Disclaimer: All credit for the fantastic characters goes to RTD, how I wish they were mine.

Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Slight Spoilers for Cyberwoman

This story was inspired by a friend's advice. Regrettably for me the Pen Test failed. For Ianto… read on and the rest is history.

The Pen Test

Ianto was thinking. He was thinking carefully about when Jack saved his life during the Lisa incident. That was more than CPR. He was sure of it. That was a kiss. At least, he thought it was a kiss. If it was a kiss, what did the kiss mean? That is, if it was a kiss. Ianto decided it was very confusing and that perhaps it was better not to think about it.

A few days later Ianto was making coffee. Nothing strange there then. Jack bounded into the room, full of energy babbling about a new device they'd found. Ianto was mildly intrigued about the device- some kind of musical instrument, nothing major- but every time he looked at Jack his brain became clouded by the vague thoughts and memories of that kiss: Did he mean it? Does he fancy me? Do I fancy him? Does he want to kiss me again? Does he like me? A circle of thoughts paraded around Ianto's mind taunting and annoying him. He blinked slowly trying to clear the thoughts but they returned with a single glance at Jack.

Ianto desperately wanted to find out the answers to his questions, but fear gripped his stomach every time he even considered asking Jack. He decided drastic action had to be taken. When in extreme- that is EXTREME- doubt, ask Owen.

Owen smirked when he heard Ianto's question. The tea boy was asking him for advice. This was gonna be fun.

"How do you know if someone likes you?"

That was essentially what he asked. Granted it was flouncier and Ianto-y, but effectively that was what he wanted to know. So Owen told him. Sort of. He told him something that sounded good, as though it could be right. The inspiration came from his pen.

"First you need to establish yourself in a situation like this. If it's a work colleague," Owen assumed it was Gwen or Tosh, "Then make sure they see you using a fancy pen. All the time. Never be without this pen! Then next time they need to borrow a pen offer them a choice: the pen that is obviously yours and a boring old biro. If they pick your pen they don't give a damn about you. If they pick the biro- you're in!"

This sounded rather sensible to Ianto. He smiled and thanked Owen, thumbed the pen in his pocket. Owen grinned behind his back and wondered vaguely who Ianto fancied.

It was in the boardroom that Ianto seized his chance. Jack patted the table shifting papers and files.

"Anyone got a pen?"

Ianto nearly jumped when he heard Jack's gorgeous American accent ask that question. He expertly balanced the coffee tray on one hand and fished in his pockets with the other. He produced his pen and the bog standard biro. The butterflies materialised in his stomach and fear clenched at his throat making it momentarily awkward to breath. He bit his lip, enough for him to recoil at the taste of a slight trickle of blood.

Without hesitation Jack plucked the biro from Ianto's hand.

"Thanks Ianto"

The elation in Ianto's heart screamed inside him. All he wanted to do was jump on Jack and drown within that momentous, beautiful, exciting kiss again. But that would be daft. Everyone else was around. So instead he smiled, holding Jack's gaze.

"No problem sir"

On the other side of the table Owen sat up from the half sleep he had been enjoying. Did he just see what he thought he saw? Momentarily puzzled he glanced as the Welshman held Jack's eyes for a second longer than usual. Owen dismissed the thought. He was being silly.

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