A/N: Hello and welcome! This is my first fanfic, so don't expect it to be perfect. But I know for a fact that the story gets better later on, I don't really like my prologue but I don't know what to change it to so its just going to stay here until I have a big brainwave and change it to something better. Any useful criticism is welcomed on my work. The Prologue is at the end of this page so scroll down or you won't be able to understand some of the things mentioned in the story later on.


/\/\/\/ Means time gone by in dreams.

-()- Means time gone by in the story.

/\\/\\/\\/\\ Means 'Meanwhile'.

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Clan Allegiances




Large ginger tom.



Silver tabby she-cat.



Dark tabby tom with a black tail.

Apprentice - Icepaw


Light tabby tom.

Mate of Frostpelt

Apprentice - Sunpaw


Blue-grey she-cat, tinged with silver around her muzzle.

Apprentice - Sleekpaw


Light blue/silvery she-cat.

Apprentice - Thunderpaw


Grey tom with rippling fur in stripes.

Apprentice - Blackpaw


Black/slightly grey tom.

Apprentice - Sparrowpaw


Red tom with amber eyes.

Apprentice - Ebonypaw


Dark murky blue tom.

Mate of Dawnflower

Apprentice - Ashpaw


Dusky brown tabby tom with dusty stripes.

Apprentice - Silverpaw



Black tom.


Golden she-cat.


Tawny tabby tom with dark markings on sides that look like wings.


White tom with an attitude.


Tortoiseshell she-cat.


Tortoiseshell she-cat


Black she-cat


Grey tom


Handsome ginger tom.


Silver tabby with startling green eyes.



White she-cat.

Mate of Brackenfur

Older nursery queen.


Pale golden she-cat.

Mate of Razorclaw

Kits – Goldenkit, Murkykit.



Dark murky blue/gray tom.


Golden she-cat.



Red pelted she-cat.


Black tom with unusual blue eyes.


Tortishell she-cat with lovely dappled coat.



White tom.

Apprentice - Mosspaw


The forest looked inviting, but the forest looked scary, and the forest was where her mate had died. On the outskirts of the forest, a she-cat lived with her twolegs, she was coloured red and had two kits that were 5 1/2 moons old. One of the kits was a tom, he had a ginger coloured pelt and his name was Thunder, he was an energetic kit with all the energy of a pent up electrical charge. The second kit was more reserved and serious; the she-cat was silver in colour, thus her name, Silver.

Thunder was listening to the birds chirping, when he came up with an unexpected question.

"Mum, what was our father like?" The two kits sat with rapt attention waiting for the answer to the query.

Ruby sighed; she had been evading the truth for moons, not accepting the fact that he was really dead.

"Well, your fathers name was Silverstorm. He was a loyal warrior Clan-cat of ThunderClan. I remember the first time we met. He was such a handsome tom. He told me of the stories of the Clans, the magical StarClan, where cats go when they die, or The Dark Forest, where evil cats pad for eternity. Silverpelt who rests in the sky, and of ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan. I miss him." She meowed, sadness glazing her eyes.

Suddenly a loud barking sound came from over the fence. Thunder and Silver pricked their ears, moving cautiously away from the sound.

Ruby turned her head to look at them, not moving, eyes clouded. There came a short sharp bark, and then silence. A large black dog jumped their small picket fence, clearing it in one short bound. Its eyes glinted red with bloodlust as it searched the yard for its prey. Letting out a howl it bounded towards Ruby. Red fur flew, the ground stained red.

Silver let out a frightened, anguished meow, alerting the dog to their presence. Thunder hurriedly grabbed her scruff and pulled her through the cat-flap to safety. The dog raised its head and followed them, barreling insistently on the door they had disappeared through. After what seemed like eons, the pummeling stopped and the dog retreated to its territory, dragging Ruby's body with it.

Silver and Thunder shook where they stood, pressing up against each other for support, their pelts mingling.


The next day was filled with sorrow and movement. The housefolk that 'looked after them' was shouting in its language over a strange contraption for most of the day. Their housefolk left sometime in the afternoon, giving the cats free rein of the place. They stayed inside for the most part, shivering at random intervals and sleeping in short, restless, bursts. Nightmares of red splattered ground haunting their sleep everytime they closed their eyes.

"Do you think she's gone to StarClan?" Silver meowed.
"Of course."
Thunder licked her ear comfortingly and they sat there in silence, mourning their loss dearly.


The stars in the night sky glinted, reflected in the surface of the water. A broad white cat sat amid the shrub, gazing at the sky. Rustles in the bush gave away that others were coming to join the cat, silvery pelts shining in the darkness.
"Greetings." Said one of the three cats, a murky brown tabby.

The white cat dipped its head in greeting.
"We bring you here to warn you of a danger."
"When will this danger come?" Enquired the white cat.
We cannot see what it is, or how far it has to come."

Another cat stepped forward, a dark blue pelt, "This danger will bring destruction and chaos."
This time the black cat in the center of the two spoke. "But a loud noise will protect the Clan."
"A loud noise? How will a noise protect the Clan?" The white cat mewed.
"You will know, when the time comes."
As the black cat padded forward, its glistening fur brushed against the side of the white cat, the others followed.
"Have faith…"