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Bella's POV

"Bella." The voice of my angel compelled my eyes to open. "Good morning Edward, "I say as I get out of bed and get ready for a shower. "What are we gonna do today?"

When Edward looked nervous, I got a little worried. "What?" I asked, and he replied "Alice had a vision this morning." Really, I thought, this could be good news, or it could be bad news… "Well, are you gonna tell me?" I asked him. "How would you like to take a cruise this week?" Edward asked. I have to admit, I was a little confused. "What does that have to do with anything? " I said. "Well, that is what her vision was about" he explained, "She saw you deciding to take a cruise."

I was stunned. I had never taken a cruise before. What made Alice think that I was going to now? "I don't know, Edward, a cruise? Isn't it a bit dangerous? You know, the fact that HUMANS are going to be on the cruise?" He coolly replied "Alice says that we will feed before we leave so that we are not tempted during the cruise." I had to hand it to Alice, she thought of everything. "Well, are you going to go, or not?" I was jerked from my thinking by the sound of Edward's voice. "What?" I said.

"Are you going to go on the cruise or not?" he replied. "Well, I love the ocean….wait, where is the cruise at?" I asked. Whether or not I took the cruise depended on the location of the cruise. "The Caribbean." he replied. "Okay, we are going. I absolutely LOVE the Caribbean!" I yelled. Edward looked somewhat shocked. "Really, you are going?" he asked. "Hell yeah!" I replied, "I told you, I love the Caribbean."

At that point I heard the door open and a voice yell "Oh my Carlisle, Bella! I knew that you would say yes! Edward didn't believe me, but I knew you would!!!!" I sighed. I wasn't sure if I could deal with Alice this early in the morning. Edward heard my sigh and smiled.

"This will be such a good time…OMC! I have to buy new clothes for all of us-"Alice kept up her rambling, but I blocked her out. All I could think of was this wonderful, sunny cruise…..wait a minute, there is something not right about the whole sun thing.

"What are you going to do about the sun? People aren't exactly going to ignore a bunch of people sparkling on the boat. People will find out your secret!!!" I was almost in a panic. My heart was speeding up. "Relax, Bella, Carlisle has that problem all figured out."I was still not reassured. "Come on, we'll prove it to you. Carlisle is waiting for us." Alice also tried to reassure me. But deep inside I wasn't quite sure. How could Carlisle have found a way to hide the way vampires react to the sun?

"Carlisle, we're here!" Alice yelled when we reached the living room. I was the last coming down the stairs, and when I got to the landing, there was everyone, sitting on the couch."Good morning." I said to everyone. They all mumbled back "Good morning". I didn't think that I had ever seen all of the Cullens nervous at the same time, ever since the……wait, back to the task at hand. Carlisle was saying something.

"I stumbled across this when I was experimenting. It basically prevents the sun from getting to your skin to make it sparkle. It is only a little bit, though, and I haven't made any more of it yet. This cruise will be my test. You guys are going to test the salve on your cruise."

I caught the last few parts of that, but, wait……"What if the salve doesn't work?" I asked. Everyone looked at me."Well, we have already tested for a short period of time." Carlisle explained, "But we need a long range test, which Alice's vision has gratefully provided." I looked at everyone. They seemed so sure that this salve would work. I thought about it, and if Carlisle said it would work…

"Okay, the cruise is still on!" I yelled. Everyone looked relieved, but Alice went insane. "We have to buy all new clothes, and get all the necessities, like sunscreen for Bella, and toiletries for Bella, and…….." "Wait," I interrupted, and everyone looked at me, "We can't forget the tickets!" "Oh, that," Rosalie piped up, "Emmett and I bought them this morning, after Alice's vision. We knew you would say yes, so, we went ahead and bought them to eliminate your woes. Which it hasn't, I might add," she said, looking a bit annoyed, "We have everything worked out. You and Alice just go shopping for those clothes."

Shopping with Alice! Could my day get any worse? I looked to Edward to see if he could stop the nonsense. He looked at me, shook his head and chuckled. "She already said you would disagree, but I think you should go. You need to relax and get ready for a week- long vacation. We have everything handled here." He kissed me and then left with Jasper to go plan out the trip. Before he left, Jasper came and whispered in my ear. "If you go along with this, she will leave you alone the whole trip. I promise." I looked at him. "Yeah, right. Like you could stop her! But thanks for the offer, Jasper. It was sweet." I gave him a hug, and he calmed me down.

I turned toward the door. Alice was gone, and I knew immediately where she was, because a car horn suddenly sounded. "I'm coming Alice!" I yelled, and walked out the door. Surprisingly, I hadn't-

"Gaaahhhhh!" I screamed as I tripped down the stairs. Just before I hit the ground, hands caught me. "Bella, I wish you weren't so clumsy." Alice said as she helped me up. "You really slow us down when you fall. Now, hurry up, the mall can't wait forever!" she said as she ran to the car. She waited for me to get in the car and buckle in. She was practically jumping in her seat as she said "Hurry up and buckle in! The mall closes at 7:00!" I looked at the radio clock. It was only 1:00. I sighed. This was going to be a long day…..

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