Consuming Madness

Consuming Madness

Chapter 1

A lovely day should not signal the beginning of an upcoming Armageddon, but nothing works the way people think it should work, and for some odd reason, most are glad of it.

Besides, nothing should have suggested an Apocolyspe worthy of the Four Horsemen, and after all she had seen in her life, Bulma was good at noticing when something bad was going to happen.

It had all began when she had set out to find the Dragon Balls so she would have something to do for the summer, not to mention the most perfect boyfriend in existence. Who would have thought that the life she had led could have been set in motion just by meeting a little boy?

But that had been no normal little boy. That had been Son Goku. From her meeting of him had come dozens of adventures, on earth and beyond. She had seen beings that had the power to crush solar systems with the waves of their hands. The cold arrogance of Vegeta (when she thought about it, it seemed funny she had ended up with him), the dark evil of Freiza, the single-minded purposeness of the Andriods and Cell, and the destructive insanity of the creature called Majinn Buu.

But she had also met good people, friends, people who would stand up for those who could not fight themselves. And always leading the charge was Son Goku, with his goofy smile and eternal cluelessness. Until the fighting started, and then he became dead serious. Fighting was Son Goku's life, and to find a lifelong joy in the same thing was something that amazed Bulma, even more so that all the death and destruction he had seen and caused had not hardened his gentle heart, eternally loyal and loving to those he cared about. Hell, he even loved her husband Vegeta in his own way, in the love of having a great rival, despite the fact that Vegeta couldn't stand him.

Well, I don't see why it drives him on. He's obtained Super Saiyan Level Three as well. Yet he keeps training, swearing he will one day best Goku in an all out fight. I don't know about that, but I'll love him all the same.

Yes, despite all their differences, all their fights, all of Vegeta's maddening quirks, she loved him, truly and deeply. It had been a slow love, a seemingly impossible love, and if the Future version of her son had told her when they had first met, she would have died laughing at the sheer absurdity of it. But in the wake of her betrayal by Yamcha, it had begun. Indeed, as she looked at Trunks now, proud and grown up in a world where he still had his father and friends, it seemed so right.


Bulma was snapped out of her mental wanderings by the call of a little girl. A call she knew all too well.

"Mamma! Can I have some money for ice cream?" Bra said, bouncing up to Bulma. The little girl was still young at age ten, but Bulma's looks were starting to shine through. Indeed, despite being over 50, Bulma still had her beauty. She certainly didn't look her age, as Vegeta might have said, although he would have then followed up with something that would give her cause to playfully hit him (like it would hurt). Bra would grow up with looks that would have boys tripping over themselves to get at her, and with what her father had taught her, Bulma was sure she would find her prince. Although she looked frail, Bra didn't take any crap, and if any boy tried to give her any, she would show her displeasure. Bulma remembered when Ubuu had jokingly called her a shrimp. Later, when she was treating him, Bulma was amazed that a boot print could actually be imprinted on a man's buttocks.

"Come on Mamma! They have Tutti-Frutti in the first time in forever! Please please please!" Bra said, jumping up and down.

Bulma sighed as she gave in.

"Ok, but don't tell your father. He'll get mad you're eating that fattening food and make you do a hundred pushups again." Bulam said as she handed Bra some cash.

"Ah, no problem! I can do a hundred pushups easily. I can even do them standing on my hands!" Bra chirped as she spun and danced off to the ice cream cart. Bulma sighed again and leaned back. After she got the ice cream, Bra would most likely head off to the woods that were dotted around the park to eat it. She wasn't afraid of leaving Bra alone, anyone who had hostile intent towards a little girl would swiftly find themselves on a one-way trip to the moon.

Bulma leaned back and closed her eyes, deciding that maybe she could use a short nap…

As Bulma napped and Bra bought her ice cream, a section of woods suddenly went dead quiet.

Then out of nowhere, a hole suddenly ripped in the air, as is the reality of the world had suddenly become a piece of cheap cloth. Beyond the hole, if someone had been standing beside it and listening, came the sounds of yells and screams, a male and a female.

Then the crackling increased, so much that anyone listening would have never heard the scream of "DIE, YOU BITCH!" emit from the hole.

There was silence, except for the crackling.

And then the hole swelled and suddenly she was spat out like a bad piece of food. Throw out with force, she went tumbling along the grass and dead leaves, smacking dead-on into the trunk of a giant oak tree. The tree shuddered.

Silently, the hole suddenly slid shut and sealed. It had taken perhaps fifteen seconds for the whole spectacle to happen. Slowly, the figure that had been tossed out of the rip began to twitch.

Bloody fingers suddenly reared up and dug into the ground as the woman reared up on her hands and knees, her hair a bloody mess. Slowly, she raised her face up.

If anyone had been watching, they would have run away screaming like the demons of hell were on them. The woman's face was a pulverized mess, sharp daggers of bone poking from a mess of pureed muscle and tissue. One eye dangled from its socket, the other was crushed to pulp. The nose was gone, torn right off the face, and the jaw dangled by one shred of muscle. Blood dripped in a steady rain from the ruin of the face.

The woman made a noise deep in her throat, but it was not a noise of whimpering pain as one might have expected.

Rather, it might have been a noise she might have made if she was making love, a deep-throated growl of pleasure.

And then, suddenly, the face began to rebuild itself. The eye slithered back in and popped itself back into a fixed orbital bone, as it's brother suddenly stretched out and healed. A mass of tissue erupted from the hole where the nose had been as the bone shards shuddered and retracted back from the cheeks as they too began to twist back into their natural shape. A tentacle of black energy suddenly erupted from the ruined jaw and swung it back into place as pink muscle erupted and grabbed it. Slowly, the black energy slid over the entire face like living oil.

Then it suddenly shattered, and any observer that had not run away like a sane person would have been amazed. There wasn't a single injury to the woman's face, not even the slightest hint of a scar. All the damage was gone, swept away.

The whole process had taken less then a second, almost instantaneous.

Slowly, the woman raised herself to her feet. She wore a skintight outfit of coloured purple and blood red so strong it almost looked like it was throbbing. The outfit was torn all over, cuts that looked like they had been made with edged weapons, bullets, and god knows what else. The woman had long red hair that also had black streaks running through it. They slithered like snakes.

Slowly, the mystery Medusa raised her arms to pull her hair back, and suddenly her outfit was whole and complete. It happened instantly, one second being torn to shreds and the next being whole and clean, almost like an afterthought.

The woman was trim and muscular, and as her face was revealed, she would also have been called beautiful. She had a very sensual mouth and cheeks, which matched her body. Any man looking at her who have instantly had blood rush to a certain part of his body.

Until you saw her eyes.

Like twin pools of pure darkness, the woman's eyes were devoid of any emotion or humanity whatsoever. All that burned in them was a horrible, mind-numbing lust.

The air remained silent, the prescence of this woman scaring everything to perfect quiet. Something radiated from her, something that was beyond cold and beyond hot, something that reached into your body and sent daggers of fear stabbing into your heart, a terrible fear and overwhelming desire to flee before you saw anything else, saw what lurked behind those terrible eyes.

The woman blinked.


Then a twig snapped, and the woman with the soul-shredding eyes turned to the noise. She was a few feet off a beaten path in some kind of woods, and along that path was skipping a little girl eating an ice cream, a little girl with purple hair and a sweet face.

The woman smiled, a twisted lopsided grin, as her eyes lit up in terrifying delight.

"Who cares?"

As Bra skipped along, she suddenly felt a grip of steel seize her arm. Before she could do anything she was yanked off the path. Bra opened her mouth as she planned to do two things. First she was going to scream, and then she was going to stick her foot up whoever had grabbed her's nose.

Then she saw her, and Bra's scream died in her throat. Her ice cream fell from suddenly numb fingers as she looked in sheer terror at the woman. The woman was smiling, but something was eminating from that smile, something so malicious and corrupting and evil that Bra couldn't do anything. She felt a slight warmth as she wet herself.

"Hello, little girl."

Bra's screams slammed the sleep from Bulma's mind like a sledgehammer.

"BRA!" she herself screamed as she leapt to her feet, but she had only started to take a step when her legs tangled in the strap of her purse and she fell. Leaving the purse, she clawed at the ground to get to her feet, yanking up strips of sod and ripping more then half of her well-manicured nails off. Despite being in high heels, Bulma put Olympic runners to shame as she sprinted across the park to the forest where the screams came from, her mind afire with thoughts. Oh god why did I leave her alone oh kami kami it's my fault let her be all right oh kami Dende please please please…

The screams had stopped as Bulma broke through the forest woods. She didn't know where to look but when she saw other people gathering around a spot she headed there.

Then she saw the blood on the ground and her gait slowed along with her heart as her inner temperature plunged down to absolute zero.

"Bra?" Bulma said in a low, high-pitched squeek that sounded more like a mouse then a human.

The crowd parted, and a man stepped through them, walking backwards, his hands out in front of him as if he was trying to ward something off.

"Oh god…oh Jesus…oh Jesus god…." He stammered in horror as he backed away. Bulma took advantage to break through the crowd to see what the man had seen.

Her eyes fixed on it.

And then the forest was shattered with new screams. This time, they were Bulma's.

Some time later, the crowd of onlookers had swelled greatly, as police and ambulances milled about, the police speaking to people and trying to figure out how something so awful could happen on a spring morning.

No one noticed the sudden bright light emitting from another forest, no heard the same crackling that had permitted the forest they had all stared at just an hour before, and no one saw the figure step from the forest.

This man wore black, a black so deep it looked like he had torn the night away and now wore it on his back. His hair was the same black. He was a large man, over 250 pounds, all of it muscle. He had a handsome face, which was only marred by one thing. A twisted scar ran along his face, cutting over his right eye and then cutting back towards his far-right temple to form the letter V. No one noticed his odd dress, or his purposeful run, indeed no one noticed him until he grabbed a random bystander, and even then only the grabee noticed it.

"What happened? What's going on?" the man in black asked.

The man in black had grabbed a teenager who was growing close to adulthood. His face was pitted with the remains of acne, and the shirt he wore was so old that the man had almost torn it from his gentle (for him) grab. The boy's face showed sudden fear, but it faded. Despite his odd appearance, the man didn't look hostile.

"Oh god, didn't you hear already? It's all over the park…"

"JUST TELL ME!" the man in black yelled, shaking the boy.

"Oh god…some…lunatic caught a little girl in that forest…he tore her to pieces…god, it was like a wild animal attack…and it would have been judged so but…the killer…he…"

"He…? What did "he" do?" the man in black asked in dread.

"He…took her…heart…"

Silently, the man in black let the boy go, and unnerved by his behavior, the boy made a polite but quick escape. No one noticed the man again as he drifted away, almost in shock.

And over the noise of the scene, no one heard or saw him rise his head to the heavens and scream.


And elsewhere, far away, the woman with the eyes of a demon known as Agony sat on a rock, covered with blood that wasn't hers and loving it.

"Little girls." She crooned to herself, in a state of complete bliss. "So pure, so innocent…"

Slowly, Agony raised Bra's heart to her face and took a large bite, savouring the organ like the tastiest apple. She chewed slowly and swallowed, a smile on her face.

"So sweet."

To be Continued