[- A BRALEB STORY; inspired by the works of sopinkprincess in the video; Brooke & Caleb - OTH/Covenant - Imprinting ... with my own personal twist.


Destiny (noun) destiny, fate; An event [or a course of events that will inevitably happen in the future.

Brooke Singer drove down the rainy road, her music blasting as she past the little buildings in the town she was entering. She was finally free, that surprised her though. Her uncle would hardly let her leave to go to school when she was younger, now all the sudden he was helping pack her bags and shipping her off to Massachusetts. That was just not the Uncle Bobby she knew.

After the death of her parents, Brooke moved in with her uncle. She was twelve at the time. If she had it her way back then, she would have lived on the streets. No way did an almost teenage girl want to live with her Uncle who couldn't even style his wardrobe. Not-uh. No way. But in the end, Bobby Singer was the only family member she had left, it was only right for her to live with him. So she did. That was a decision she would have to deal with for the rest of her life.

Brooke loved her uncle, more than anything in the world. She just wished she hadn't of found out his secret. Why he had a hidden room behind in the garage. Why they had seven pit-bulls guarding their house at night.

At night she used to joke to herself say that her Uncle was in the mafia, or that the mafia was after him- that's why they needed all the protection, that's why he had so many secrets. Sadly that wasn't it. That would have been a lot simpler.

On Brookes thirteenth birthday, she found out the truth. Right as her uncle was in the middle of lighting the candles on her cake a loud knock at the door startled them both. "Get under the table" Her uncle spoke in a low voice so nobody would hear him. Before Brooke could say anything or try and move to get herself under the table, her uncle had pushed in her the closet, locking it up. She was too scared to yell at him for this, if it were any other time, Brooke would have kicked down the closet door and demand an explanation from her uncle. But something in her gut told her to stay in the closet until he told her it was safe for her to come out.

"Shit!" Brooke thought to herself. "The fuckin' mafia found us!" She worried to herself as she heard her uncle shut the fridge door. "What the fuck is he getting out of the fridge!" she complained inside her head. She later found out that he was hiding all evidence that she had ever been in the kitchen with him. He hid the cake in the fridge along with the can of soda she had been enjoying.

"John!" She heard her uncle say in laughter after he had answered the door. She let out a sigh of relief after she realized that her uncle was in no danger. "Dean!" She heard him say again and shortly after that, she heard him saying "Sammy Boy!" She rolled her eyes becoming impatient for her uncle to let her out of the closet.

Just as Brooke was about to wiggle the knob, the door opened causing her to jump back. Standing in front of her stood, who she could only guess to be; John, Dean or Sam.

"Uh, Bobby- You got a girl in your closet" The person said with a laugh. Bobby quickly ran over to the closet and grabbed Brooke to his side.

"Sorry, Kiddo" He said with a smile as she glared up at him.

"Brooke, this is John, Sam and you have seemed to already meet Dean" He said gesturing over to the guy who had found her in the closet.

"Hide in closet's often?" Dean said with a smirk only to get a swift kick from John. "Ouch!" He complained. "I was just kidding" Brooke let out a laugh and glared at Dean giving him a look of "ha, serves you right"

"Have there been any threats?" John asked looking to Bobby wondering why Brooke had been locked in the closet.

"Threats?" Brooke said in a confused tone. John raised an eyebrow to John seeing the look of pure panic written on her face.

"Can I talk to you for a sec" John said to Bobby causing him to pull away from Brooke.

"I'll be right back, kiddo" Bobby said as he left the room. "You can get the cake out of the fridge" he hollered before she heard his bedroom door close.

"Cake" Dean said with a smile eyeing the fridge.

Brooke ignored him and walked to the refrigerator and pulled the cake out setting it on the table where it had been before. "Don't touch it" Brooke said glaring towards Dean as she went back to the fridge to grab her soda.

"You know, it's sort of rude not to ask your guests if they want a drink" Dean said with a smirk as he took a seat at the table.

"Oh, I'm sorry- how very rude of me" She said with a fake smile. "Sam?" She said hoping that she had gotten his name right. "Would you like something to drink?" Dean let out a scoff seeing his brother's expression. He looked truly amused.

"No thank you" Sam spoke politely.

"You know, I'm here too" Dean said throwing Brooke attitude.

"Oh. Sorry" Brooke said looking to Dean. "Derek" She said purposely getting his name wrong watching his face turn red with anger. "Would you like something to drink?"

"It's Dean" He corrected her with a glare. "And yes" He said with a smug smile. "I'd love a drink"

Brooke smiled and him and nodded. "Alright" She said taking her seat across the table from him. "Then get off your lazy ass and get it yourself. This ain't the 50's sweetheart!"

Sam let out a loud laugh at Brookes comment and took a seat at the table. Dean gave threw his brother a glare but Sam shrugged it off and brought his attention back to the girl who had just told off his older brother.

"Is it your birthday?" He asked looking down at the cake.

"Wow, Sam. What tipped you off?" Dean said in anger still mad at his brother for laughing. Brooke rolled her eyes at Dean and looked back over to Sam.

"Yeah" She said with a warm smile. "Uncle Bobby wanted me to have a normal birthday" She said with a laugh.

"How old are you turning?" Sam questioned.

"I'm thirteen" She said with a tiny smile.

"Cool" Sam said in a nice tone. "I'm fifteen. Dean's eighteen" He said not bothering to glance in his brother's direction.

"What did your dad mean by threats?" Brooke questioned. Dean automatically stiffened up knowing by the tone of her voice that she had no idea what kind of business her uncle was in.

"Oh you know. Like demonic threats, stuff like that" Sam spoke before Dean could kick him under the table to keep him quiet. "Ouch!" He yelled once Dean had finally gotten close enough to kick him.

"Way to go, dumbass!" Dean muttered seeing Brookes shocked expression. "Oh you are going to get it from Dad" Dean said with a chuckle looking at Sam who looked completely mortified that he had just told this girl.

"SAM!-" John's voice roared from behind them. "-DEAN! GET IN THE CAR!" He yelled causing the brothers to jump to their feet and out of the door. "I'm so sorry Bobby" John whispered to his friend as he exited the house.

And that was the night she found out about everything. Everything she never wanted to know about. Everything she wished was not true. She was never mad at her uncle for not telling her. Deep down inside of her she kind of wished she hadn't found out in the first place. After that night, she never saw or heard from John, Dean and Sam Winchester ever again. She was sure that Bobby was pissed about something else because he still talked to John on the phone after that for a few months, but shortly after that he stopped getting calls from him.

She never pushed the subject. Something must have obviously happened, their was some sort of falling out from what she could guess because every time Brooke would mention anyone with the name "John" Her uncle Bobby would flinch with anger.

The rain was pouring now; she could hardly see the road. The darkness of the night wasn't much help for her either. Pulling to the side of the road Brooke parked her sleek black 69' Camaro that her uncle had built for her. She let out a sigh of frustration as she turned off the engine.

"You've got to be kidding me" She muttered to herself as she placed her hands on the steering wheel, resting her head on them. "I'm fucking lost" She yelled in anger her head still resting on the steering wheel.

Brooke jumped, what felt like twenty feet in the air when she heard the knocking at her window. Quickly looking up, Brooke saw that a guy around her age was standing outside her car. He was blonde from what she could tell. But he was wearing a black beanie that covered up most of his hair. Brooke rolled down her window half way and looked to the guy.

"Car trouble?" He asked with a smile.

"Uh, no" Brooke said turning on her engine. "I am kind of lost" She said in an embarrassed tone.

"You're lost?" He said with a chuckle. "You must be new" He said still faintly chuckling at her comment. "Where are you headed?" He asked with a flirtatious grin. Brooke tried to smile back but the truth was that she wasn't that attracted to him to go as far as to flirt with him. He was cute and everything, just… not her type.

"Uh, Here's the address" Brooke said rolling her window down all the way so she could hand the piece of paper to him.

"I'm Reid Garwin by the way" He said with a smirk as he looked down at the paper.

Brooke gave him a tiny smile not wanting to be rude. "Brooke Singer" She said in a hushed tone. "Do you know where it is?" She asked in a hopeful tone.

"Of course I do" He said with a smile handing her the piece of paper back. "And might I add, welcome to Ipswich College" He said with a tiny chuckle. Brooke let out a sigh of relief that he knew where she was trying to get.

"Do you go there?" She asked Reid.

Reid nodded, still standing in the rain. But for some odd reason, he looked completely dry. As if the rain was completely missing him. "You want to follow me back? My friend and I are just heading back in for the night" He said looking over across the street at the Black Hummer. "It's only a few miles away"

"Sure" Brooke said smiling. "I just don't know how you guys are going to be able to see through all this rain" She said with a shake of her head, annoyed at the weather.

"Oh, it will be no problem. Don't worry" Reid said with a laugh. "Just follow us" He said as he began to walk to the Black Hummer. "We'll get you there safe" He spoke in a promising tone. Brooke nodded and rolled up her window watching as Reid got into the car.

"God I really hope they aren't freaks" Brooke muttered to herself as she pulled out, following the Black Hummer. If Uncle Bobby found out about this he would kill me, she said inside her head.

Reid was right. It was only a few miles away. It took less then five minutes for them to get to the college. Brooke found herself feeling quite embarrassed for thinking that the guys that were helping her out were some kind of freaks. But she couldn't help it. Knowing everything she knew, she always had something like that in the back of her head.

Brooke parked her car besides the black Hummer. "Thank you so much" Brooke said getting out of the car. She hadn't even noticed that it had stopped raining.

"Whoa" The other guy said as Brooke emerged from her car.

Brooke was dressed in a tight pair of hip huggers, with a black spaghetti strap tank top. Reid muttered something that Brooke could only make out as "I told you so"

Brooke quickly pulled out her jacket and put it on. "Again, thank you" She said with a friendly smile moving her seat so she could grab her bags.

"What floor are you on?" The other male asked. Brooke looked at her four suitcases and gave a frown. "Fourth" she muttered in a sad tone.

The male laughed and shook his head at her reaction. "So are we" He said with a smile. "Let us give you a hand" He offered extending his hand for Brooke's bag.

Brooke was hesitant at first but finally gave in after a few minutes. She really didn't feel like lugging her four suitcases all the way to the fourth floor. "Thanks" Brooke said with a little laugh embarrassed at how helpless she probably looked to these two guys.

"It's no problem" Reid said grabbing two of the suitcases out from Brooke's car.

"I'm Tyler" The other male said grabbing the other two.

"I'm Brooke" She said grabbing her duffle bag from the passenger seat.

"Nice to meet you" Brooke nodded with a smile as she locked her car up, shutting the door.

It only took a few minutes for them to get to the fourth floor; it seemed as if carrying Brooke's bags was like carrying a tissue to Reid and Tyler. "Oh, your roommate is Kate" Tyler said with a chuckle.

"Is that bad?" Brooke said in a nervous tone.

"No, not that bad" Reid said with a smirk as he opened the door.

"Whoa!" Brooke said shocked at what he had just done. "Aren't you going to knock?"

"Kate's out of town right now" He said with a laugh.

"And the door was unlocked?" She said with a kink of her eyebrow.

Reid shook his head and laughed at Brookes comment. "Kate is our friend Pogue's girlfriend, he must have been in here earlier looking for something and forgot to lock it up" He said as he they all entered the room.

Brooke looked around the room as she dropped her duffle bag on the empty bed. "I'm guessing this is mine" Brooke said looking at the blankness of the side of the room she was standing on and then the more decorated side of the room that she could only guess belonged to Kate.

"So what happened to the roommate that lived here with Kate before?" Brooke asked. "Did she graduate?"

"No, she left last year" Tyler said setting Brookes bags next to her dresser.

"…Because of Kate?" Brooke said hoping that it wasn't true.

Reid and Tyler laughed in union. "No" Tyler said still chuckling. "She got into Harvard, packed up her bags and left" Brooke nodded as she bent over pulling a plastic bag that held her comforter and sheets in.

"Oh, that's good for her" Brooke said with a grunt as she tugged at the bag trying to get it out from under the bed. With one last pull Brooke went falling backwards as the bag flew out from under the bed.

"Are you okay?" Tyler asked in a concerned tone.

"Yeah" Brooke said with still sitting on the floor. "I'm just a little tired" Brooke admitted getting up from the floor. "I've been driving for the past two days" Brooke yawned as she unzipped the plastic bag pulling out the sheet and comforters.

"Ever heard of a plane?" Reid said with a laugh.

"And leave my car behind?" Brooke chuckled. "Hell no"

Tyler chuckled and helped Brooke with her sheets. "It's a sweet ride, I'll give you that" He said pulling the sheet over her bed.

"Damn straight!" Brooke said with a laugh throwing the comforter over the sheets. "Well, thanks for the help guys" Brooke said with a smile as she threw the pillows on the bed. "But I'm going to hit the sack- I haven't slept in a while" She laughed and shook her head.

"Well, if you need anything we'll just be down the hall" Reid said already in the doorway.

"Thanks" Brooke said with another smile. "Again"

"What are you doing tomorrow?" Tyler asked as he walked out the door, Brooke following behind him so she could lock it up.

"Nothing really" Brooke said with a sigh. "Probably unpacking"

"You should come to Nicky's with us" Reid suggested as both he and Tyler walked down the hall.

"Uh, Sure when?" Brooke asked with a smile.

"We'll pick you up tomorrow night" Tyler called out from down the hall. "Around eight"

"Alright, see you then" Brooke said closing her door locking up the room.

Well, least I met some people. She told herself as she sat on her bed. Brooke picked up her cell phone and dialed her uncles number, all she got was the machine.

"Hey Uncle Bobby, it's me" She said with a yawn. "I just go in; calling to make sure you're okay. Hopefully you won't starve to death" She said with a chuckle. "Okay, well- call me when you have the time. Give backup a rub for me. Bye"

It only took a few minutes for Brooke to fall into a deep slumber. She hadn't even changed out of her clothes or bothered getting under her covers. She was exhausted and needed to sleep, especially if she was going to be going out tomorrow night. She wasn't attracted to Tyler or Reid or course. But they seemed like good guys, good enough to hang out with.


"Hey Bobby-" Sam said as he and Dean took a seat at the kitchen table.

After the death of John Winchester, Dean and Sam had made it a habit to visit Bobby more often. He had grown into a father type figure for them. Of course, nobody could take the place of their real father. There was no-one else like John Winchester. Yes, he had his faults but that didn't mean he was a horrible dad.

Dean used to tell Sam that their father was a "Super Hero" when they were younger. Of course Sam wasn't that naïve enough to actually believe his brothers stories.

"-The light on your answering machine is blinking" Bobby looked up from what he was doing and quickly walked over to the machine pressing the button.

"Hey Uncle Bobby, it's me-- I just go in; calling to make sure you're okay. Hopefully you won't starve to death--"

Dean let out a loud laugh at that part of the message.

"--Okay, well- call me when you have the time. Give backup a rub for me. Bye"

"So Bobby" Dean said throwing a smirk towards his family friend. "Who's the chick you been hiding from us" He said with a laugh. Sam rolled his eyes and continued to read the books that were open in front of them.

"Damnit!" Bobby muttered in a growl. He really wanted to be home for when Brooke called to let him know that she had made it okay. Although he found it humorous that she was calling to check up on him to see how he was dealing.

"Who was it?" Dean asked again this time in a more serious tone seeing how visibly upset Bobby was.

"Uh, it was Brooke" Bobby said turning himself so he was facing the two brothers.

"Brooke?" Sam spoke, confused at what was going on. "Who's that?"

Dean had the same confused expression written on his face.

"My niece" He muttered sitting down at the table.

Dean let out a chuckle, the memory of Brooke coming back into his mind. She was not very nice to him. She never did give him a drink that night. He looked over at his brother who still looked confused.

"You seriously don't remember?" Dean said looking to Sam. "You told her about demonic threats"

Sam's face fell remembering it now. He quickly gave Bobby an apologetic glance. He never did get the chance to apologize for that. "Yeah… sorry about that, Bobby"

"Don't worry about it, Sam" Bobby said with a smile. "She would have had to find out about it eventually"

"Yeah, I guess it's good that Sam opened his big mouth" Dean said with a smirk causing Sam to kick him from under the table. Dean kicked him back and then brought his attention back to Bobby.

"Where is she?"

"College" Bobby muttered. He wasn't too happy about that, but at the time word of a demonic war was being spread around by numerous hunters. He needed to get Brooke as far away from him as possible if he was going to be in any part of it. Of course that was over a year ago. Since she had applied to college so late, she had to spend time in the college a few towns away from their house. Brooke lived on campus and stayed with Bobby during the weekends and holidays.

"How old is she again?" Sam asked.

"She just turned twenty-one" He said in yet another mutter. He wasn't too happy about that either. But it's not like he could have stopped that from happening.

"Wow" Dean said looking up from his books. "How come we never saw her around your place?" He asked Bobby.

"She attending a college a few towns down from here" He said still keeping his focus on his book. "She came back on the weekends though. And for the holidays"

"Wait… we saw you on weekends"

"Yeah" Bobby said with a nod. "You didn't come over though" He added.

He was right. Dean and Sam never came over on the weekends. If they called him telling him that they were on their way over he would suggest meeting them halfway somewhere. They never really knew why but it wasn't a big deal to them.

"Why were you hiding her away from us all this time?" Dean wondered out loud, causing Sam to kick him yet again in the leg. "Ouch!" He yelled glaring towards his younger brother. "Just wondering"

"I wasn't hiding her from you guys" Bobby said glancing up from his book. "I was hiding her away from your world. My world" He looked down at the book he was reading about occults and witchcraft and let out a sigh. "This world"

Dean and Sam nodded agreeing with what Bobby was getting at. "Are you going to call her?" Sam asked looking to the still flashing light on Bobby's answering machine.

"Yeah, I'll call her later" He said glancing in the phones direction.

"We can take a break" Sam offered.

"Nah" Bobby said with a shake of his head. "She'd throw a bitch-fit if she found out that I had you guys over"

"What, why?" Sam said in shock. Was she mad at him for telling her about Bobby?

"Well one: I'd have to explain to her that I've been working with you guys for over a year when she thinks that I've lost all contact with the Winchesters" He said with a tiny smile. "Oh" He grinned a happy grin that caused Sam to smile himself. "She'd always freak out because she hates Dean"

Dean's head shot up. "What?!" He said in shock.

"Yeah, She didn't like you" Bobby said with the same smile. "If I remember correctly she said Dean is a self absorbed, arrogant son of a bitch that antagonizes everything that is in his sight so he can feel better about himself…. Yup- that was it"

Dean's mouth hung open after hearing what Bobby's niece had said about him while Sam held onto his side with laughter. "I was kind of relieved when she told me that" Bobby said with chuckle. "I mean, god knows I couldn't have her end up liking you and having those girly crushes girls have"

Dean let out a scoff and glared down at his book. "Whatever" He muttered causing Sam to laugh even harder.

After the laughter from Sam died down, everyone went back to reading. That was until Sam interrupted, yet again. "What school does she go to?" He asked curious as to where she was attending.

"Some hoity rich folk's college in something "ips" in Massachusetts" He said with a chuckle. "I'm sure all the kids welcomed her with open arms as she roared into town in the old Camaro." He let out a sigh hoping that his niece was having an okay time up there. She had always been just a few towns down from him. Now she was states away.

"We'll be heading up to Massachusetts in a week" Sam said with a smile. "We'll drop in and say hi" He smiled and let out a tiny chuckle. "I'm sure she'll be thrilled to see Dean" He joked causing his brother to glare at him.

"Don't do that! She'd be furious with me" Bobby said giving Sam a stern look. Before Sam could agree the phone rang.

Getting up from his seat, Bobby walked over to the phone picking it up with a sigh. "-Hello?" He spoke into the line.

"Hey Bobby!" A cheerful female voice said coming from the other line.

"Hey kiddo! How are you? Do you like it up there? How's the college? Have you made any new friends?-"

Dean and Sam chuckled quietly to themselves watching Bobby act like this. It was something they'd never seen.

"Whoa, chill Uncle Bobby" The voice from the other line said with a laugh. "I'm fine. Yes, I like it up here- I wish the weather was better. The college looks kind of creepy, kind of like a castle but I think it's because I only saw it during the night" She laughed.

"Wait? Where are you then? How come you've only seen it at night?"

"Oh, I've been inside the dorm all day setting up my room. And I got here at night so that's the reason why—" There was silence from the other line.

"What was that?" Bobby asked obviously hearing something that the boys hadn't.

"I got to go Bobby" The girl's voice said from the other line. "Reid and Tyler are here"

"Who are Reid and Tyler? Why are they here" He mimicked Brookes voice. "Isn't it night time over there? Shouldn't they be asleep" Dean chuckled at Bobby's comment.

"I got to go" She repeated again. "They're taking me out to some place called Nicky's- I'll talk to you again later—" The girls voice sounded like it was fading, as if she were walking away from phone.

"Wait! Who's Nicky? And who are these Reid and Tyler fello-" Before bobby could finish his sentence the sound of the dial tone rang in his ear causing him to slam the phone down in frustration.

Dean and Sam were silent as they looked up to Bobby. After a few minutes of silence Bobby turned back to the boys with a smile.

"So-" He said with a grin. "When did you guys say you were headed up to Massachusetts?"

Dean and Sam chuckled and shook their head. They knew what he was going to ask. "Check up on Brooke" He didn't even have to ask, the look in his eyes and his smile gave it all away. It looked like they were going to make a stop in Massachusetts.


Brooke quickly threw on her jacket and boots before she headed to the door. "Just a sec" She hollered as she zipped up her boots. Her outfit wasn't that revealing. Just a pair of dark blue low riders, a white tank top that ended at her belly button and her old black leather jacket.

Brooke jogged over to the door unlocking before she swung it open. "I didn't know you guys would be earl-" Brooke stopped dead in her sentence when she realized that the man standing in front of her was neither Reid nor Tyler. He was tall; he wore a leather jacket over a black tank top. His hair dirty blonde and fell to his shoulders. "Um, can I help you?" Brooke asked confused as to who he was and why he was at her door.

"Oh…Hey" He said in a deep tone. "I'm Pogue" He said with a shy smile.

"Oh, yeah- you're Kate's boyfriend" She said with a smile opening the door open more welcoming him inside.

"Yeah... How'd you know?" He asked a little surprised that she knew.

"I met these guys last night" Brooke said standing in the middle of the room. "They told me about Kate and that you were her boyfriend"

Pogue chuckled already knowing the guys she was talking about. Reid and Tyler hadn't said anything about it last night when they were at the meeting, but he was sure that's why they suggested they all go out to Nicky's tonight. "Let me guess, Reid and Tyler?" He said still chuckling.

"Yeah" Brooke said with a confused smile. "How'd you know?"

"Lucky guess" He laughed. "I was just going to sneak in here and grab something I left" Pogue said trying to justify why he was standing in the middle of the room with his girlfriend's new roommate.

"Oh, no problem. I'm sure Reid and Tyler will be here any-"

"Second?" A familiar male voice said.

"Pogue" Reid spoke with a smirk across his face. "You still up for Nicky's?"

Brooke looked from Pogue back to Reid and Tyler and smiled. "Yeah, you should come" Brooke encouraged with a soft smile. "The more the merrier"

"Yeah, Pogue" Tyler said with a smirk of his own. "The more the merrier"

"Sure" Pogue said with a smile. "I'll go—Reid, I got to talk to you for a sec, Tyler why don't you take her to the car"

"Okay" Tyler obeyed. "Come on Brooke. I'll let you sit shot gun" He said throwing a grin at Reid as they shut the door behind them.

"What are you doing Reid?" Pogue spoke in a demanding voice.

"Nothing" He shrugged still having the smirk spread across his face. "Just having some fun"

"Why are you letting her into our lives?" He spoke in a more calm voice.

"Well for starters- have you looked at the girl? She's fucking hot" Pogue couldn't deny that, Brooke was a very attractive girl, but that didn't matter. He knew that Caleb was going to have a problem with it.

"I know what you're thinking" Reid spoke. "Caleb's going to be pissed. But who cares" He rolled his eyes. "Brooke is a cool chick"

"You haven't used your powers around her have you?" Pogue asked.

Reid smiled with a shrug pouting out his lips. "Not… really" Pogue let out a frustrated growl. "I may have made it easier for her to drive in the weather" He admitted. "And Tyler and I may have helped her out with her suitcases"

"What's the big deal about that?" Pogue questioned.

"Well there was four… and they both weighed at least 80 pounds"

"Is that all?"

Reid laughed at remembrance of that last thing he did for her using his power. "Uh, no" He said still chuckling. "She was having trouble pulling out some stuff from under her bed." He let out another laugh this time louder. "I may have used my power then to give it a pull for her" He shook his head and laughed at the mental image that was replaying in his head. "She fell on her ass. I didn't mean to use so much force on it" He chuckled.

Pogue was not amused though. "Caleb is going to freak-out" He said with a shake of his head as he left the room and walked down the hall.

"Who says Caleb has to know?" Reid yelled running out of the room shutting the door without even touching it.

"REID!" Pogue yelled.

"Okay. That was the last time I use my power for her" He chuckled as they walked down the stairs. "But dude- Isn't she smoking' hot?" He said nudging Pogue in the side. "And she's on our floor. How fucking awesome is that?"

"I don't think Kate's going to be too happy about this" Pogue said as they walked out of the doors and over to where the black hummer was parked.

"When is Kate happy about anything" Reid muttered before he opened the door to the backseat, seeing that Brooke was already sitting in the front seat in conversation with Tyler.

"Shut up" Pogue said rolling his eyes at Reid. They both opened the door with a laugh and climbed into the backseat.

"Jeeze" Tyler said pulling out of the parking space. "Took you guys long enough"

"Shut up, Tyler" They both spoke in union. Brooke quietly chuckle at this not wanting to make Tyler feel bad.

"So, where's Nicky's?" Brooke asked as she contained her laughter.

"You were parked out side of it last night" Tyler said finally speaking up.

"Oh, so my first night on town, you guys are taking me to a biker bar?" She joked with a laugh. Pogue let out a loud chuckle as well as Tyler but Reid sat in silence with a tiny smile. "Don't worry about it" Brooke added looking back at Reid. "If there's a pool table, I'll feel right at home" She said with a wink.

"You play pool?" Pogue asked.

"Hell yeah!" She said with a proud smile. "I've been playing since I was thirteen" She grinned looking out the window. They were already in town now. Brooke didn't even notice if they were speeding. Last night it only took maybe a few minutes to get to the dorms from in town. But it seemed like they were in town in less then thirty seconds. "Wow that was fast" Brooke said to herself as they pulled into the parking lot.

"We better get inside before the rush hits" Pogue said getting out of the car.

Just as Brooke was about to open her door Reid was already standing next to it, the door wide open. She almost fell out of the car reaching for the now non existent door handle. Luckily Reid had caught her before she tumbled out of the car. "You okay?" He said helping her up.

"Yeah, Just clumsy" Brooke said embarrassed at what had just happened.

"Don't worry. So is Tyler" He said causing Tyler to let out a scoff at his remark.

"How bout we get you to those pool tables?" Pogue said stepping in-between Brooke and Reid. "I'm sure you can give these guys a run for their money" He said with a laugh placing his arm around Brooke shoulder.

Brooke laughed and shook her head at him as they walked into Nicky's. The room was crowded already, she couldn't believe that anyone else would be able to fit in. "You hungry?" Pogue asked dropping his arm off of Brookes shoulder.

"Starving" Brooke admitted with a laugh.

Pogue laughed and shook his head. "Come on, let's get you some food" He said laughing as he escorted her to the bar.

"YO' POGUE!" A male voice said from the other side of the bar. Pogue quickly shot his head up to see who was calling him.

"Go ahead" Brooke said with a smile looking at Pogue who was clearly interested in what the male was calling him over for. "I know how to order" She teased.

"You sure?" He asked

"Positive. Go ahead" She insisted.

"Alright, I'll be right over there if you need anything" He said with a grin as he walked away and over to the voice, stopping to give people high fives on the way over.

Brooke waited by the counter for the bartender to take her order. She skimmed the menu but was startled when someone's hand slapped her hard on the butt.

"How you doin' hot stuff?" A male's voice said causing Brooke to turn herself away to face him. Brooke smiled and shook her head.

"Wow.My wish came true" Brooke spoke sarcastically "Before I came here I was thinking that I wouldn't meet any assholes. But then you came in and POOF, it was like magic—ASSHOLE." She gave him a smirk of her own.

"You want to say that to me again, bitch!" He said in an angry tone.

"What? Did I not speak clear enough for you?" Brooke said giving him a glare. "Was I not loud enough?"

"Bitch, you better watch who you're talking to!" Brooke let out a laugh and shook her head again. Was he serious? Oh, this was too good.

"Leave her alone, Aaron" A deep voice said from behind her.

Before Brooke got a chance to look around the male was standing in front of her, blocking Aaron from touching her.

"I suggest you walk away" He said in a growl.

Brooke smiled a bit. All her life she never really had anyone stick up for her. She was always her own protector. If she got into trouble, she'd get herself out of the mess. But it was kind of nice to have someone do it for her for the first time.

"Is there a problem boys?" The bartender asked walking up to all of them.

"Nope" Aaron said backing away. "No problem Nicky"

"Good. Let's keep it that way" He said glaring towards the male who had just slapped Brooke's ass minutes before.

Looking over to Brooke, Nicky smiled. "What can I get you sweetheart?" He asked in a friendly tone.

"I'll have a burger and fries" Brooke said with a warm smile. "And anything that's on tap" She added causing Nicky to chuckle.

"My kind of girl" He laughed as he walked away leaving Brooke with a smile.

Brooke turned herself so she could face the male that had defended her. "Thank you" She said with a smile looking at him for the first time. She wasn't able to see his face before seeing how his back was facing her when he was defending her.

He was smiling which caused Brooke to smile even more, her dimples deepening. The smile was contagious, she was pretty sure it could bring anyone in a bad mood out of it and into a happy one. His hair was a black color. It wasn't too short. The top of his hair stood up, curving to the side a bit which caused Brooke to smile again. She had to stop herself from reaching up and touching his hair. Now she felt like a complete idiot just staring at his hair.

"It was no problem" The male said with a grin. "Aarons a jerk"

"I was going to say dick but yours seems a little less mean" She said with a smile causing him to laugh.

"No, Dick does seem to fit him" He continued to laugh. "I'm Caleb" He said extending his hand.

"Brooke Singer" She said grabbing a hold of his hand, shaking it.

There was silence between the two of them as Caleb stared at Brooke chest. Brooke quickly dropped her hand from his and stepped back. Realizing what Brooke was probably thinking he was doing, he quickly cleared his throat and scratched the top of his head.

"Sorry" He muttered looking down at the floor. "I was looking at your necklace" He said pointing to the amulet that hung from Brooke's neck as he continued to look down at the ground.

"Oh" Brooke said embarrassed that she hadn't thought that that was what he was looking at. But give her a break, some guy she didn't even know who looking at her chest- anyone would have thought that. "Sorry" She said laughing a little

Caleb looked up at her with the smile that somehow caused her to smile even harder. The one that caused her dimples to deepen. "My uncle gave it to me before I left" She said with a shrug.

"May I?" Caleb asked as he reached his hand out to touch it.

"Sure" Brooke said with another smile as she watched his hand carefully grab the amulet, studying it. He was being very gentle making sure not to break the amulet or accidentally graze his hand on her chest like most guys would if they had the chance.

"Your uncle gave you this?" He said carefully dropping the necklace.

"Yeah" Brooke nodded.

"Sixth Pentacle of Mars from the Key of Solomon" Brooke was shocked that he knew what it was, her jaw felt like it had dropped to the floor. Nobody she had met ever knew about it. No one.

"Wow" Brooke said in an impressed tone.

"Their sword shall enter into their own heart, and their bow shall be broken."He said reciting the words written on it.

"Again" Brooke said with a smile. "Wow"

Caleb laughed and shrugged his shoulders with that smile of his. "I read a lot" He claimed causing Brooke to laugh.

"And apparently you've read about The Secret Alphabet of Malachim" Caleb let out another laugh at Brooke comment glad that she knew about it as well. It would have been a little awkward if she thought it was just some piece of jewelry. But he knew that she must have had some sort of idea of its meaning.

"Where'd you get that?" He asked with his smile.

"My uncle made it for me"

"Wow" Caleb said. Now he was the one who was impressed. "He made it?"

"Yup" She said with a nod.

"Sweetheart" Mickey's voice said. "Your orders ready" He said handing Brooke her food and drink.

"Thanks, how much do I owe you?" She said trying to reach for some cash in her pocket. But before she could pull any out Caleb was handing Nicky a twenty dollar bill.

"You don't have to do that" Brooke said with a little smile, embarrassed that a complete stranger was paying for her meal.

"It's no problem" He said with a smile grabbing Brooke's beer before she could spill it. He placed it in her hand with a laugh. "I've got to go meet my friends" He said with a smile. "But maybe I'll see you around here later" Brooke nodded with a smile. "Okay. Well- I'll be seeing you" He said still smiling that perfect smile, turning away walking away from Brooke.

Brooke turned herself around as well and walked in the direction she saw Pogue heading in earlier. That's when she spotted him and Tyler sitting at an empty table.

"Brooke!" Tyler called gesturing for her to come and sit with them.

"Sorry for ditching you like that" Pogue said grabbing Brooke's food before she dropped it as he pulled out her chair for her.

Wow, this was not like any of the towns she's been to. The only guy to ever pull out a chair for Brooke to sit in was her uncle. He would love these guys.

"Nothing too bad happened did it?" Pogue joked with a little laugh.

Brooke settled into her seat and grabbed on of her fries. "Well, some guy slapped my ass" She said with a laugh. Both Pogue and Tyler's facial expressions were serious. Brooke was silent waiting for one of them to speak.

"Who was it?" Pogue asked in a growl.

"Down boy" She said with a comforting smile placing her hand on his shoulder trying to loosen him up a bit.

"I just kicked some dudes ass in pool" Reid's voice said from behind Brooke. She didn't look back though; her hand was still placed on Pogue's shoulder as he slowly relaxed.

"Hey" She said in a soothing tone. "It's okay" She promised.

Pogue was upset. He was already becoming way to overprotective of this girl he had just met. Maybe it was because she was Kate's new roommate. It frustrated him though because he had scolded Reid earlier for bringing her into their lives. He knew they would all grow too attached to her. This already seemed to be happening to Pogue.

"Sorry" He said taking in a deep breath. Brooke smiled and let go of his shoulder.

"Don't worry so much" She said with a wink.

"Well, well" Reid's voice said from behind her again. "Look what the cat dragged in"

"What's up, Reid" A very familiar voice said from behind her. Brooke turned herself around looking to who Reid was talking to. She was right; it was no one other than Caleb.

"Brooke?" He said with his smile. Pogue, Tyler and Reid all exchanged glances with each other.

"You guys know each other?" Tyler asked.

"Yeah, we just met" Brooke said still smiling with Caleb. It was contagious. "You guys know each other?" She said with a little laugh. "This really is a small town" She joked.