Love was something she had only experienced once and that was gone. She had had many lovers but they were only there to quench the thirst and longing of intamincy. For the last forty years she sat next to him in the Great Hall and for the last forty years she hid her feelings. She knew he did love her the way she loved him and that is what sadend her.

She stayed up every night pretending to sign papers when she was actually thinking of him and his warmth. She would give her life for only a minute to have those arms around her. She cried.

The castle was cold and dismal in the early morning. The children would be leaving in a day or two and so would the professors. She had lost the one person she truely loved. She wrapped her outfit closer to her as she sat at her desk crying.

"Why must I be weak." she murmured.

She had told Albus Dumbledore that she was inlove with him that she had been for many years he had returned the feelings. When he had revealed his feelings for her she thought nothing could take him away from her but she was wrong, wrong for once in her life.

When she was told he was dead and had been killed by Severus she wanted to be killed as well. She had been killed though. She had had her heart ripped out and stomped on into nothing. At that moment she hated everyone who had love. She hated Molly and Arthur for having each other. She hated Harry and Ginny for being able to tell eachother they love each, she hated everyone in that whole room.

She cried everynight before the funeral and everynight even after the final battle. She remembered seeing Voldemort fall she remembered seeing people lose the ones they loved. She began to feel sorry for them because they did know what she felt.

Minerva stood up and walked to her office window where she Albus's grave, he wouldn't want her to cry. Minerva wipped her tears from her face and walked out of her office and to her cold room. She would keep herself alive for Albus until she couldn't anymore. And would be able to walk into the light where she would meet Albus's loving arms.