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Chapter 1 - 'The start of things to come'


"Congratulations Naruto you are now a genin of konoha!" Iruka declared after tying the hitae-ate around Naruto's forehead.

"Yatta! Arigatou Iruka-sensei!" Naruto yelled while hugging Iruka. The chuunin winced at the sudden pressure applied to his wounds. Naruto sensing this pulled back and scrathed the back of his head sheepishly "Hehe gomen Iruka-sensei, I got too excited."

Iruka sighed in relief when the pain lessened, then turned to look at Naruto, who was bouncing about at the clearing yelling how he was gonna be hokage, make the villagers and Sakura look at him with admiration and how he was gonna kick Sasuke's ass.

Fixing Naruto with a serious stare, Iruka cleared his throat loudly and called out to the blonde. "Naruto"

Naruto immediately walked closer to Iruka noticing the sudden change of expression on the young man's face and tone "What is it Iruka-sensei?" the boy asked uncertainly.

"Naruto now that you have graduated from the academy, you are now considered an adult, you can no longer goof off nor play pranks at people and most importantly you have to stop being a loud-mouthed idiot." Naruto glared angrily at Iruka and was about to protest, but the young man simply silenced him with a finger and continued "What I'm trying to say Naruto, is that you have to take your job as a shinobi seriously, you have lots of potential in the ways of a shinobi even more than Uchiha Sasuke"

The boy grinned proudly at Iruka's words "However with the way you are now they are just that, potential if you don't train it and improve it. A sensei can only help you so much to unlock your talents, but in the end it's all up to you." Iruka watched Naruto's facial expression as he switched from downcast to understanding. Iruka then made a quick check on his own body and found that most of the bleeding had stopped, including the one at his back due to blood clot, but he still felt a little light-headed and tired, so he just took a deep breath and continued to give Naruto his last 'lecture' "Remember Naruto a shinobi prides himself in stealth, deception and assassination, as an old shinobi saying goes 'born as a shadow, serves from the shadows, dies as a shadow' that's what a being ninja is Naruto." Iruka finished. Naruto though his brow was still furrowed nodded in understanding.

"One more thing Naruto…" Iruka hesitated "…I think…you should drop your 'mask'."

Naruto gave Iruka a puzzled look "Mask? Ano Iruka-sensei I'm not wearing a mask…"

"I'm not talking about those pieces of plastic or cloth; I know you're smart so I think you know what I'm talking about."Iruka replied.

Naruto looked down but did not respond.

Iruka just gave a small sigh, before smiling.

"Well that's that, do the village proud Naruto! Now come on let's bring the forbidden scroll back to hokage-sama." said Iruka as he shakily stood up.

Naruto nodded and then brought up his right hand up, a determined glint in his eyes "I promise Iruka-sensei, I will be the best shinobi there is and an even better Hokage!" he said with his usual grin in place.

Iruka grinned as well as the two made their way to the hokage's office.


Hokage's Office


Witnessing the exchange between teacher and student through his cystal ball, Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi couldn't help but smile. The sight of Iruka giving Naruto both a fatherly and shinobi advice was very moving for him because the boy who the rest of the village scorned had finally found someone who cares for him.

Puffing on his pipe, the old man sat back on his chair, the smile not leaving his face.

"Now we shall see if the boy takes your words to heart."


Next Morning


Naruto scrambled about in his apartment, trying to find clothes, arranging his bed and cook his ramen at the same time, he had overslept as the event last night had taken its toll on him. He promptly fell asleep the moment his body made contact with his bed, only to wake up hours later that he had fifteen minutes left before the academy starts.

"Damn it! Damn it! I'm gonna be late! My first day as a gennin and I'm already late damn it!" thought Naruto, as he heated water for his instant ramen, while putting on his shinobi sandals which for some reason refused to allow his foot entry.

"Damn it! Why is it always the left!?" Naruto yelled to no one in particular. Gritting his teeth he pulled with all his might and at last the stubborn sandal gave way and his left foot slid in. Grinning at his success Naruto straightened up and was about grab the, by now whistling kettle when he noticed something.

He was still wearing his suit from last night…

Naruto nearly screamed and pull his hair out of frustration but the young boy managed to force himself to calm down as Iruka's words from last night came back to him. He needed to be an adult about this he can't let something such as a simple moring frustration get to him, he was a shinobi and they're supposed to be cool all the time.

As he calmed he quickly assessed his situation, first glance instinct told him he would need help. He shook his head "I'm gonna help for this, but right now I'm the only one here and even if did ask I doubt those 'villagers' would help me…As

Iruka- sensei said, I can only help myself…but how…? How can I help myself…" Naruto's thought trailed off as the events of last night came flooding back to him "That's it!! Yes that's it!!! Kage Bunshin! They helped me beat Mizuki-teme last night so…" his came hands quickly did the seal and he called out. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" there were three puffs of smoke and after they dispersed revealed three identical looking clones, who were grinning at him. The real Naruto grinned as well as he directed the clones to their duties. "Hehe alright you" he pointed to the clone at his left "Start making ramen you…" the clone at his front "Pick the clothes I'll wear and you…" he turned to the last clone and then faltered "You..Uh…go polish my hitae-ate!" the last clone raised an eyebrow, but nodded in response anyway.

Naruto watched as his clones got to work and whistled "Hehe...This is one USEFUL jutsu!" he exclaimed as he went to the shower.


6 minutes later


Naruto came out of the shower and immediately went to his bed where the clone had placed the clothes it selected for him to wear. His eyes widened at what he saw.

Instead of the usual blue and orange jumpsuit, the clone had pulled out a black jacket with dark orange on its side and matching dark orange pants. He remembered it was a gift from his birthday a year ago from the old hokage, the old man had told him that if he wishes to be hokage then he would need to understand the word 'kage' in it. Sandaime explained

that ninjas have to learn how to be a shadow and that meant stealth. Naruto at that time just whined about how 'gloomy' it looked and that he would not stand out, so refused to wear it and let it hand around his closet, it was almost forgetton too if not because his shadow clone pulling it out. He gave a small glare at the clone beside, who flinched at the look.

"A-ano…" the clone stammered for words "…Remember what Iruka-sensei said?" it finally asked.

Naruto frowned a little trying to remember the young man's words "Remember Naruto a shinobi prides himself in stealth, deception and assassination, as an old shinobi saying goes 'born as a shadow, serves from the shadows, dies as a shadow' that's what a being ninja is."

"Stealth and shadow…huh...Iruka-sensei did say I should start taking my career seriously…Oh what the heck I'll just wear it. It's not like it doesn't have orange anyway." The blonde finally relented. He dispelled the clone at his side and began putting on his new 'outfit' after which he looked onto his closet again and fair a pair of fingerless gloves, which he had bought from a ninja store and strangely enough the owner didn't hate him and even gave him a huge discount. After he was done Naruto walked in front of his mirror.

"Hehe I look so cool!" said Naruto grinning at his own reflection, he struck various poses as he admired his new look and kept it up for a few minutes.

The fact that he was only 3 minutes away from being late was completely lost upon Naruto.

Seeing that their creator was not gonna stop anytime soon the two remaining clones cleared their throats loudly trying to get his attention.

Naruto stopped in mid-pose and looked at the clone who was polishing his hitae-ate and asked "What!? Can't you see I'm busy here!?"

"Ano…oyabun…" the clone trailed off and pointed to bedside alarm clock.

Naruto stared at it noting that aside from needing a good cleaning, there was nothing out of the ordinary. It's still the same old clock, with the red blinking ti—

"AW CRAP I'M GONNA BE LATE!!!" Naruto hollered. He ran about his apartment grabbing his hitae-ate, he quickly tied it around his head. At the kitchen he downed his cups of ramen the clone had prepared for him. After he was done he dashed towards his door and was already at the process of getting out when he stopped and looked at his clones that were still there.

"You two…um…clean this place! When your done dispel yourselves." Naruto ordered before running full speed to the academy.

Staring at cloud dust where their creator had been standing a while ago, both clones just turned to each other and shrugged.


End chapter 1


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