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My Immortal

Chapter: I

It's almost the end of October. The evening wind blew pretty hard and it was pelting rain really hard, soaking me completely. I was walking through the forest on my way home. I had gone to a large town which was located about two hours walking away to get some herbs and food for my sick father.

I had spent all the money we had on supplies, which made me worried even more, how am I suppose to get more money? The herbs won't make father better, it only ceases the pain.
Shrugging off the money issue I walked in a fast pace, the rain was pelting down on me and my cloak did not keep me dry one bit, I'm all soaked to the bone and had to get home as soon as possible.
I heard sounds all around me, like birds panicking in the sky, as if something dangerous was approaching. I was almost certain that I was not alone in the cold and dark forest. The long walk made me tired and my lantern was dying out, I'm almost home, it shouldn't take too long, though I know should have left the village sooner...

As I continued my quick pace I heard twigs breaking behind me, when I turned around I couldn't see anyone, just trees and bushes.
My breathing quickened, I was scared, I now knew hundred percent sure that I was not alone in this damned forest. I turned around again to rush to the village that was only about hundred meters away and then stood still. I stared at the tall dark figure that had slipped quietly in front of me. The tall dark figure leaned over me.
'Are you lost?' He asked me softly, his voice barely a whisper. It made me shiver.
I shook my head slowly and when I walked backwards I almost tripped over something that felt like a large tree branch and the lantern slipped from my fingers, dropping on the ground, the glass broke and the oil inside caught fire on the ground. The tall figure stepped closer to me reached out his hand to me and touched my face gently, his hand was cold as stone. I was frightened.
'Are you scared, little girl?' He whispered again and stepped even closer to me.
I didn't dare to speak to him, I slapped his hand away from me and ran off as fast as I could in the other direction, away from village, running through the bushes, hoping I could escape and find my way back to the village some how.

I ran as fast as I could go until the tall dark shadow caught me in his arms.

'What do you want from me? Let me go!' I shouted in panic. I knew what he was. My father had warned me but I was stubborn and didn't heed his words. We both needed food and he needed the herbs, I had no choice but to go.
'Calm down.' The tall figure spoke, his voice sounded gentle. He lifted our feet from the ground and rose through the trees and high into the sky. I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck from fear. I had my eyes closet and didn't know where he was going.
'What do you want?' I asked the man again, my arms still wrapped tightly around his neck, frightened that he might let go and I would fall down to the ground below.
I heard the man chuckling, he seemed to be amused. Both his arms were around my body, tightly pressing me against him, as if some desire was dying to come out.
I turned my head to a side and looked to where he was going. There was no rain on this side of the forest and the clouds had fallen apart and the moonlight was so bright that I could see a castle on a hill; it was surrounded by woods, bush, and gravestones. The castle must be owned by some sort of family that would explain the gravestones. I looked up at the man, he was very handsome. I had still no idea what he wanted from me. If he wanted my blood he would have already taken it, wouldn't he?
I looked into his eyes; they were light purple, almost white. His skin was pale, and his hair was white and tightly tied into a pony tail. It was obvious to me now, I had my guesses before, but now I knew for certain. This man was a vampire and maybe I was his food or worse, his slave?

The vampire brought me to the castle, I did not know if the castle was his or was run by some rich family. The castle looked like it could fit in some depressing fairy tale. He landed on one of the many balconies and gently let go of me. I jumped to the balcony doors and sat on the ground tightly presses against one of the doors and stared up at the tall vampire. I was so scared I still had no clue what he truly wanted, but all I knew is that he was pretty gentle toward me, well... for now.
He walked over to the doors I was leaning on and simply opened the door I moved to the other side to make some room; I did not want to get pushed away by a wooden door. The man passed me. He didn't say a word to me. I sat there quietly in the cold with only my wet dress and cloak covering me.
The tall vampire lightened the room. The room looked very old and dusty; it appeared to serve as a bedroom. I peeked from behind the door; many candles were lit, giving it a warm and soothing feeling.

'If you stay out there you'll catch a cold." The tall vampire said and sat down on a chair. All I could do was nod and got up. I walked cautiously to the bed and sat down. I looked at the man, and I held my soaked clock tightly around me, I didn't care if it was cold or not, I did not felt comfortable revealing my body to him.
'I'm Vincent Depardieu, and you my dear, you are my bride.' He stated and looked at me. He got up and walked over to me, his large frame hanging over me.
'I don't want to be your bride. And my father is sick. I have to go home.' I spoke softly, my voice cracking a bit. I was so scared of him, I didn't dare run off again, he could easily kill me if I did. I wanted to go home, I needed to go home. I looked up at him and said
'Please bring me to my father.' I felt tears of fear burning in my eyes, my voice still shaking; all I wanted was just to go home.
Vincent watched me. He could probably sense my fear.
'No...' He grinned down at me.
'You stay right here.' He said and walked out the room, he locked all the doors and windows without even touching them, as if he controlled everything with his mind.
As soon as he was gone, I tried opening up the windows and balcony doors but nothing budged. There was no way out.
I sat on the bed for a while, shivering, thinking of how to get out. Realizing there was no way out, not yet at least.
The fire and candles were still burning, and I felt much saver now with that man being gone. I took off my cloak and hung it over a chair to dry. I noticed a tall wardrobe. I walked over to it, it was made of dark brown wood, and it had a beautiful rose design crafted on the doors. I opened the doors and saw several dresses hanging in it. They looked new, as if no one had ever worn them. I sighed lightly; my dress was soaked from the rain. I needed to change or I would get sick myself, so I ignored the fact that these dresses were not mine, I picked out a beautiful dark Victorian dress and changed.
Once I was done changing I went to walk around the room a little, I trying to get more information from my surroundings. There were many bookshelf's with old books piled up on them. I picked a few from the shelves and read a bit. One of the books was pretty interesting. It was about Vampire Hunters. I sat down on the chair near the fire. The chair Vincent sat before he left. I read the book quietly. There was no escape for now so I just sat there reading the thick book to entertain myself a little.

Five days had passed since I came here. Vincent has been nice to me so far, he visited me once a while, brought me water and food, but never let me out of this room. He has not bitten me yet, all he did was sitting close to me, asking questions about my liking's and dis-liking's.
I was sitting on the same chair again and read a new book. I heard a knock on the door it must be Vincent again. Today I'll ask him again if he can finally bring me home. I've been worried about my father so badly; I had to go home now.
Vincent opened the door and step in.
'I see you still manage to entertain yourself, good.' He spoke softly and walked over to me. He knelled down and rested his hands on my lap, his eyes staring right into mine.
'I need to go home.' I spoke and looked back into his eyes. A faint smile appeared on his lips.
'Alright but I'll join you until your father passes away...' Vincent said coolly. He took hold of my hand and gently helped me on my feet.
I looked surprised at him when he said 'I'll join you until your father passes away' that sounded as if Vincent already knew my father was going to die, but how did he know it's that bad? I had to go to him as fast as possible.
I looked up at the tall vampire.
'Bring me to him.' I demanded, I'm tired of waiting, doing nothing here, father needed me more than ever.
Vincent moved closer to me and his lips were close to my ear.
'As you wish...' He whispered. He swung his arms around me and lifted me up into his arms and flew out the window and brought me to my old family farm. It took only a few minutes to arrive; Vincent landed on the ground and put me down softly on my feet. I rushed over to the door and opened it.
'Rain?' My father's voice sounded with fear and concern. I rushed in and was followed by Vincent who joined me in my father's bedroom.
'I'm back, father, but I lost the food and herbs.' I said softly, turned my head, glaring at the vampire, who stood close to me.
I saw my father's gaze turning to Vincent; his eyes were wide open from shock.
'Get away from my daughter, you foul creature!" My father exclaimed. He would know better than anyone. He's a famous vampire hunter named Vadim Enis. He killed over hundred vampires and protected me for all my life, until he got ill. An incurable virus hit him.
'He's a vampire Rain, has he touched you? Bitten you?' Father asked me, he even sat up to take a closer look at me.
I smiled faintly and shook my head.
My gaze turned to Vincent who pulled up a seat and sat down close to the bed, his gaze at father was serious and threatening.
'I know you, you are that damphir that killed many of my kind.' he paused and then grinned.
'It seems like I don't have to kill you, that virus will do that for me.' Vincent grinned. He placed his cold hand on my shoulder, pulling me closer.
'And after that, this young lady will be mine.' Vincent kissed my cheek playfully and glared with hateful eyes at father.

Father glared back at Vincent.
'I won't let you have my daughter, Vampire Prince!' He growled and looked at me.
Father wanted me to be happy, but his vampire blood ran through my veins as well, there is no way I could be happy with a normal human man. Maybe it was destiny for me to be with a full blood vampire.
My grandmother fell in love with a vampire, and from that father was born, but grandmother was later killed by the human man she had broken up with to be with the vampire.
Humans are mostly unfaithful, but father learned that vampires were faithful to the ones they claim, they would never cheat on their lovers. Even fathers human wife, she was my mother who cheated on him, so father left her and took me with him to be certain that I didn't grow up to be like my mother.
I knew our bit of history. So I was aware from human males and females. Because father is half vampire that makes me a quarter so I too have vampire blood but I don't have the same desire my father and the other vampires have, the desire to drink blood.
I looked up at Vincent, then at my father.

'You are staying with me.' Vincent said and looked straight into my eyes. His cold gaze pierced right into me. It felt like some desire. Not the desire to drink my blood but a different one.
I heard father sighing. He stared at the ceiling for a moment; he knew he was no match for a healthy vampire. He also knew that he would die soon anyways.
I sighed softly and looked at father, then walked over to the window and sat on the nearest chair.
'Vincent... Can you cure people's sicknesses?" I asked the vampire. I looked right into Vincent's eyes. He nodded lightly.
'I know where you're aiming for, I can, but I won't cure this man.' He said and walked over to me and touched my curly black hair.
'Why not, are you afraid of him?' I asked. I knew that my father once was a mighty man, even the other Prince's were afraid of him.
'No, I'm not afraid of that old fool, but he deserves to die!' Vincent snapped and glared at father. I just remembered something father had told me.

Flash back; ten years ago.

We were sitting at the river bank, trying to catch some fish for me to eat. I don't know why, but somehow I started wondering about vampires and their powers.
'Father, can a vampire cure illnesses?' I asked. I was only ten years old at the time and was very curious about vampires.
Father looked over at me from the water and smiled kindly at me.
'They can, if they want to.' He replied and before he could say anything else I had another question ready for him.
'What about the royal vampires, can they do that, too?' I asked.
'The royal vampires, the first vampire race have amazing healing powers. Those who drink the blood of a royal vampire will be cured of any sickness; it doesn't matter if it's not curable for humans.' Father said. 'Regular vampires can cure too but their powers are not as great as the royals.' he added.
I looked at father, and then asked.
'What about their brides, will they have the same ability?' Father laughed lightly. 'I'm not sure, I'm not really into the royal vampire history, but if they have a blood exchange and the bride become one with the vampire, then maybe they would have the same ability. But I never met a vampire's bride before honestly, so I'm not so sure.' He said, he placed his hand on top of dark brown curly head and patted me gently.

End of flash back

I looked back at Vincent, I changed my mind entirely, I'll do whatever it takes to save Father, he's the only family I got.
'Make me your bride.' I said and stood up, looking right into his eyes. Vincent grinned down at me. I knew what I was doing, I have to save my father. I have too. Only if I become this man's bride, only then it will be possible, because he won't help him.
'I was already planning to.' Vincent answered and moved closer to me and kissed my lips unexpectedly, a deep and passionate kiss, I couldn't push him away.
This wasn't like me at all; I never wanted to be a vampire's bride, I can only imagine father's shocked feelings. Once he broke the kiss, I couldn't help myself from glaring at him.
'What's with the glare, young lady?' Vincent said teasingly and took hold of my waist and forced me to come closer to him.
'You really got to ask me that?' I said and kept glaring up at Vincent. I placed my hands down on his chest and tried to push him away from me but his grip on me was too strong.
'Your father needs to die first, only then I'll make you my bride' Vincent spoke. As if he wasn't going to claim until father really dies. But I can't let that happening, I'll just try to seduce him and make me drink his blood and he'll drink mine.
'I know what you are thinking, young girl, and it won't happen.' Vincent said and kissed my forehead as if I were a child.
Vincent's gaze turned to father. The all mighty vampire hunter, he was over hundredfifty years old, and even with the vampire blood in his veins he was still vulnerable to human sickness, because he was getting older and weaker.
All I could do was glare at Vincent. He wasn't going to let go of me that easily unless he wanted to let go of me, not because I wanted.
'Let my daughter go!' Father demanded and struggled to get up from the bed, he stepped on his feet and stumbled forward to us.
'Father, it's okay. Go back to bed, you need to rest.' I said and tried to break free from Vincent's grip but alas, he refused to let me go.
Vincent smiled at me again, this time he had a gentle smile, and leaned in again and kissed my lips.
'Don't worry I won't hurt you.' He stated. His cold hand touched my face gently, his finger ran down my cheek.
I looked into his eyes, his eyes looked different, perhaps more gentle towards me, and it gave me an odd feeling inside. Vincent kissed me again and then finally released me from his grip and walked toward the door, without saying anything he just disappeared through it without opening the door.

I stood there confused; I didn't know what was going on. The only feeling I had was that he kissed me to say; 'see you next time.'
'Good, he's gone for now, the sun is coming up soon, so he won't bother us during the day light.' Father said, he sat down on the bed and smiled softly at me.
'I'm happy you're home, I was worried sick about you, literally.' Father joked and laughed weakly, coughing loudly. He looked so pale and weary, even sick he still had a sense of humor. I moved over to him and helped him laying down.
I simply smiled lightly and sat down on a chair and sighed.
'I was almost home when he took me to his castle, I should have left sooner to Ravenwood town, perhaps this would not have happened.' I said, yawning. I was very tired. It had been a long night for us.
Father said something but I could not hear what he said, my mind was drifting elsewhere. I closed my eyes for a moment, and the flashback of Vincent kissing me kept coming back into my mind.
'I hate that man.' I muttered softly, although I had to admit, his kiss did felt very niceā€¦