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April. Spring. The time when everything is fresh and green and new and alive.

But Temari was gone. Nothing was alive. Nothing could be. She was my sun.


I was sitting outside with Ino, listlessly throwing rocks against a wall, when a car pulled up in front of us. Ino looked up. I didn't bother. Why should I have been interested? There was nothing there that would be useful to me now.

A car door slammed.

I heard the car drive away.


Ino gasped so hard I thought she would cause a vacuum. She sobbed, and I slowly looked up to see what had cause this.

I dropped the rock in my hand and stood up, disbelievingly. Those four pigtails...I must have been dreaming. Or hallucinating. The warm spring sun had addled my brains.

But...none of my dreams had ever been so soft and warm when you incredulously walked up and then squeezed them like you would never let go. And none of them smelled so good when you buried your face in their neck, feeling the reverbations of their bright, joyful laughter through the skin.

Looking at this dream, I asked, almost to myself, "But...how?"

"He couldn't take having me in the house anymore," she replied, laughing. "I was so depressed, it was contagious. I guess he just got sick of me."

Seeing the look on my face, Temari pinched my butt.

"Yes, I'm real," she said. "This isn't a dream. Trust me, I've had plenty of them."

I just stared at her, drinking it all in. Then instinct took over, and I found that Temari was as good a kisser as she had always been.

As Ino jumped for joy, and the birds themselves seemed to sing louder, and the sun looked like it shone brighter, and my heart felt about to burst, I just held Temari. And held her. And held her.

This time, I promised myself, this time...

I won't let go.


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