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Edward's POV

I was getting ready to go to the party we are throwing because we got rid of Emmett. I was happy that he was gone, since in my opinion, he was an idiot. Well, I was walking, when suddenly…I heard voices. And these voices were not ordinary voices. They were Rose's and Emmett's. Since they were on their honeymoon…..they were a little too excited for my taste. I certainly felt bad for the people in the hotel room next to them. They weren't only shouting their thoughts. That's for sure. There were no words to convey this except "Ew". So that's what I said.

All the Cullens and the werewolves gave me looks that said "What the hell is wrong with you?" As an explanation I said "Rose and Emmett are driving me crazy!!" With a sigh I fell to the floor clutching my head and shouting "I want my mind back!!" Bella sat on the floor next to me and tried to get me to sit up.

"Are you okay?" she gasped. Sam, who was standing behind us, shouted, "Does it look like he's okay to you? He's lying on the floor twitching his face off and all you have to say is 'are you okay'?!" Bella looked at her, and I really wished I knew what she was thinking, but from my years of experience, I would say she was a bit pissed off, but about ready to burst out laughing. I was weakly laughing, even though my head was filled with…well, you can guess, since it is Emmett and Rose we are speaking of. I vaguely wondered why they were not affecting Jasper or Alice. Finally, the two quit doing…each other, and the thoughts melted away in my head. I was at last somewhat free until later.

I sighed and sat up. Bella gave me a big hug, and I kissed the top of her head. "Now, where were we on the party about Emmett leaving?" "I think we were about to leave," said Leslie, "but we'd 

better hurry, since your little episode took about fifteen minutes of our half an hour." I got up and we rushed back to the ballroom.

We had invited everyone to join in our celebration of what was actually Emmett and Rose leaving, but we covered up with a wedding celebration. The only people who knew what it was really about were us, and the dogs. Oh, that reminded me of earlier, when Jake was telling Sam and Susan about his VW Rabbit. I couldn't help but listen, and I was tired of hearing him say how good he was at fixing cars. So, I told him that Dogs ate Rabbits, not made them. Let's just say that his expression was not one of laughter, but Sam and Susan's were. They thought that was funny, which made Jake even more pissed. Even Embry thought it was funny! So, Jake was not talking to me now. Oh, well. Like I cared. Except for the fact that now Bella, bless her soul (since she's got one, after all), thinks that I should apologize. I told her that he should apologize for being stupid and boring. Sam tried the same tactic with Jake, but only got yelled at. Well, here's some interesting news: Sam doesn't like to get yelled at, because she yelled back at him and started a fight that got the ship's security called. They were yelling every cuss word in the human language at each other, then, Sam started yelling in another language. Susan and Leslie said that it was Spanish, but I didn't understand it. But, the good thing is, Leslie translated it for me. Since her mind was thinking in Spanish and Jake's had no clue what she was saying. One interesting word that she said was in this sentence: "Tu gordo taco!!" (A/N: This is Spanish, but my computer is dumb and won't fix it. So, let me help: There is supposed to be an accent mark above the Tu. So it makes it translate into 'you'. Not 'your'. In case you really cared.)

I asked Leslie what that meant, and she said that it meant "You fat 7#!" In truth, she really didn't know what taco meant, but she was going to look it up on the internet during the party. I said "What? You're not going to go?" "Nope." she said, "I don't do parties. I like to sit and read instead."

I was amazed at that. But, that reminded me of something…oh yeah! "Hey, Leslie, what was that book you were reading the other day?" "Oh, that book." she said. "Twilight. It was written by a woman named Stephenie Meyer. It is all about vampires. Actually, they have names that are similar, if not the same, as yours. Hmm…weird. You don't know her, do you?" I thought about all the people I knew.

"No, I don't know her." Leslie continued, "I wonder why she chose those names. She named the wolves in the story after her siblings. They have the same names as our wolves. Hmmm, this is really weird." "Oh, well, let's talk about it later." I said. She agreed, and we went our separate ways; Me, to the party, and Leslie to the library on the ship.

The party was awesome, with steamers and a snack bar. All of us had a great time. Sam, Susan, and Bella tried to convince Leslie to come to the party, and they sort of did. They got her down there, where they made her eat weird things again. I really felt bad for her now. The party went on for hours. We danced a few slow dances, with Leslie standing on the side. Jake and Sam forgave each other here for this morning's problem. They're happy now. The sweetest thing was when Jasper, out of pity for Leslie's feelings of loneliness, danced with her. He did that a couple times. You could tell Leslie was embarrassed. Alice didn't mind. She felt a bit bad for Leslie, having no one. So, after Leslie left for the library again, she decided to help her find someone. I just stared at her. I told her good luck with that. She just glared at me.

The party ended at about 1:00 in the morning. I was going to meet Leslie at the library when it happened again. Emmett and Rose decided that they needed to…have some fun. "Ew! Oh My GOD!!" I screamed, scaring some of the party people who were leaving. I ran towards the library, hoping to drown the voices out. Eventually, I did, though they were always there at the back of my mind.

Leslie told me more about the 'taco' issue as I struggled some more with the voices in my mind. She was really slow, though, so I 

had myself under control for most of her speech. She said "Taco is not any particular swear word. So Sam could have meant anything really. I imagine she substituted her own words." she sounded amused at that fact. Personally, I was too. I asked her to continue. "So, as I was saying, 'taco' is not even really a swear word anymore. It is mainly used in Spain now. Everyone else uses the literal translation for 'swear word', whatever it is. I forget." "Thank you for looking that up."I said. She smiled.

We went back to our rooms. Bella, Sam, and Susan were laughing hysterically, that much we could hear. We walked in to see Jasper CRYING on the bed, with Alice hovering around him, trying to calm him down. Leslie and I just stared. When Sam noticed us, she ribbed Bella, and they walked to us. They were still laughing. "What is the matter? Why is Jasper crying?" She sounded a little bit scared. Personally, and knowing my family, I was too. Leslie talked to Sam, while I went to Alice. "Alice, what is the matter with Jasper?" I asked. She turned to me and said "Jasper is feeling the effects of Emmett and Rose. He has major mood swings now. At this moment, he is feeling down in the dumps. She looked at him with care obvious in her eyes. I'm just lucky that I…"

And that is as far as she got, for then she froze. I caught her and laid her beside Jasper, who had overcome his emotional wreckage. He was now mostly himself. He turned to Alice as she was waking up. "Are you okay, sweetie?" he asked. She didn't respond. So I read her mind. It was worse than my voices and Jazz's feelings put together. She was picturing what she had seen, and I was disgusted. I didn't puke anymore, but I was sure ready to! I made a face, and the girls asked me if I was okay. I told them it was Alice they should be worried about. So, like girls of this age always do, they crowded around Alice and asked her questions at the same time. (I told Jazz about Alice's vision. He was as disgusted as I was!) I don't know how she did it, but Alice was able to answer all their questions. I hadn't even been able to read all their minds and find out their questions! Must be a girl thing…

I asked the girls why they had been laughing as we came in. Susan said "It's because it was funny to watch Jasper try to hit on Alice. When she made him sit down, he started to cry! He whined about Emmett and Rose, then you guys came in. It was really funny!

I turned to Jasper and said "Are you that bad at hitting on people, Jasper?" He just laughed. Emmett and Rose had stopped, for now. I could feel it. All of us could.

"Well, now that we have had our laugh, guys," I said, "Isn't it about time that you all go to bed?"

All the girls, including Leslie, protested. No one wanted to go to bed. We only had two days left after tonight. Today was Friday, since the party yesterday lasted all night long, and the cruise ended on Saturday. I felt a teeny-tiny pang of sadness. Even being here with the wolves was better than being at Forks with them. I sighed. When I heard a door slam, I looked up. Jazz, Alice, Susan and Sam had all left. It was just me and Bella left.

Bella took her shower, and when she got out, she smelled deliciously of strawberries. She ate a late night snack, and we talked a little bit about how we should take this cruise again sometime, and also how well the salve was doing. "I wonder what the salve would do to Leslie, since she is already immune to the sun." I thought that we should test it, so we needed to talk to Leslie about it and get her permission first.

Bella crawled into bed, and I lay next to her. She breathed a sigh of content, and within minutes was asleep. I kissed her head and said "I love you Bella."

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