I don't own Degrassi or any of its characters. And this story is rated T for sexual references. There's nothing graphic or anything contained inside, just a few little things that you'd probably see on the TV show itself. But if that kind of thing bothers you, turn away!

The Last Virgin of Degrassi


It was a beautiful Wednesday morn. The grass was green, the waters blue. Charming birds of different varieties flew gracefully on soft Canadian winds. It was a day blessed by Heaven itself. But for the students of Degrassi, it was just another tedious day in the school weak. Another day of listening as boring teachers delivered boring lectures. It was always the same, day in and day out. Why couldn't there be more excitement? Granted, every now and then there would be a shooting, or a gonorrhea outbreak or some such thing, but for the most part, life at Degrassi was brain-numbingly BO-ring.

Amid the throng of students making their way toward school, two stood out from all the rest. Lifelong friends, Emma Nelson and Manny Santos. They strode through the parking lot with frowns on their faces. Manny made conversation while Emma pretended to listen.

"So I told her. I was like, 'Did you hook up with Craig that one time?' And she was all like 'So what if I did?' And I go 'SLUT!' And she was like-"

Emma sighed and rolled her eyes. She needed to get new friends. Fast. All Manny ever wanted to do was talk about Craig. Craig, Craig, Craig. Every day. And it didn't help matters that he was going to be back in Toronto next week promoting his new album. Of course he and Manny would hook up again. That's how it worked, you see. She would date Craig, get pregnant with his love-child, have an abortion, and then break up with him in a tearful scene. Then she'd date some other guy and then cheat on that guy with Craig and then they'd get back together again and she'd get pregnant, have an abortion…. Well, it was a never-ending cycle.

The problem, Emma supposed, was that everyone had had everyone else at Degrassi. It was a little like the royal families of Europe in a way. The royals were forced to intermarry with family because the number of monarchs in the rest of the world had been dwindling. Similarly, the students at Degrassi had all had sex with each other at least once, so it was only a matter of time before the circle would be forced to repeat.

It was sad.

Emma pushed these unhappy thoughts from her mind as she made her way to the entry doors of the school. She grasped the handle and pushed. As she entered the common's area, she held the door open for Manny.

She stood there, with one hand holding the door open for about a full minute. When it became clear that Manny wasn't behind her, Emma turned around to see her friend still outside in the parking lot with a quizzical expression on her face.

"Manny?" Emma asked, a trace of concern was apparent in her voice. "What's the matter? What's-"

"Shh!" Manny hissed. She closed her eyes dreamily and opened her mouth. Her lips trembled. She seemed to be sniffing the air. "That fragrance…." Her voice broke off as she entered into a near-swoon state. "Oh! That scent! Emma, can you smell it? Can you?"

Frowning slightly, Emma lifted her head and took a big whiff of the air around her. At first, she could detect nothing. There was the stench of the broken sewage line that ran into the boy's bathroom, of course. And there were the fumes of exhaust from the buses that rumbled past. Pure carbon monoxide. And that was it. She was about to tell Manny that she couldn't smell anything unusual, but then it hit her.

It was faint, barely there at all. The scent of lilacs, mixed with vanilla cookies carried on a crisp ocean breeze. It was soothing beyond belief. Calming. Relaxing. And as soon as it tickled its way across her nose, Emma knew what it was. It was a fragrance she hadn't smelled in a long time. And it was strange that she would smell it here, at Degrassi of all places.

"It … it can't be," Emma whispered. "That's impossible!"

A small smile broke out on Manny's face. "It is. You can't deny that scent." The smile grew into a ravenous grin. "The scent of a virgin."

Heart thumping, forehead sweating, Dustin Morningale adjusted his book-bag on his shoulder and tried to find the Principal's office. An errant lock of shaggy light brown hair tumbled in front of his eyes and he pushed it away with a shaky sigh.

He was so nervous. And why was that? Could it be the fact that he was the new kid at school? Or could he be that he was the new kid in Canada? It was probably a combination of the two factors. And as he walked the unfamiliar halls of Degrassi, he began to wish he'd never been born. It was his parent's fault, he decided. It was their fault for moving him to a whole other country and making him leave his friends behind. And what for? Money? New job opportunities? In either case, it was a poor excuse for tearing your 17-year-old son from everything he'd ever loved.

Shaking his head sadly, Dustin finally spotted the door to the school's office. It was closed, so he knocked quietly.

"Come in already!" Exclaimed a cranky-sounding voice from the other side.

Dustin swallowed with a loud click and opened the door. The office area he found himself in was huge. One entire wall was nothing but windows and a long wooden desk ran the length of the room. But the first thing he noticed about the area were the students. They were lined up against the desk, textbooks in hand. And they all looked like movie stars. The girls' hair fell down to their shoulders in cascading ringlets and their makeup had been expertly applied. They wore short, fashionably torn miniskirts that hugged their narrow hips. Expensive golden jewelry glittered from ears and fingers. And the guys stood around with their hands thrust into their designer jeans, their faces ruff and ready to rumble.

It was as if he had stepped onto the set of The OC or something.

"Can I help you?" Asked a frowning blonde-haired woman from behind the desk.

Feeling a bit out of place in his plain old jeans and simple white t-shirt, Dustin broke ahead of 50 other students and made his way to the front desk. "Hi," he said to the blonde woman. "Um, this is my first day here. I'm, uh, I guess I need to get my papers and stuff together."

The woman's frown grew deeper. "Great," she mumbled. She reached down and pulled a pink form from a cabinet. "Name?"

"Dustin Morningale."

Scratch, scratch, scratch went the pencil across the paper. The woman had written in "Dustin Morni" when the pencil stopped moving. She looked up hurriedly. Her body went rigid. She seemed to sniff the air.

"Young man…." Her voice was faint and tinged with moisture.

"Yes, ma'am?" Dustin asked.

The woman said nothing for the longest time. She just stood there with her nose in the air, oblivious to everything. After a time, she shivered violently and turned her attention back to Dustin. When next she spoke, her voice had taken on a completely different tone from before. Gone was the irritated growl. It had been replaced by a deep and throaty whisper.

"And what," she asked, "Did you say your name was again, young man?"

"Dustin Morningale."

"Ah yes. I remember. Such a nice name."

"Thank you, ma'am."

"It's a masculine name. Almost erotic-sounding."

"Um. Thanks. I … guess."


Dustin blinked. "E-Excuse me?"

The woman smiled, red lips parting, revealing perfect white teeth. "I need to know your gender young man."

"Male," Dustin answered. Well, duh, he thought. He was starting to feel uneasy.

"Can you prove it?"

Dustin batted his eyes. His mouth opened involuntarily. From deep within his chest, his heart began to hammer against the ribcage. "W-what?"

"Just joking." The woman sighed and tossed her head, sending beautiful gold locks bouncing into the air. "Perhaps we better discuss your transfer to Degrassi in private. In my office. I'm Ms. Hatzilakos, by the way. The Principle."

She went around the desk and motioned for Dustin to follow. He did, and was led into a darkened office. Once inside, Ms. Hatzilakos removed the jacket of her suit with a series of seductive sighs and grunts. Then she sat down behind her desk, all the while keeping her eyes glued to the young male student who stood before her.

"Have a seat," she said.

"Thanks," Dustin replied as he sat down heavily on tan overstuffed armchair. He looked about the room, but it was hard to see anything. The lights were off and the blinds had been pulled over the windows. Everything was bathed in blackness, except for the Principle's stark-white teeth and sparking gold eyes.

"Welcome to Degrassi."

"Thank you ma'am. I appreciate it."

"I hope you make a lot of new friends."

"I hope so too."

"Scared?" Ms. Hatzilakos asked.

Dustin frowned and shifted in his seat. "Uh. No, ma'am. Not really."

Laugher. "You should be. Oh, young man, you really should be."

There was a long drawn-out silence as she obtained a cigarette from one of the desk's drawers. She lit it and her face was instantly bathed in an eerie red light. Hellfire. "Don't worry about your transcripts, Mr. Morningale. I'll see to it that everything turns out alright for you." She put the cigarette to her lips and sucked in tar and nicotine. "You may leave now."

Dustin didn't need to be told twice. He shoot up from the chair and fled. The last thing she saw was Ms. Hatzilakos blowing out a circle of smoke from her mouth.