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inuyasha and the gang just got finished killing narraku but in the process the shikon jewel that narraku had in his possession shattered again (but this time it was because of inuyashas addament barrage hitting it just right and exploded) and the team now has to find the shards allover again

"narraku its over for you, ADDAMENT BARRAGE."inuyasha exclaims as he delivers the final blow to narraku.there was a dark black and pink light as the jewel(slightly tainted)explodes And narraku dies with the trademark villain "NOOOOO"

miroku then takes off his prayer beads over his right hand to make sure its all over "its gone its gone my wind tunnel is gone"miroku shouts excitedly songo and shippo go up to miroku to see for them selves and the start dancing around in a circle yelling "yippey hurray hooah"

then shippo excitedly "says hey miroku. Do you remember the promise you made to sango about when we finally defeat narraku" oh yeah miroku asked me to marry him." songo said happily. "and my answer is still yes as long as he stops being such a lecher."songo replies darkly to the unasked question.

while all this is going on inuyasha is yelling "hey guys what about me I'm the one who final took down narraku." "i feel so unappreciated around here."he mutters to him self. and then he feels a tap on his shoulder and he turns around and kagome jumps up and grabs hold of inuyasha around the neck shrieking in happiness "yay i cant believe we did it we finally defeated narraku." and inuyasha lets her down and says "what do you mean WE. I was the one who killed him." "sit" (thud) "ow! What did you do that for" kagome replies "yes i agree that you were the one that killed him but you were also the one who shattered the jewel."

"and thats exactly why I'm going to kill him"says an all to familiar voice.

They turn around to see kikyo standing there arrows drawn and pointing at inuyashas heart "kikyo what are you doing here ." inuyasha warily says "Ive waited all this time for narraku to gather the jewel shards so i could kill him and take them back. But now you have shattered the jewel again and that i cannot forgive you for that ."

kikyo releases her sacred arrow on a path going strait for inuyashas heart but before it could strike inuyasha kagome jumps in front of the arrow and she is hit instead. The arrow enters into her abdomen and exits just grazing inuyashas shoulder. "KAGOME NO" cries inuyasha as he slumps down holding kagome in his arms "kagome why would you do put yourself in danger like that" inuyasha asks with fear in his eyes.

"i dont want you to die."was kagomes reply as her breathing became more shallow.

"hn stupid girl interfering she deserves what she got. You wont be so lucky on this next one."says kikyo as she draws another arrow. And inuyasha stares at kikyo with hatred in his eyes "how could you care so little for some one whom which you share a soul with." inuyasha asked coldly as he gently laid kagome on the ground "i have no reason to tell you any thing for you are about to die."replied kikyo.

"HIRAIKOTSU" kikyo was just barely able to dodge the large boomerang that songo threw at her

thats what you get for injuring our kagome." sango says as she catches her heraikotsu and miroku throw a few sutras that he was saving for such an occasion.

Kikyo just barely dodges his attack as well but not with out injury oh my these guys are really pissed. Maybe i should kill them first. kikyo thinks to herself. but as her attention is on songo who was about to throw her hiraikotsu again inuyashas eyes start turning red even though he still has tetsaiga he then pulls it out and watches as the a wind scar forms around his blade "KIKYO! WINDSCARE" inuyasha yells kikyo turns just in time to see inuyashas windscare hit her at full force in the chest.

When the smoke clears kikyo was gone without a trace. But inuyasha was still in his demon form and was about to attack songo and miroku when something made him stop.

"inu-yasha" whispers kagome and at this inuyasha returns to his hanyo form and rushes to kagomes side "kagome stay with me" inuyasha says as he leans over her and the blood from his wound slowly dripping onto her heavily bleeding wound. "inuyasha i...have something to tell you."

"yes kagome what is it."inuyasha says with slight panic "its just that i...i love you inuyasha. I just wish i could have told you sooner."kagome says as she is looking into inuyashas golden eyes.

"no kagome please you cant die now. i love you too i cant live with out you and i don't want to lose you now." inuyasha says as a few tears roll down his face onto her cheek.

"don't worry about me inuyasha i just need a little rest."kagome whispers as she passes out

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