Scientific Experimentations.
Spirits stop & rewind me. ((zexioncentric))

Science explains everything. Absolutely everything, Zexion says, and when science doesn't explain it, it is classed as a phenomenon and he insists that one day, science will explain it.

Vexen seems to be of the same mind. He doesn't say so, though, instead closeting himself away in that laboratory of his amongst his potions and samples and a myriad of unthinkable things, only emerging when he thinks he's concocted his most brilliant invention yet. No one ever understands him, of course – Axel tries to singe the bottom of Vexen's hair just that little bit more each time, and Larxene just laughs scornfully.

So when Zexion hears Vexen's dying words that sound something suspiciously along the lines of 'Oh, God…', when the man is lying face down in a puddle of blood he's coughed up after having transported himself from the place of his defeat – when Zexion hears that, it really gets him thinking.

He's always considered religion calmly, without passion or the mindless fervour some people get caught up in. He has applied scientific methods to religious theories one after the other, and when he can't prove it – either wrong or scientifically correct – then he'll set it aside to come back to. This rarely happens, of course.

But when he tries the same with this, this question of pure faith, he is stumped to realise that he doesn't even have the slightest clue of how to approach it.

And that scares him, just a little bit.


A scared Zexion is adorable.