you want" she decided it was not worth playing anymore. They had spent the night together. It actually had happened. And she knew he loved her. While they had been alone in the kitchen, Maddie had told her something she had already heard. The girl had told her she was unable to let herself be loved, or even be happy for that matter. And she didn't want to prove the theory true. "You could also stay.." she said, quite amazed by her self-confidence.

Maddie looked at her, surprised too.

Larry tried but failed at repressing a smile.

- "No, I think we should have some time alone" he said, looking at Sam.

They left after deciding they would be back at 4 or 5.

The boys headed to Larry's apartment.

- "Wait a minute little guy", Larry thought about something.
- "What ?"
- "Is that what it was all about ? You bringing all the clothes you can possibly have with you ?" he asked him.
- "At first, I only packed my winter clothes.. because I didn't know what I would need.. and then.." Sam appeared quite sad again.
- "It's okay.. don't worry.. I'm not mad, okay ? Sam.. I want you to tell me things. Don't listen to anybody telling you I don't care about you. Not ever again. You get me ?" he knelt down.
- "Yeah", Sam answered quickly.
- "Hey.. you swear ?" Larry made sure Sam got the message.
- "Yes ! I got it! I swear!"
- "Good. Now.. how about some McDonalds' for lunch ?"
- "Cool !"

They went out had lunch, and walked a little.

- "She will be mad at me, won't she ?" Sam asked out of nowhere. He had been silent for few minutes.
- "Who ? Your mother ?"
- "Yeah, her." Sam used her to refer to Jamie, but he could have used an "it" and designate her as an object, it wouldn't have felt different.
- "Probably.. but.." Larry smiled, "do we really care ?"
- "What if she doesn't want to let me live here ?" Sam was obviously struggling with all this and needed some proof he could really let himself dift in relief and joy.
- "I'll fight harder, and I'm a great lawyer. But Sam, you know that since you're over 8, you'll probably have to testify.. in front of a judge ?" Larry looked a little concerned, "Are you ready to do this ?"
- "I have to, right ?"
- "Yeah.. pretty much."
- "Then, I think I'm ready."
- "Good."

The afternoon went on, they went back to the apartment, and Larry asked Sam to list what he would need from Detroit, and the boy answered there was nothing left there he really needed anymore. He showed him the bottom of his bags and Larry saw his books, pictures and even his favourite bed sheets, the Iron Man ones.

- "When I had packed my summer clothes.. I decided to pack everything." Sam simply explained.
- "I see. But you weren't planning on telling me about what was going on with your mother ?" Larry was going through a hard time understanding this.
- "No.. I thought maybe you would find out by yourself".

Larry closed the subject and they got ready to go back to Ally's place.

Once there, they decided to have Clue game, and Maddie won. Ally went in the kitchen and cooked dinner while the three other stayed in the living room and played poker.

Dinner was peaceful, after the day they had all spent, it was quite something. Both Larry and Ally had decided to forget about their last night's words, at least as long as the kids were with them, and Sam and Maddie mocked each other playfully, which made them all laugh.
Maddie, when she had been with her aunt, had taken all her father's Marvels and brought them with her and once dinner was over, they went in her room and he took a look at them.

- "So.." Ally began, but Larry turned his head to look at her so quickly that she didn't know whether she should keep on talking.
- "Yes ?" he asked after few seconds. She's so beautiful, he thought while looking at her.
- "I'm working tomorrow.."
- "Yeah, about that.. how come you didn't today ?" Larry cut her.
- "I had taken the day off.. and somehow forgot about it until yesterday evening.." she answered, cleared her throat and started again, "and I'm working tomorrow.. so I was wondering.." she didn't know if she could still ask him such things as watching over her daughter after what she had told him.
- "I will take care of Maddie, that's okay, don't worry.."

She was grateful but didn't know how to express it.

- "Thanks", was all she managed to come up with.
- "You're welcome", he smiled.

The room remained quiet for few minutes.

- "What about we go and watch T.V. ? At least it wouldn't be so calm..." Larry proposed.
- "Okay", Ally replied, glad to put an end to the awkard silence.

They turned the TV on and there was nothing but romantic movies, of course they both thought at the same time.

- "So.. since there's nothing on.." Larry started and took a look at his watch, "..and that it's already 10 ! God, time flies.. well, I should get Sam and head back home.."
- "Probably, yeah.." You could also stay.. Ally thought. Would it be too much to ask for the kids to be asleep again ? she begged some supernatural power.

Larry stood up, made a few steps, opened Maddie's door and sighed. Ally smiled.

- "Gee.. again ?!" Larry commented.
- "What is it ?" Ally asked innocently.
- "Come and see for yourself.."

Ally stood up, joined him and saw the boy and girl asleep. Well, if they had been in the room 20 minutes before, they would have heard Sam and Maddie deciding to pretend to be asleep, thinking that their parents had to sleep under the same roof again. But they had finally fallen asleep for real.

- "It's great" Ally let out, and put her hand on her mouth as if to take back those words.
- "Great ?" Larry smiled.
- "I meant.. cute.. it's cute", she tried to fix her mistake, but failed. Larry was smiling.
- "No you didn't", he stated, "what I wonder is why.. ? Why didn't you say cute ? Why did you say great.. ? I mean.. I'm not afraid to tell you anymore.. and you know it. I love you. But.. you said.." a shade of sadness covered his face, his rubbed his neck with his right hand, "well.. you know what you've said.."

He turned to face her. She met his eyes and got caught up.

- "I.." she sighed, do I tell him ? or don't I ?
- "You.. ?" Larry was hanging to every syllable she was pronoucing.
- "Alright.. I lied", she admitted and felt so much lighter.

It made Larry hold his breath, he tried to swallow but found it really difficult and struggled not to fall since his legs were suddenly really weak.

- "You.." he couldn't even say it.
- "lied.." she was expecting a reaction, any reaction.
- "About not loving me ?" he asked for precision.
- "Uh uh", she stayed there, watching him recovering softly, her mouth dry, her hands sweaty, her breath somewhat anarchic. She felt the urge to touch him, to be in contact with him, any contact, but controlled it.

He didn't though. At first, his right hand went on her cheek, then on her shoulder, his left hand took her right one, he pulled her closer abruptly, and his right hand went in her hair.

- "Are you lying now ?" he asked her, his face one inch away from hers.

She felt his warm breath hitting her skin again, some unbelievably strong vibes were coming and going between them.

- "No.." she whispers, or most exactly, exhaled.
- "Ally.. are you sure about this ? Because I'd rather wait for the good momen..."
- "I am." she cut him, begging.
- "I love you" he told her in her ear as he got closer, their cheeks now touching. He pushed her against the nearest wall, took both her hands in his and, after a good look at her, kissed her.

They entered Ally's room for the second time in two days, there was no hesitation anymore. He was sure. And as long as she would let him lead, he considered she was sure too.

- "I'm not playing here, Ally" he said between her lips, without breaking their kiss. His hands undressed her and he gently let her lay on the bed as he took off his clothes.
- "Neither am I" she replied.

He climbed on the bed, went in top of her, and kissed her again.

- "Say it", he asked.
- "Say what ?" she got confused.
- "What you lied about.. you still haven't said it"

He stayed still, looking in her deep eyes. She could see love, passion and desire in his.

- "You're really not leaving ?" she asked, she needed to hear him say it one last time, she needed him to ensure her it was for good this time.
- "I'm not leaving you again, never again", he said.

It felt like solemn vows to her, a chill went throughout her body and made her shiver.

- "You're cold ?" he asked, worried. He was about to take the sheet upon them when she spoke.
- "No.. I.. I love you. I'm in love with you", the words her mind has been keeping for so long finally came out of her mouth, her heartbeat raised. She had given him total control over her person again, but it felt good. It felt comfortable. She .. trusted him again.
Before she could realize it, her lips were burning under his kiss, the feeling soon spread on her tongue and her whole body.
He broke the kiss just to let her catch her breath and profess his love again.

That night she felt like never before. Like everything was within reach. She was getting there. No more hallucinations. She would live in a fantasy from now on.

She laid in Larry's arms, he wouldn't let go off her.

- "How are we gonna tell them ?" she asked, looking at the alarm clock; 00.12.

He looked at her, and laughed.

- "Well, they'll just have to look at you", he kept on laughing.
- "Why ?"
- "It's written all over your face", he explained, and put a kiss on her cheek. "I love you."
- "I love you too" she replied, "but they don't know what it looks like."
- "Just let them look for me.. or us tomorrow, if you're not already at work when they'll wake up..", his hand going through her hair.
- "What if.." she started.
- "Ally, you worry too much. If they're still asleep, when you'll come back from work, they'll understand."
- "Why ?" Ally frowned her eyebrows. She didn't get how her coming bak from work was going to tell Maddie and Sam that their little plan had succeeded.
- "Because.. you really think that, knowing we're back together I'll be able to wait for a moment alone with you to kiss you ?" he chuckled, "I don't think so.."

She smiled more than she already was, if that was possible.
And they fell asleep.

Loads of things were ahead of them, some good, some bad, but for now, they were happy, and that was all that counted.

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