Ianuarius: Gambling & Secret

by Valerie Vancollie

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Don Eppes!

Special Agent Don-freaking-Eppes!

For several moments, Gary could only stare in shock as the dolled up and bejeweled man in the lobby argued with the woman he'd come in with. That was the senior FBI agent he'd worked with on several occasions and, grudgingly, come to respect and admire!

"What the hell are they doing?" Field inquired, unaware of his boss' realization.

Gary snapped his mouth shut though he couldn't quite tear his eyes away from Eppes. Or rather from his face. His painted and glittering face. He himself had done many things in the name of undercover operations, but never had it involved letting someone near him with eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick and glitter!

Wait, if that was Eppes, then...

"Boss?" Field questioned, finally aware something wasn't quite right. "Are we going to let them leave?"

"What?" Gary asked, pulling himself together. "Yes, let them leave."

"I know we don't exactly have anything to hold them on, but surely we're better off trying to get them to talk than remaining here."

"Oh, they'll talk, just later."

Of that Gary was sure. While most cops cursed when learning of the Bureau's involvement in their case, he knew it could only be a good thing for him. Their previous collaborations, despite not all going smoothly, had always ended well.


"We don't want to blow their cover."

"What?" Simmons exclaimed, confused.

"Don't you recognize them? Those are Special Agents Eppes and Reeves of the FBI," Gary stated, watching them return to their car.

Strangely, despite having seen Eppes in that ridiculous getup, Gary found his admiration for the man grow. Who knew Eppes was such an actor? He really shouldn't be surprised, though, that the man had secret talents. He'd bet good money the man had several more.

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New: This fic now has a prequel (though it's better read after these drabbles!) called Janus, Two Face.