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Third person

Fuyu's eyes slowly cracked open, every bone in his body hurt. He set his gaze on a man with spiky orange hair staring at him with horror. 'Was there something wrong with him or is there something wrong with me?' Fuyu thought. The man took a step back. I heard him say something but it must not have been in English because i couldn't hear a word he said. Well not at least until he said 'Konan' i understood that was a name. After the man finished speaking a woman with blue hair tied up in a bun with a white flower in her hair came in. 'this must be 'konan' ' Fuyu thought. Konan glanced over at me and stared in horror. The orange haired man smirked. Konan frowned. 'So it was me' Fuyu thought. Konan talked to the man in that weird language that Fuyu didn't understand. They stopped talking, the orange haired man left the room, Konan looked over at Fuyu. She looked worried. Konan walked over to Fuyu and knelt down. Fuyu was lying on the floor. Konan looked at me. Fuyu glared at her and she jumped. 'Am i scary or something?' Fuyu thought.

Fuyu's prov

Konan stared at me some more until she smiled sweetly at me. She said something in there language. I gave her a confused look. "So, you speak english then right?" Konan asked. I nodded. "i'm-" She started to say. "Konan" I cut her off. She looked at me for a second. "do you have a memory?" Konan asked. "Can you remember anything that happened yesterday or the day before?" She asked. I thought for a moment. All i could remember was waking up and seeing the orange haired guy. "no" i said. Konan nodded. "That's good" Konan said. I gave her a confused look. "you were born today" Konan said. I looked at myself. "but i'm like thirteen!" I shouted, making konan wince.

"Pein made you" konan said. "pein?" i said. "the orange haired man that i was talking to" Konan said. I gave her another confused look. Konan smiled. "Pein made you with the DNA of some of the members" konan said. I thought for a moment. "can i have a mirror?" I asked. Konan looked at me. "okay, but you need to see your self in a whole-body mirror, because you haven't seen your self before" Konan said. I nodded. Konan lead me into the hallway. She lead me into a room. "this is my room" Konan said. She walked over to a mirror. "you are about to see your self are you ready?" konan said joking. "of course" i said. I couldn't help but chuckle, making konan giggle.

She took the mirror and turned it to wards me. I was shocked. My shin was pale, I had a strange marking on my chest that looked like a upside down triangle in a circle, My hair was pitch black and it was slicked back, my eyes were to big for my face and friggen Purple!, I wasn't wearing a shirt, i was wearing black pants that went to my knees, and i wasn't wearing any shoes either, and of course i looked like i was Thirteen.

I thought i looked good. But then i noticed it. The stitch marks on my shoulders, knees, ankle, writs, elbows, and neck. I looked like a living zombie for god's sake! I looked over at konan who noticed me looking at my stitches. I tried to cover them up but it didn't work. But she gave me a sweet smile. "it's okay, you have Hidan and kakuzu's DNA in you, that's why you look like that" Konan said. "By the way do you have a name?" Konan asked. "ya my name's Fuyu" I said. Konan smiled even more. "Fuyu, i guess you have two daddies" Konan said, the she burst out laughing. I gave her a awkward look. "what's so funny about that?" I ask. Konan looked at me for a second then stopped laughing.

"Well, Kakuzu and hidan aren't the best of friends" Konan said. I had no fucking idea of what that meant. I looked at her funny and she seemed to understand. Konan sighed. "Kakuzu and hidan hate each other" She said. I nodded.

This is one fucked up day...

Hidan's prov

what the fuck is wrong with Leader?

I was sitting on the little old couch in the living room watching static on the t.v. because that damned kakuzu won't get cable, and all of a sudden leader ran in and started yelling orders at me. I had no fucking idea of what he was talking about. He finish talking and i raised my eye brow at him.

Leader started at me for a second. "Dammit,Hidan, listen when i'm talking to you!" Leader yelled. I had to admit i was a little freaked out by him yelling. He was always such a calm guy. This was way different. Leader sighed and sat beside me on the now cramped couch even though it was only me and him sitting on it. He put his hand on my shoulder. "here let me say it slower" He said.

He was freaking me out now. "I was working, as usual, i store that akatsuki members DNA in bottles, i was messing with them when i bumped into one of my machine's and dropped two bottles of DNA in. They were Kakuzu's, and your's" Leader said. I gave him a awkward look.

"what does that have to do with me can't you just get more DNA?" i asked. Leader sighed. "i bumped into the machine starting it, and your DNA and Kakuzu's mixed together, the was a flash of white light, and when it was gone there was a person laying on the ground" leader said. "and, it wasn't a normal person either" Leader growled. I nodded, showing i was listening. "The person laying there was a young boy, that had your body and face, but had kakuzu's stitches and hair colour" Leader seethed.

"wha- WHAT?" I yelled. I jumped of the couch and headed down the hallway.

The last words i heard were 'Hidan your a father'

Kakuzu's prov

That idiot ran full force out of the living room making a mad dash to leader's room. I was in the hallway, i was going to count my money for the 10th time this week, but this was such fun seeing him scramble down the hall, so i decided to trip him.

Hidan face-planted into the ground breaking his skull. If he wasn't immortal he would be dead right now. He stayed still for a moment then started to get up. The was blood rushing out of a newly made gash on his fore head, Hidan's hair was slowly turning red. I couldn't help but smiled. Hidan looked at me for a moment. I expected him to start ranting. But he just turned around an started running again.

This got me interested.

What was hidan running for?