Being Quidditch Obsessed runs in the Family

Her dad is a famous quidditch player, her mum is a famous quidditch player, she lives in a family of boys. Life isn't as easy as it sounds being the daughter of Oliver Wood and Katie Bell. Oh, and in this one, I have decided Fred is NOT dead! YAH! Only because it would not fit into the story.

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Chapter 1: Off to another dandy year!

"Madds!" Someone shook me as hard as they could. "Madds!" They screamed louder. I heard mumbling going on outside my door.

"Mum, she won't wake up!" A voice said. I heard the door open, and another hand was shaking me.

"Madelin Cooper Wood! Get your butt out of bed this instant!" My mother said. I refused, and they walked out of the room.

A few seconds later, someone grabbed my ankles, and yanked, pulling me out of bed with them. I hit the floor with a thunk, and a dull ow from me. I hate it when my mother gets my father to wake me up. It's like he finds joy out of this or something.

I lay on the floor, my comforter still bunched around me. I slowly opened my eyes to see my parents, and my 3 brothers standing above me.

"Honestly Madds, you sleep like your mother." My father shook his head and walked out of the room, my brothers followed.

"Why do you make him wake me up?" I whined to my mum.

"Hey, I had to deal with it from my second year at Hogwarts!" She replied.

My parents have known each other since they were each like 4. They were neighbors, my mum was the girl next door. And then my dad went off to Hogwarts 2 years before her. But then she came, and they were on the same quidditch team. He was captain, they pissed each other off, but were obviously in love. Their best friends were on the team too. Alicia Spinnet, Angleina Johnson, Fred and George Weasley. You might recognize my parents. Katie Bell, well Wood now, and Oliver Wood. Two of the star quidditch players in all of England. Too bad they play for two different teams.

My mum's a Harpie, and dad's Puddlemore. When their teams play against each other, they don't even talk to each other around the house. They say so it doesn't throw off their game. But they are madly in love non the less.

"Come on Maddie, get up and dressed, we can't be late for the train. Are you packed?" She questioned.

"Yeah, yeah." I replied.

"Good, breakfast will be ready down stairs." She vacated my room and closed the door, leaving me to myself.

Going back to sleep was out of the question, they would find some other way of torture to wake me up. So I decided to get into the shower.

I turned the knob and dunked my face in the refreshing water. I soaped up, washed my hair and got out. Dad was strict about the not taking too long in the shower. One time, he actually turned off all the water in the whole house to stop me from being in there too long. And I had conditioner in my eye! But mum always takes long showers, just to piss him off. It's rather funny actually, because he can't do anything too bad to her, because she would kick his sorry little arse.

I got out and wrapped a towel around myself, drying my body. I walked out into my room and opened my drawers to find a pair of pants. I found some shorts that I had been saving to wear today, as I had packed everything else. I went over to the closet and picked out the lone shirt that was hanging there. And of course grabbed my convers from my floor.

I was wearing a tank top, and my light sweatshirt over it. I pulled my blondish hair up in a pony tail, and put on some slight makeup, I looked at myself in the mirror.

My dad says my style is my mum's exact style. People say I am a replica of her from when she was my age. I have sandy blonde hair, blue eyes. I am very fit from being a chaser my whole life. And my dad forcing me to practice in the summer too. I wasn't super tall, but not super short. I was around 5'5" which I think is about average. I had light freckles that were set upon my nose and cheeks from being out in the sun way too much. But sadly I had no tan. I was very fair skinned.

My style is a little tomboyish, but cute just the same. I wear tennis shoes most of the time, but sometimes I wear flip flops, most of the time when we go to the lake just off our house.

Seeing that I was happy with my appearance, I grabbed my wand that lay on my bed side table and shoved it in my pocket.

I ran down the stairs to the kitchen. Everyone was seated around the table, dad drinking his coffee, and reading the sports section of the Daily Prophet. Mum with her coffee her Quidditch magazine. Then my brothers eating like pigs as always.

I had three older brothers, all of them graduated from Hogwarts. Josh, was the oldest. He was now assistant manager of the Quidditch store in Diagon Alley, he would soon be taking full responsibility. This made my dad very happy, because even though he got a discount there normally, because he played professionally, he got free broom waxing too.

My other brother, Kile, the disappointment if you will. Well not that he didn't have a teriffic job as an auror, he wasn't in Quidditch anymore. I don't think Dad will every forgive Aunt Angelina for pushing him in that career choice. But he is very proud of him anyway.

And last comes Jake, fresh out of Hogwarts he has no idea what he is doing right now. He says he wants to work with kids, and maybe will coach the peewee league of Quidditch. I personally can see Jake working with kids. He's great with them. He wasn't great with me, but hey, I'm his sister.

My dad sees it that I am the final hope to become a professional. He is so proud of my brothers for all they have accomplished. But he says that he wants someone to be a professional like him and mum. Mum gets mad at him, because she says that's too much pressure on me, and it makes my brothers feel bad. But it really doesn't. Except for the pressure part.

"About time you graced us with your presence Maddie." Dad said. He smiled at his own joke, thinking he was funny. Oh how wrong he was.

"I think you gave me a bruise dad." I complained.

"That is why you wake up when shaken." Kile advised, also laughing at his own joke.

"Get something to eat, we have waffles, and cereal, oh I can make you some eggs!" My mum gave me an eager looking face for her to try some cooking.

"No!" Everyone screamed at the same time. She looked offended.

"Oh come on guys, I've been reading some cooking books, and I think that I can actually make something good for you!"

"Honey, you can't even make anything edible." Dad said.

"Oh and you can do better?" She questioned.

"I bet I can!" That's my parents, so competitive with each other.

"That's okay guys, I'll just get some toaster strudel." Toaster strudel, one of the best muggle inventions known to man kind! Its berry filled pastry, and then it comes with little individual packages of frosting, that you spread over your pastry. It is delicious!

"I hope you don't eat those when you are at school all the time. You should really be eating protein, but not too much, and then get fruit or vegetables or something-" Dad started.

"Oliver, stop nagging." Mum said. "She's skinny as heck. You sound like my mum."

"I've said it before Kates, that's why I love your mum!"

I took a bite into my small delicious pastry, until mum had to ruin it. "Okay, okay, let's go." I looked sadly at me breakfast.

"Come on, go get your trunk Madds."

I tromped up the stairs, and attempted to lift my trunk. But it wasn't going anywhere. Seeing that it was a lost cause, I stood back up from my hunched over pose. There was no way I was getting this down by myself. And I was only a fith year so I couldn't levitate it. There was only one result.

"Dad!" I called. I heard him run up the stairs.

"What is it Madds?" He asked. I put on my sweet innocent eyes.

"Can you carry my trunk?" I asked in my little girl voice. He rolled his eyes and hunched over the trunk.

Grasping it by the handle, and with one swift heave, he lifted it with ease, and walked down the stairs.

"Man, what did you pack?" He asked.

"It's just the necessities, my whole closet."

We rushed along all of the busy people. I had my trunk on the little trolly, and Amber on top. Amber was my owl that my dad had gotten me for my birthday.

I didn't bother stopping in front of the wall, instead I barreled on through, coming out on the other side, to Platform nine and three quarters. The others followed me quickly.

"Well, this is the first time little Maddie is going to be in Hogwarts without a brother." Mum said. I rolled my eyes as she pretended to be all sentimental. Mum doesn't get like that. She gets emotional over things that should be, but not these motherly things. But she pretends too.

"Hey, Maddie!" I heard a familiar voice yell. I turned around and faced one of my best friend's in the world.

"Anne!" I yelled, pulling my friend, and not related cousin into a ginormous hug! You see, Anne is Aunt Alicia's daughter. But Alicia isn't really my aunt, she's my mum's best friend. But we consider her family. So we basically consider Anne family.

"Where's your mother, Anne?" Mum asked.

"Right here." Aunt Alicia came up behind Mum. "Have you seen Angelina, I've been looking everywhere for her." She shook her head.

"Haven't seen her." Mum said.

"Mum," I interrupted, "we should probably get on the train."

"Hold on honey, we have to wait for Angelina, and besides, you have to show Jodie around!" I sighed, remembering my little cousin. Jodie was Aunt Angelina and Uncle Fred's daughter. Again, Aunt Angelina and Uncle Fred were not related to us. Just best friend's to my mother, and father. And of course Fred was George's twin. So, we're all tied together a giant knot of friends turning into family.

Anyway, it was little Jodie's first year at Hogwarts. Boy was she excited. All summer long when Anne and I hung out with her she would jump up and down saying how happy she was that she finally got to go to Hogwarts.

A felt a jab in my side, and quickly turned to glare at Anne, it was her elbow that had made contact with my rib.

"Ouch Anne!" I said.

"Oh shush, now look to your right. Some major eye candy over there, a certain beater, if you know what I mean!"

I turned my head casually, and saw immediately what she was talking about. It was Jack Davies. Just about the hottest guy in Hogwarts! He was a beater on the Ravenclaw team. And those muscles showed it. Yet, he wasn't too muscular, that he couldn't fit into his shirt. No, they were the perfect size.

He looked over my way, and Anne nudged me again. "Do something, like smile." She whispered.

So I smiled, hopefully he saw that it was too him, but he didn't think I was a giant weirdo. But, he smiled back! So he didn't think I was a weirdo! But as quickly as the moment came, it was gone. Jack slipped into the sea of faces.

"He smiled at you!" Anne said excitedly.

"Who was that?" Dad asked. Oh god, please no!

"No one." I replied.

"That didn't look like no one." Uncle George said. Oh thanks George, you're a real help.

"Hey, I know who that is!" Uncle Fred said, popping up out of no where. They always seem to do that. "That's Davie's son, you know, Roger Davies? Yeah, his name is like, Ja something. Jasper?" He looked around for help.

"It's Jack." Aunt Angelina shook her head at her husband. She had just appeared with Jodie.

"Jack, not sure I like this Jack fellow! Never did like Roger much, he was a bad character" Dad said.

"Honey, you were great friends with Roger." Mum reminded him.

"Does that mean that I had to like him?" He questioned.

"Come on guys, give Maddie a break." Alicia said.

"Thank you Aunt Alicia!" I replied greatfully. "Okay, we seriously need to go! Come on Jodie, we'll get you a compartment with some more 1st years." I took her by the hand and she followed.

"Bye girls!" They all said. We waved to them and hopped onto the train.

Once on, we walked down the crowded hallways of the Hogwarts Express.

"What's Hogwarts like?" Jodie asked, for the millionth time that summer.

"Big." I replied, trying to weave my way through students.

"Oh, well what if I get lost?" We had had this conversation about 20 times.

"We've told you Jodie, you won't get lost. It's easy to find your way around, once you get used to it. And you will most likely be sorted into your Gryffindor, so you'll have us." Anne said.

"But what if I don't get into Gryffindor?" Fear washed over her face.

"Don't worry about it Jodie!" I said.

I looked inside a compartment with some other first years. I turned back to Jodie.

"Go ask if you can sit with them." I told her. She shook her head wildly at me, so her short hair flung all over the place.

"Jodie, do it!" I told her again.

"Can't I sit with you guys?" She whined.

"No, you'll never make friends that way!" Anne said. "Now go."

Jodie finally poked her head into the compartment. "Do you mind if I sit with you?" She asked the other two little girls.

"Sure." One said. The other nodded. "I'm Carol." She has long blond hair that was pulled into a pony tail.

"I'm Jenny." The other said. She had shoulder length brown hair that was down.

"I'm Jodie." Jodie told them. They smiled at each other and Jodie took a seat.

"Are you okay now Jode?" I asked.

"Yeah, bye Maddie, bye Anne."

We left Jodie with her friends and we left to go find a compartment for ourselves. Finally, after searching for an empty compartment, we found one.

"I'm so hungry!" Anne complained.


"I wonder where the food cart is." She said, sticking her head out. "Oh, here comes Nick." She said.

Nick Jordan, my other best friend came running trough the door.

"Hey." I said to the out of breath boy in front of me. He was bent over, trying to catch his breath from running from god knows what.

"What's wrong with you?" Anne asked, finally giving up on looking for the snack cart and taking a sit across from me.

"You," He said, still heaving breaths. "Will, never, guess, what, I, just, saw!"

"Well why don't we save the time, and you just tell us!" I said.

"I just saw, Ian kissing Lori Musso!" I laughed at loud at that joke.

"Nice one." I said.

"Yeah, like that's ever going to happen. He's so obsorbed in his Quidditch." Anne added, after she got out of her own fit of laughter.

"He reminds me of my dad." I said. I had heard stories about how my father was so Quidditch obsessed when he was at Hogwarts, not that much has changed.

"I'm serious!" Nick whined.

"You are?" I asked.

"Yes, it was a full lip lock! You know what, fine. If you don't believe me, than come see for yourself!" He dragged us down the hallways, when we started approaching a certain door, Nick made us duck down.

We slowly peered through the window, and there it was. Ian, Ian the Quidditch obsessed loon, was in full lip lock with a Ravenclaw named Lori Musso.

I tried not to laugh, but it didn't work. Anne on the other hand was kneeling there, looking shocked.

"Come on, let's go." I said, and we stood back up and made our way back to our compartment.

We waited in there for a few more hours and we were about a half hour until Hogsmede station.

Ian came in, looking dazed. There was a little lipstick smear on his cheek. I put my hand over my mouth to stop myself from laughing, which yet again didn't help.

"Hey guys." He said sitting down.

"Hi." Anne replied back, smirking evily, and starring at the spot on his cheek.

"Where have you been?" I asked.

"Uh, just working on some plays." He replied.

"Plays huh?" said Nick.

"Who with?"

"What do you mean who with? Since when do I write plays with someone else?"

"Well, I was just wondering what that smudge of lipstick was on your face." Anne replied.

As an immediate reaction he put his hand up on the his cheek, his cheeks started to match the color of the lipstick.

"I was just…"

"Lip locking with Lori Musso?" I asked.

He sat down embaressed, and as we laughed at him.

Never had I known Ian Jasper to ever been interested in a girl like that. Oh he had plenty of fan girls, but he never got into a relationship, or at least not when I knew him! He was the Quidditch captain for Gryffindor. He was tall, blonde hair that went everywhere. Gorgeous blue eyes, of course you would never get me to admit that. He was just my captain, all he ever would be to me.

Anne on the other hand, she had always had a crush on him. I found that out in second year, when I guessed, as she would always stare at him during practice, even when he wasn't the captain yet. Oh yes she liked him. She finally admitted it to me one time.

I made fun of her for it all of the time, but the truth was I could see why. He was gorgeous, nice, funny, liked Quidditch. But she had a theory that it would never work out. Only because he was rapped up in Quidditch, and was older. And that he was a fellow team member, and apparently it wasn't okay to feel that way about another team member. She said it was like me liking Nick, he was a beater on our team, or me liking Collin, the other beater, or Cory, the seeker.

I said that wasn't fair, because I didn't like Nick, or Collin or Cory. But that she did like Ian.

So I kept shooting worried glances at her when we sat there in awkward silence, Ian blushing that whole time.

"Well, um. Good for you then mate." Nick said, also shooting glances at Anne. He knew just as well as I did that Anne liked him.

We pulled into the Hogsmede station, we had changed into our robes a few minutes before Ian had walked in.

We got off the train, and found a horseless carriage. We got in, and it lurched forward, heading towards the castle.

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