Ianuarius: Drugs & Reservations

by Valerie Vancollie

valeriev84 at hotmail dot com

Prequel/Sequel: This mini-series now has a prequel, Janus, Two Face, however this series is better read first as the prequel will spoil it!

Characters: Lieutenant Gary Walker & 2 surprise characters

Summary: Upon following up a lead in a desperate effort to solve a case, Gary Walker witnesses a sight he never thought he'd see.

Spoilers: End of Watch

Note: This mini-series was completely unplanned. I was merely browsing the January drabbles on the numb3rs100 comm when the idea came out of nowhere and bit me. I wrote most of the four drabbles that very evening. Basically this series combines all (?) of the January prompts from numb3rs100. The reason for the question mark is because I'm not sure if there is enough in the series to really qualify for January's theme of addition. But the series does include all of the other January prompts including the character of the month (Lieutenant Gary Walker), each of the four word prompts (drugs, cigarettes, alcohol & gambling) as well as the four rewind prompts (reservations, encounter, room key & secret). So there are two word prompts per drabble (which I've since learned isn't allowed, so oops!).

As for the title, it is the Roman designation for January. It is also an alternate name for Janus, the god of doorways, so it also signifies the beginning of something new in the same way that January is the beginning of the year. So it was a fitting title in that it is not only was a throwback to the challenges from which this idea sprang, but it also alludes to beginnings. And this mini-series is in fact the beginning of something (not that it will continue with more fics, but at the end of the fic something will clearly begin). You'll just have to read all four drabbles to see what it is the beginning of because to say it here would be to ruin the series.

Disclaimer: I do not own Gary Walker or any other of the Numb3rs characters, items or situations. I only lay claim to the original aspects of the fic.

Lieutenant Gary Walker shifted uncomfortably in his seat. He hated stakeouts, hated them with a passion. He was a man of action, waiting around for something to happen simply wasn't his style.

"Do you think this will lead to anything?" Field questioned, his earlier enthusiasm having waned in the past hours.

"Probably not," Gary replied; the faster the kid lost his naivety, the better.

"So why are we here?"

"Just in case," Gary took a sip of cold coffee. "Because it is the best lead we've got."

They'd been chasing the mysterious money source of an old LA gang for months now, desperately attempting to ferret out where their sudden influx of cash was coming from. At first it had been low priority, but as they accumulated wealth they accumulated enemies and those enemies inevitably led to turf wars. The number of drive by shootings and gang violence in the area had skyrocketed, claiming more and more innocent lives. The toll would be greater still if he was correct and it was drug money.

Which brought them here. To the motel where their source said a meeting would take place at some point in the near future. When exactly, the source didn't know, merely that it would be soon. So here they were, observing and hoping the lead panned out as they had nothing else. The new gang leader led a tight ship.

"We've got incoming," Simmons' voice crackled over the radio. "Black Honda Civic. Two people."

Gary grabbed the binoculars from the dashboard and focused them on the car.

"Could be legitimate," Todd stated, his boredom carrying clear across the radio. "Perhaps they have reservations."

"In this dump? I doubt it," Gary snorted.

The place was falling apart. He didn't even want to contemplate what the rooms looked like.

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