Chapter 1

Oops My Bad!!

Will looked into Alyss's beautiful gray eyes and smiled as he took her hands in his from across the table.

'it has been 3 years since the first kiss' Will thought.

"Will?"Alyss murmured " you alright?"

"mmh"Will nodded.

Alyss bit her lip and leaned forward slightly, over the table, towards Will.

He held his breath and closed his eyes, waiting for Alyss's touch.

First he felt her hand on his shoulder, then her other hand on his cheek, and her soft warm breath against his skin.

As if instinctively he leaned forward his lips parted ever so slightly.

He was sick of waiting for Alyss, so he went to kiss her eyes still shut tight.

"Ouch! Will?" Alyss practically screamed seeing as Will pretty much had head-butted her.

'not exactly what i was aiming for' he thought miserably as he pressed a hand to his forehead.

Chapter 2

Not Right The First Time? Try Again.

"What got into you Will?" Alyss stormed.

But 'sorry' was all Will could manage.

He didn't know why he did it, he just wanted her lips, ... 'ahh her lips!' ... ,against his again.

"Please Alyss give me one more chance I promise I won't do it again" Will pleaded.

Alyss shot Will a cold look then smiled, immediately brightening the whole room.

Will took a small shuffling step towards Alyss, while she walked swiftly through the three steps that parted them, and slid her arms around his neck and pressed her lips to his.

She felt him smile underneath her lips and she smiled.

Will felt this to and pulled her body closer to his and closed his eyes tracing one hand down her back to rest on her curvaceous hips.

The End

by crazy-panda-girl3