Kiss Me: Chapter Three

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Wulfgar flushed as he stood, exposed to his teacher's appraising gaze, but the sheer delight dancing in the drow's lavender eyes quickly stole his embarrassment.

"Oh, but you are a treasure," Drizzt murmured, holding out as his arms. The young man returned to his comfortable embrace, both lying on their sides now. The drow let his hands drop to lightly stroke the young man's belly, making sure to catch wide blue eyes with his own lavender gaze.

"Have you never been touched there before?"

The barbarian shook his head.

"Would you like me to touch you?"

A shy nod.

The drow let his fingers drift lower, squeezing and stroking gently, keeping his eyes locked on his partner's face. The young man flushed crimson, squirming slightly against his lover, his breathing becoming ragged. Drizzt kissed him again, nibbling gently at his lower lip, letting his eyelids flutter closed. He smiled against Wulfgar's lips when he felt the barbarian's large, calloused hand close about his own flesh.

They lay, hands moving in tandem, for long minutes. Wulfgar let his head loll back, panting, feeling his end approaching- and then Drizzt stopped! The young man let out a disappointed mew, turning a beseeching stare upon the drow, who smiled.

"Wh-" the barbarian started to say, but the drow rolled him over onto his back, spreading the blonde's thighs and moving to kneel between them.

The drow smiled reassuringly at his bewildered lover before resuming his stroking, holding himself up with his other hand as he leant forward and blew warmly on the young man's tip. Wulfgar shuddered with pleasure and Drizzt grinned wickedly before setting to work with his sinfully clever lips and tongue.

It didn't take him long to bring the young man to completion.

Wulfgar quivered, utterly dazed. It took many long moments for his thoughts to return to lucidity, and he slowly became aware that Drizzt was still stroking him, rekindling the lustful fires in his belly. He lay passively, trustingly, under his mentor's ministrations.

"Good, hmmm?" a melodic elven voice asked him, and he nodded contentedly.


Drizzt chuckled gently, and suddenly he was there, straddling the young man's hips, leaning down to kiss him.

"This will be even better," the drow assured him, and then…and then…

Wulfgar groaned as Drizzt slid slowly, grimacing slightly, onto his length. The drow sat, panting a little, for a long moment, and Wulfgar reached out to stroke his mentor's cheek, running a thumb over his puffy lips. The drow caught the digit, sucking it wetly into his mouth as he began gently rocking his hips.

Drizzt was right. This was even better.

Afterwards the young man lay on his back, the drow cuddled bonelessly against his chest. Wulfgar ran his fingers through the sweaty locks of white hair, drawing a murmur from his dozing lover, and Drizzt snuggled into him a little more.

"Mmmmm?" the sleepy drow managed.

Wulfgar pressed two fingers under his mentor's chin, forcing Drizzt to look at him. The drow blinked sleepily at him, but was indeed listening.

"Thank you," the barbarian said softly, "for showing me this."

"My pleasure," the elf chuckled, wriggling forward a little to press a light kiss to the young man's lips. "Though I don't think I'll be walking anywhere much tomorrow- you are far too much of a good thing, my young friend!"

Wulfgar smiled, pulling Drizzt in for another loving kiss.

"That's alright," he murmured. "I'm sure we can find plenty to do right here."

Sweet, elven laughter rang throughout the cave.

Huzzah for smut! Which I have actually tried to keep fairly toned down in this piece, while still managing to convey at least the gist of the pretty pictures in my head. But this was so much fun to write I think more Drizzt/Wulfgar fics will definitely have to follow- so stay tuned!