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I can't believe it's over.

I watched the whole thing fall.

And I never saw the writing that was on the wall.

Lost by Michael Buble.


A young girl of twelve years stepped out of the silver Volvo holding a bunch of white lilies. She was dressed in a simple black t-shirt with 'Guitar Hero' emblazoned on the front, black skinny jeans and black-heeled boots. She had long wavy brown hair with a subtle hint of red that shone in the weak winter sun. She ran towards the familiar place ahead of her. Her mother called to her worriedly.

'Don't go too far, Isa!' she shouted.

'Don't worry, mom. I know where I'm going,' the young girl, Isadora called back, skidding to a halt at the gates.

A younger girl of about three ran up after her sister, giggling. She had shorter auburn hair that hung around her face in ringlets. She was wearing a pink dress, white tights and shiny black school shoes. In her hands was a basket of pink rose petals.

'Ceris, stay close to me,' her father called suddenly as he helped his 4-months pregnant wife out of the car.

The young family walked up to the gates of the small Forks Cemetery and entered. All of them carrying different flowers of their choice. It was a sunny winter morning and the whole family had come here for a special occasion.

Isadora walked up to the graves they wanted to visit. Her mother placed a hand on her eldest daughter's shoulder and waited for the rest of her family to come. Her husband lifted Ceris onto his shoulders and put an arm around his wife's waist. The young mother spoke.

'Hey mom, dad and little sis. I know I haven't come in a while but it's been so busy back home. Ceris has started school and Isadora has joined a band. Edward's very busy at the hospital and my editor has been jumping down my throat about deadlines. So I'm sorry. I also have some good news. I'm pregnant again. You knew we were trying again but yes, now we're expecting a little boy. We haven't decided on name yet though. Alice has had her baby, Tia Keira. She's just started crawling which I know is hell from a lot of experience! Rose's son Joe has got his first A report card which made all the family and extended family very proud, I can assure you. Everyone sends their best wishes to all of you too. I really wish you could be here. Isa would have been great friend's with you dad, she's very like you. Ceris is more your type mom, quiet and collected. You would have gotten on fine. You would have been best friends with them both, Isadora, you would have loved them like your own. I wish you could have been there to see them grow up. I really do,' she told the graves of her family members. Her voice was breaking at the end.

'Bella, Shh, love, its ok. We're here for you,' Edward whispered. Bella sniffed but smiled.

'We all brought you some flowers, I brought you some Snowdrops,' Bella said, placing a small bunch on each grave.

'I brought some white lilies, mom told me they were your favourite, Grandma,' Isa said, doing the same with her lilies.

'I got Rosie petals from Aunt Rosie,' Ceris piped up flinging handfuls of her Rose petals out onto the graves from her father's shoulders.

'I brought you some Carnations,' Edward whispered laying them down carefully on each grave.

'We'll come back,' Isa promised.

'I want 'oo, gwanma,' Ceris whispered.

'See you, I love you all,' Bella said.

'Look after us, if you please,' Edward said smoothly, his slight English accent had almost completely faded.

Edward let Ceris down and together, Isa and Ceris ran to the car, playing and laughing. Edward took his wife's hand, who was deep in thought at the time.

'Are you ok, love?' he asked, gently kissing her hand.

'Yeah, I just miss them, you know,' she replied looking down.

'I know but we'll be back soon to see them, yeah?' he whispered, turning to face her. He lifted her chin up with their interlaced hand and gazed into her a soft, sad, brown eyes.

'Yes…and thank you,' she whispered.

'What for?' Edward asked genuinely confused.

'Loving me through everything,' Bella whispered.

Across the other side of the Cemetery an old couple sat on a bench their hands clasped together. They watched the young family's ritual with loving eyes.

'Do you remember the days when couples were actually in love?' asked the old woman. Her husband nodded and smiled.

'It looks like not all those families and couples are gone,' he said, kissing her hand. The old woman smiled toothily and laughed.

'We've only just gotten married and they've got a large family but are saying goodbye to another,' she said the last bit sadly.

'Young family deaths are very sad, especially if only one person remains,' he mused.

'Those parents didn't look at all old,' the old woman said quietly but not disapprovingly.

'No, they did seem quite young and they were married,' he agreed.

'But their love was very real; I think I might have even been able to see it.' The old woman commented smiling.

'Yes, dear,' her husband agreed, 'This really is a Season of Love.'

The End


Seasons of Love-RENT

Because Of You- Kelly Clarkson

Breathe No More- Evanescence

I Will Always Love You- Whitney Houston

Killer- The Hoosiers

Like You- Evanescence

Missing- Evanescence

My Heart Will Go On- Celine Dion

My Immortal- Evanescence

My Last Breath- Evanescence

Now or Never- Three Days Grace

Stronger- Kanye West

Sweet Sacrifice- Evanescence

What I've Done- Linkin Park

Your Star- Evanescence

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