"Brooke you can't be serious! You cannot be doing this!" Tyler hollered as they walked down the long abandoned road.

"I can and I am." She replied, reading the map. Pogue was with Caleb. It had been two weeks since Caleb's mother perished in the fire that took his home. Brooke felt guilty every time she was near him. It was an attack from Crowley, they all knew it – but no one would say it. Except for Brooke. This is my fault. She told Pogue who tried to assure her that it wasn't. But it was. Crowley went after Evelyn as a message to Brooke. She was just the only one to say it.

"Are you trying to get yourself killed?" Reid asked in irritation. "Or us?"

Brooke swung around with a serious expression written on her face. "No one is going to get killed tonight." She told them. "I won't let that happen, not again."

"-Brooke," Tyler said softly only to be cut off by the young woman.

"We're here." She told them. Brooke took off her backpack and began getting everything out. She had never done this before – she had stolen one of her Uncles journals to find out how to do it. Brooke got out a small container and began filling it with items.

-A photograph of herself

-Graveyard dirt

-A black cat bone


And then she began to dig at the center of the crossroads.

"Caleb's going to kill us." Tyler said.

"Pogue is going to kill us." Reid added.

Brooke rolled her eyes at the boys rambling. But she had chosen them to come with her. She could have easily picked Pogue to come with her on this night. Well, no. That wasn't true. Pogue would simply pick her up over his shoulder and carry her back to the car kicking and screaming.

She chose Reid and Tyler because she knew that they wouldn't stop her. They would protest, try and talk her down, but they'd never literally pick her up and leave with her. They would respect her choice – even if they disagreed with it. Even if they knew it was the wrong thing to do. Because Brooke was her own person and decided her own fate. She had promised them that she wasn't going to sell her soul. That she just needed to send a message. Pogue, Sam and Caleb would have told her no. Dean and her Uncle would lock her up. But Reid and Tyler, though they thought the idea was stupid, would go to protect her.

"If anything goes bad – I don't care what you think, Brooke – I'm using my power." Reid said. Before Brooke could object, Tyler spoke up as well.

"You can't trust demons – we're here to protect you."

"-You summoned me?" An irritated voice said from behind them. Brooke turned around to face the demon. She was a woman, that didn't surprise Brooke. What a good way to lure men to sell their souls when such a pretty face is sealing the deal.

"I did." Brooke made her voice strong, though she was scared. "I have a message for your King."

The demon raised her brow. "Is that so?" She let out a chuckle. "And who are you, so important, that you think you can send him a message?"

Brooke rolled her eyes and ignored the demon. "Tell him I want to make a deal with him-"

"-Brooke!" Reid hollered but Brooke raised her hand, silencing him.

"Why not simply make a deal with me?" The demon asked.

"What, do you get paid on commission?" Brooke retorted back with a glare. The demon stepped forward towards Brooke only to have Reid and Tyler stand in front of her, stopping the demon from hurting Brooke. The demon simply chuckled and looked at the two young men.

"You both are very pretty. Would either of you like to make a deal with me?"

"Shut up," Brooke told the demon, pushing past Tyler and Reid. "Can you get a message to Crowley or not?"

"I can." The demon pursed her lips. "For a price."

"-How about your life?" Brooke retorted. "When Crowley finds out that I'm looking for him and that you are wasting time and not getting a message to him – I think he might be a little angry." Brooke told the demon.

"Who are you?"

"Brooke Singer."

The demon smirked. "Well, Brooke Singer, I'll see what I can do." She circled Brooke, Tyler and Reid. "Any of you happen to have a bowl?"

"A bowl?" Tyler echoed.

"Why would you need a bowl?" Reid asked.

The two hadn't even noticed that Brooke had disappeared to the back of her car. "I've got one." She told the demon causing Tyler and Reid to turn, noticing now that she wasn't with them. Reid raised a brow. Why does she have a bowl?

"I'll need some blood, too." The demon smirked. "And I get to pick." She puckered her lips. "And I pick you, pretty boy." She walked up to Tyler, her hand caressing his cheek.

Brooke looked to Tyler. "You don't have to do this, Ty." She told him. Tyler shook his head.

"I'll do it." He spoke up. Brooke shook her head, stopping him from rolling up his sleeve.

"You don't even know what she's asking you to do." Brooke reminded him. She then looked to the demon. "Why do you need his blood?"

"To make a phone call," she said innocently. "Now can we hurry up? It's cold outside." She complained, rolling her eyes in irritation. Brooke looked to Tyler who simply nodded his head, telling her he was willing to do whatever it took. The demon scoffed. "I just need a bit of blood to make the call. Human blood."

Tyler wondered if it mattered that he was a witch. He was still human, or at least that's what he told himself.

"-I'll say a few ancient words and ta-da! I'll be connected to Crowley. So can we hurry things up now?" The demon said in annoyance.

Tyler looked to Brooke. "Do you have a knife?" He asked. Brooke nodded her head, pulling a knife out from the waist of her jeans, lifting up her shirt slightly to do so. Reid noticed that Brooke was carrying more than one knife on her hip.

"Reid, hold the bowl." Brooke told the blue eyed blonde. He did as she said, holding the bowl out for her. Brooke then pressed the knife to Tyler's skin. She looked at him once more. "Are you sure?" She asked again. He nodded, letting her know it was OK. Brooke took in a deep breath and put pressure on the blade, slicing Tyler's skin. She watched as he winced in pain. "I'm sorry." She said softly, upset that she was hurting him.

"It's fine." He said through gritted teeth, trying to think of anything but the pain.

Reid watched as the bowl filled up with his best friend's blood. He didn't like watching it, seeing the blood drip red into the bowl, filling it up. "-Is that enough?" He asked the demon who was smirking, taking it all in.

"I usually like to drain the human of all their blood, but for your pretty eyes, it'll do." She said, grabbing a hold of the bowl and out of Reid's hands. Brooke was already tending to Tyler's wound, wrapping cloth around it that she got from the back of her trunk. I'll stitch it up for you once this is over, Reid heard Brooke promise Tyler, though it was hard to make it out over the demon chanting words.

"Hello, My King," The demon said with a soft giggle. Brooke rolled her eyes at this as the demon looked in to the bowl of blood. "I have a present for you."

Brooke didn't know what to expect, a voice on the other line? No. All she heard was silence. But she paid close attention to what was going on around her, still holding the cloth around Tyler's wound. Ipswich. The demon said. Calls herself Brooke Singer.

The demon dropped the bowl and looked to Brooke with a sly smirk. "He'll be here shortly."

"Good." Brooke let go of Tyler's arm and walked up to the demon. "That means I'm done with you." she took a swing at the demon, causing the woman to stumble backwards.

"You little bitch!" The demon seethed and took a swing at Brooke only to have her duck.

"Good form," Brooke said with a smirk. "Mines better." She said as she swung right, the knife she had used to cut Tyler's arm slashed the demons throat. Tyler and Reid jumped back when a long train of black smoke came flying out of the demons mouth. The two had no idea what was going on. Was the demon dead now? They thought it was impossible to kill a demon – that one simply exorcised it.

"-Now was that truly necessary?" A voice said from behind Brooke, Reid and Tyler causing them to all turn to face it. "Her face was one of my favorites." A male in a black suit said, walking up to them.

"It wasn't necessary," Brooke answered him. "But it was fun." She wiped the blade across her pants, drying the blood off of it. "Crowley, I presume?"

"Indeed." Crowley looked her up and down. "Might I say, Miss Singer, you are even more breathtaking in person."

"Go to hell." Brooke glared.

"I run it, dear." Crowley smirked. He then looked to Reid and Tyler. "Two of the Sons of Ipswich, Hm, not the ones I would expect you to bring with you, Miss Singer." He looked back to Brooke. "But I suppose Caleb wasn't really up for coming."

"Screw you!" Tyler spat out, holding on to his wound.

"It wasn't anything personal, young Tyler! It could have been any of your houses. I just figured it'd be easier to get to Brooke through Caleb – faster, perhaps? It worked." He whispered with a grin.

Before Reid or Tyler could say anything, Brooke spoke up. "You knew I'd come to you," She already knew the answer. "Perhaps I'm coming for you."

"I highly doubt that, sweetheart."

Brooke wished there was a way to kill Crowley. Maybe if she had brought her uncle he could have helped contain Crowley – capture him somehow. But it was just her here with the exception of Reid and Tyler who had no demon experience until tonight. And to be perfectly honest, it was Brookes first time near a demon without her uncle. She was completely lost without him here to guide her.

"I want to make a deal." Brooke told him causing him to laugh.

"You know how important your life is – no sale, sweetheart. But I'd gladly make a deal with one of you two lads."

"-My blood is important to you, Crowley." Brooke cut him off from saying anything further. "So what's to stop me from killing myself right now?" She asked. "You can't collect my blood unless I give you permission – and you're going to need me alive for that. So either you make a deal with me or I kill myself."

"-Brooke!" Tyler and Reid both yelled. She silenced them by raising the knife and putting it to her neck.

"So I'll say it again," Brooke drug the knife against a bit of her skin, blood began to trickle out, it only being a small cut. "I want to make a deal."

Crowley eyed Brooke carefully. "You're bluffing."

"Am I?" Brooke smirked, digging the knife deeper this time so more blood fell. Crowley stepped forward and yanked the knife out of Brooke's hands.

"-Enough!" He shouted. "Enough!" Crowley shook his head. "Bloody hell!" He said when he noticed how much blood Brooke had drawn. There was nothing stopping her from slicing across her whole neck. "What deal do you want to make?"

Brooke pressed her hand to her neck, stopping the bleeding. "I want you to bring back Evelyn Danvers." Brooke told him, holding her head high. "You are the one who killed her after all."

"You would kill yourself just to get your boyfriends mother back?" Crowley spat out at her.

"That's not all." Brooke told him causing him to look at her in utter confusion. "I want a guarantee that the Sons and their families will not be harmed. They will be protected by you, against anyone who means them harm. Which means you can't touch them at all."

"Does your list continue?" He said in irritation.

"The sons Imprints; they're off limits to the demon world. Your King of Hell – make it happen."

"And you expect me to give you all of this?"

"Yes." Brooke told him. "And to show good faith – I will give you a little bit of my blood each month."

That's what sweetened the deal for Crowley; Brooke could see it in his eyes. "You do know if you go back on our deal, if you do not give me your blood once a month – the deal will be off and your friends lives will be in danger."

"I make a deal – I keep a deal." Brooke told him. "Do we have an agreement?"

Crowley smirked. "Kiss on it?" He asked, puckering his lips. Brooke glared. "Perhaps next time." He winked as he stepped forward, holding out his hand for her to shake. "You're a brave woman, Brooke Singer. I will not underestimate you again." Brooke shook his head, her lips curving into a smirk. "I suppose this makes us allies now?" He asked as Brooke let go of his hand.

Brooke shook her head. "I wouldn't go that far."

Crowley chuckled. "Well then," He began to step backwards. "I suppose now is a good time to leave. Tweedledee and Tweedledum look like they're ready to kill someone." He motioned to Tyler and Reid causing Brooke to look in their direction. They looked pissed. "It was a pleasure meeting you, Miss Singer." When Brooke turned back around to face Crowley, he was gone.

The ride back to campus was silent, though the tension was thick. Brooke knew that Reid and Tyler were mad at her. So she decided to try and change the subject. She looked in the rearview mirror to see Tyler still holding on to the cut from his arm. When they pulled into the parking lot, Brooke spoke up. "-I can stitch that up for you now." She said once the car was parked, looking back at Tyler.

"-You were really going to kill yourself back there!" Reid yelled in anger, stopping Tyler from saying anything to Brooke.

"I knew he wouldn't let me die. And even if I had killed myself he'd just bring me back again." She brushed it off, acting as if the whole thing wasn't a big deal. She got out of her car and headed to the trunk, getting out a first aid kit.

"-Caleb just lost his mother! And he's a wreck!" Reid continued to yell, following Brooke to the trunk after he got out of the passenger seat. He was fuming. "-Imagine how he'd feel if he lost you because you were trying to prove something to a fucking demon!" Reid continued to yell. Before Brooke could tell him to lower his voice, his rage continued on. "He'd be devastated! And not just Caleb – we'd all be devastated. It would break Rayleigh's heart, it would kill Caleb! I don't even know what would happen to Pogue – we'd all be a wreck because you wanted to one up a demon!"

"He's right." Tyler spoke up, still holding on to his arm.

"Ty, give me your arm." Brooke told him, getting everything out to help him. He did as she told him to do; all the while Reid continued on yelling at Brooke as she poured alcohol on Tyler's wound then began to stitch him up.

"-You shouldn't have done this, Brooke!" Reid told her. "Making a deal with that twat of a demon was by far the stupidest thing you've done since you've got here."

Brooke sighed. "I'm sorry." That's all she could say to him. "But I had to do it. For Caleb. He's miserable." She reminded them. "Evelyn was the only family he had left and she was taken away because of me."

"-Do you really think that, my darling?" A soft voice said from behind Brooke, Reid and Tyler. Brooke near dropped the needle in her hand that she was using to stitch Tyler up. It was her. It was Evelyn. Crowley had kept his word. She was back. Brooke let go of the needle and ran forward, hugging Evelyn tightly.

The glimpse she had gotten of her after the fire was horrid. She was a burnt mess. Hardly recognizable. But now she was just as beautiful as she had always been. Evelyn hugged Brooke back.

"…Mrs. Danvers?" Reid and Tyler both said in shock causing the woman to let go of Brooke.

"Hello, boys." Evelyn replied softly. They both moved forward and hugged her, having to touch her to make sure she was real. Brooke watched with tears in her eyes. Evelyn was here, she was alive again.

Brooke wiped away the loose tears and spoke up. "Here," She handed Reid her car keys. "Take her to my Uncle Bobby's." She told them. "I'll get Caleb and bring him." Brooke said, smiling at Evelyn. "Your son is going to be very happy to see you." Brooke told Evelyn who simply smiled, nodding her head in return.

Evelyn stepped forward, touching Brookes face. "Thank you." She whispered before leaving with Reid and Tyler.

Brooke took in a deep breath when they drove away. She needed to call Pogue to tell him to come pick up her and Caleb. She reached for her phone in her pocket and dialed the number she now knew by heart. Pogue, she woke him up, she could tell from the way he answered the phone. Somewhat tired yet alert. She was sure he saw her name on his screen and figured it was an emergency. "Can you pick up me and Caleb at the dorms?" She asked.

Caleb had been staying with her and Rayleigh, trying to put on a brave face and act like he wasn't being affected by his mother's death. But Brooke could see past that. And strangely enough, so could Rayleigh.

"I'll be there in ten." Pogue told Brooke from the other line. She hung up and then hurried to the doors of the building, running inside and up three flights of stairs until she was on her floor. She ran down the hall, her room being the very last one on the floor. It was near four in the morning, she had to be quiet and make sure not to wake up Rayleigh. She opened the door softly and heard the steady sound of breathing coming from Ray's side of the room. Good, she was asleep. Brooke went to her bed and saw Caleb laying in it, covers tossed aside.

"Caleb," she whispered causing his eyes to slowly open and look in to her own. She smiled down at him. "Wake up," she told him. "I have a surprise for you." Caleb quirked his brow in confusion. He wasn't going to question her though. She looked so happy. And it was infectious. For the first time in days, he smiled at her. It made her heart swell.

"Come," She told him, holding out her hand for him to grab. "Let's go."

"-I'm coming, I'm coming!" Bobby said in irritation as he walked to the front door, gun in his hand. No one knew he lived here so it must be Dean and Sam. That or Brooke. Either way he brought his gun with him just in case. He looked through the small window near his door and saw that it was Brooke's friends. "What the hell?" He said to himself. He then began to panic. Why would they come here? He swung the door open. "Is she OK?" He asked them.

That's when he saw a woman behind them.

"Brooke told us to bring her here." One of the boys spoke up. The brown haired one.

"And just who are you?" Bobby asked, looking to the woman.

"I'm Evelyn Danvers." The woman spoke up, moving out from behind Reid and Tyler.

Bobby's jaw clenched. He knew that name. He signed off on the autopsy. This was Caleb's mother. "What the hell did my niece do?" Bobby asked in anger.

"-She did what?" Sam said in shock. Dean had woken up, listening in to the phone call from Sams point of view. "Of course, no, of course, we'll be right there." Sam promised before hanging up the phone.

"What happened?" Dean asked once Sam sat up and began to dress himself. Sam didn't answer him at first, throwing on whatever was in his duffle bag. Dean got up from his bed and followed Sam. "Sam, what's going on?" He said, grabbing his arm and yanking him around to look at him. "What's happening?"

Sam didn't really know what to say. "Reid and Tyler showed up to Bobby's house." He told his older brother. "With a guest."


"Evelyn Danvers."

Caleb's mom? "How? Is she a demon?" He asked. "Is she dead?"

Sam shook his head. "No, she's alive."

"What? Did they make a deal?" He said. He hoped they did. That way some demon would kill the idiots instead of him. Sam didn't speak for a bit causing Dean to raise his brow. "Did they?"

Sam shook his head. "They didn't." He told Dean. "…Brooke did."

Deans eyes widened. Jesus Christ, Brooke! He swore. "Come on, let's go." Dean said, throwing on a jacket and slipping in to his boots. "I'm going to kill her." He muttered loud enough for Sam to hear. Sam didn't understand why Brooke would do something so reckless; she had other people to think of. She had Bobby, her friends, Caleb, and even though she probably didn't even realize – Dean.

Brooke had told Caleb what she had done, Pogue who was driving them to Bobby's was pissed – fuming mad. And he was sure that if Caleb could see the bigger picture instead of just seeing that Brooke found a way to get his mother back, he would be pissed too. But all Caleb could grasp was that Brooke saved his mother from Hell.

When they walked in to Bobby's house, the hunter was testing Evelyn, making her drink from Holy water, cutting her with silver. Everything checked out. Caleb moved to where his mom stood and picked her up in to a hug.

"Are you OK?" He asked her. Evelyn put on a brave smile, holding her head high.

"I've been better." She confessed. Her time in Hell wasn't something she would like to discuss with her son. She had asked Reid and Tyler how long she had been gone. They told her a few days. But her time in Hell felt like months. "Brooke saved my life." Evelyn told the room full of men. She looked to Brooke with a grateful smile.

"Yeah, well at what cost?" Bobby said in anger.

"Bobby," Brooke said softly, walking towards him only to have him put up his hand, stopping her from walking forward.

"You don't get to act like nothing bad is happening here, Brooke." He told her. "I've had to put up with a lot – a lot of shit from you since you moved to this damn town! But sell your soul? How could you do that?" He yelled.

Brooke took in a deep breath. "I didn't." She told Bobby.

Bobby didn't understand, "What?" He said in confusion.

"I didn't sell my soul." Brooke told her uncle.

"Are you telling me that this demon Crowley brought back her," he pointed to Evelyn. "-from the goodness in his heart. Horse shit!"

Before Brooke could say anything the door swung up. Dean and Sam came rushing through the doors. Dean had planned on screaming at Brooke when he saw her, but instead he walked straight up to her, cupping her cheek in his hand and examining her. "I'm fine." She told him, she said it louder this time. "-I'm fine." She told everyone. Dean's hand dropped and he moved back.

"Are you insane?" He asked.

"-I didn't sell my soul!" Brooke finally yelled, having enough of the conversation. "I made a deal with Crowley but I didn't sell my soul."

"What kind of deal?" Caleb spoke up. Dean looked to the man and glared. Brooke had made a deal with a demon because of him. He wanted to punch him in his stupid face. Dean saw the woman standing behind him, her hand resting on his arm, almost pulling him back to her. It must be Evelyn. He almost didn't recognize her. He had seen pictures of the woman before when doing research; saw her around town when he followed Caleb and the Sons. But this woman looked so different. Dean's attention moved to Brooke when she began to speak.

"-I made a deal with Crowley to bring back Evelyn."

"And what does he want in return?" Bobby asked his niece.

Brooke looked around the room. A room full of angry men, all mad at her. She stood tall, trying not to let them all intimidate her. She was a strong woman. "I'll give him a bit of my blood each month," Bobby went to interrupt her only to have her raise her hand to him, stopping him from talking. "If he brought Evelyn back – protect the Sons and their family – and made it law in the demon world that certain people are to be left alone." She wasn't going to bring up the imprinting thing; it'd only piss Bobby and Dean off. "And if he did all of that, once a month I would give him some of my blood."

"-Brooke," Caleb said in a stern voice, finally seeing the bigger picture and what Brooke had done. No one knew why Brooke's blood was so important – but here she was, offering it to a demon. "I'm grateful for what you did, for bringing my mother back but …" He looked to his mother and then to Brooke. "This was stupid."

"Caleb," Brooke said in shock. Out of everyone she thought he'd be the one to understand.

"For once, I agree with Caleb." Dean spoke up.

Brooke looked to Dean with a glare. Now you're agreeing with him? She scoffed. "I didn't make a deal where I said he could drain me of my blood – just a bit of it each month. And then we're all safe. We can move on from this and have a normal life!"

"It's not a normal life, Brooke, when you have a demon waiting around once a month so he can get some of your blood to do god knows what with it!" Pogue tried to make Brooke see. He looked to Caleb, wanting him to back him up. "We could have talked about this – we could have found another way to bring back Mrs. Danvers that didn't put your life in danger."

"-My life isn't in danger!" Brooke said in exhaustion. This was all feeling like a broken record. "I'm safe, you're safe, Tyler's safe, Reid's safe, Ray and Leah are safe, and Caleb is safe. Everyone is safe. That was part of the deal. If he goes back on his word even once, the deal is off." She told them all. "So can we please stop talking about what a horrible thing I did and accept that this is what's happening?" She asked.

"No." All of the men said, as well as Evelyn.

"Well I guess I'm just an idiot." Brooke folded her arms across her chest. "I'm an idiot who didn't just sit around and actually did something to bring Evelyn back." She looked in her uncles direction. She had asked him for help and he never agreed or declined helping her. But things were taking too long and she knew that Evelyn must be suffering. There was only one thing she could do. "You know what – fine, I know I did the right thing. You all can sit around and talk about what a stupid woman I am for doing this but don't expect me to stick around and listen to it." She headed towards the door, yanking her keys out of Reid's hand opened the door, only to slam it shut after she was out of the house. She knew it was childish, immature, not like her at all – but she was pissed.

She did a good thing.

End of story.

All Brooke wanted to do was go to sleep, to dive in to her bed, crawl under her covers and sleep for a week. She was exhausted from trying to explain what she did. All of the sudden as she drove down the long empty road she began to cry. Was it because of what happened? Was it because Evelyn was back and safe? Why was she crying? She didn't understand. The next feeling she got was worse. A wave of nausea took over and Brooke had to pull over to the side of the road quickly, opening her door and hanging her head out, throwing up on the gravel.

She had been feeling off all day, queasy all day. All week in fact. Brooke wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and sat herself up. She sighed, trying to think of the last thing she ate. Rayleigh had gone to the store, picking up a few things for the dorm and Brooke had asked her to get some Peppers; Jalapenos, cayenne peppers all sort of peppers. And for the last week they had been eating Mexican take out at Brooke's request. Which was odd because Brooke used to despise Mexican food.

And then it hit Brooke like she had just slammed her car in to a brick wall.

"Fuck me." she muttered, a hand traveling to her stomach. I'm pregnant.

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