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They probably think I can't hear them even though I'm just on the other side of this door. I take a quick step back and sit down in my chair. Heh. That chair's probably the only thing I like about my room. Well that and the hologram.

Hound got it after we got here. Nature-boy insisted that we all have a holo of us together so we could look back on this one day. Once he got all the displays set up he gave one to everybody. I pretended I didn't care but as soon as his back turned I put it in my subspace pocket.

I flick it on right now. The way we're smiling in that holo you'd think that we're the best of friends.

I've never had a friend. I still don't.

Oh sure, everyone thinks that me and Gears are buddies but he really ticks me off. No. It's just me. And they still think I can't hear them talk about me. They call me runt, glitch-head, whiny little-fragtart, you name it and they've probably said it.

What I can't stand is when they call me a coward.

I am by no means a coward.

Last I checked you were only a true coward if you ran when your comrades needed you. I've never done that. Sure some of the time I stay behind at the base but I have a good reason every time. Mainly the fact that I'm a construction engineer not a brawler or anything that could really help. If anything I'd be a burden. So I stay behind and do what the others don't have time for. That's mainly checking on the Ark's systems and making sure the Volcano isn't about to break through. I'm still worried about level C. It's right near a ton of lava.

Even the other mini-bots don't like me. I already mentioned Gears but there's also Cliffjumper and Brawn. They're the two that keep calling me a coward. Windcharger and Bumblebee are alright…I guess. At least to my knowledge they don't spread rumors or stuff like that.

Don't get me wrong I've tried to make friends, but they always seem to leave or end up talking about me just like the others. I know that's my fault being the pessimist of the Ark and all, but I still catch myself wishing sometimes that someone would like me in spite of that.

Yo Huffer. Prime needs ta see ya asap. Jazz says over the radio. He's someone I'd like to call a friend, but in reality he's little more than an acquaintance.

"I'll be there in a bit." I get up and walk out the door startling the two mechs who stood just outside. Smokescreen and Tracks. Not much of a surprise there. Ignoring their hasty apologies I head toward Primes office. No matter what people say, I've still got a job to do.

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