Third person

Orochimaru frowned. "What can you do?" Orochimaru hissed. Hidan only smiled again. Hidan layed on the ground and closed his eyes. Konan shut her eyes for a moment, kakuzu the same. Hidan took his scythe and stabbed it into his own leg. Orochimaru was about to laugh, but then realizing, that the pain was also with him. Orochimaru leaned back and howled in pain. "Shit!" Orochimaru yelled.

Hidan laughed evilly, and plunged the scythe into his chest, right beside his heart. Orochimaru screamed, blood streaming out of his mouth. Hidan laughed again. "Do you feel the pain?! Isn't it marvelous?" Hidan yelled. "You sick fuck!" Orochimaru screamed. Hidan laughed again. Hidan pulled the scythe out of his chest. "Time to end this!" Hidan yelled. Orochimaru's eyes widened.

Hidan plunged the scythe right into his heart. Orochimaru let out his mast blood chilling scream, the fell to the ground. Dead.

Hidan got off the floor slowly, his silver hair now blood stained. "well that's the end of that" Konan said, opening her eyes again. "hmpf" Kakuzu said. The turned and started to walk towards the door.

"wh-what the fuck!?" A voice said. Konan, Hidan, and Kakuzu spun around. A whitish-gray hair young man with glasses looked at the dead body of orochimaru. The young man looked up at the three akatsuki in front of him. The young man's face turned to an angry one. "what the hell did you do!" The young man yelled.

Hidan laughed. "attack!" The young man yelled. Hundreds of ninjas surrounded the three akatsuki. Ready for battle.

Hidan frowned. "Oh shit"


A certain member of orochimaru's team looked down at the three akatsuki. The ninjas attacked. These people were team mates of his older brother Itachi Uchiha. Sasuke looked at the door, a faint line of his brothers chakra. Itachi uchiha was here, and there was no way sasuke was going to let his brother leave this place.

Sasuke jumped down from the ledge he was on and rushed past a akatsuki member to the door. He opened it and ran through. Itachi's Chakra still hanging in the air. Sasuke was determined to kill Itachi.


Konan fought off ten of the attackers. She was going to kill a guy, when, a boy that looked like itachi, ran right past her. The boy ran to the door opened it and slammed it behind him.

Konan thought about going after the kid, but then thought that itachi could handle it by him self.


Marki ran as fast as he could, he was a little faster then the rest of the akatsuki. The opened all the door's in the hallway, looking for fuyu. If someone was in there, that was a part of orochimaru's army, they would kill them and try the next door.

Orochimaru's scream was heard, and a gray hair man ran past the akatsuki, he didn't notice who the akatsuki were, after all they took off their. We saw him walk down the hallway then open a door and walk through. The akatsuki looked at each other, then continued to look for fuyu.


Fuyu lay in his cell. He was not to be feed any food until he agreed to work for orochimaru. But, fuyu had declined, and Orochimaru said he need to learn a lesson. Fuyu's cell was so small, young fuyu couldn't even stand up in it. The air was damp, and carried the scent of disease. Fuyu hated it here. Fuyu only wanted to be with his mommy and daddy. Fuyu took a great big breath, then regretting it he started to choke, for real air, this air was so gross.

Fuyu sat up tugged in his knees, and put his hand in his hands and started to cry. Fuyu's pale skin stained with the marks of crying. Soon fuyu's tears turned to tears of blood.

The door made a slight noise and opened. There in the light, stood a figure of a boy. "fuyu? are you in here?" the boy said. Fuyu didn't know the boy, but still he felt like he should anserw. The door started to close. "NO! don't go i'm in here!" fuyu yelled. The door opened again. "where?" The boy asked. I'm at the bottom row" Fuyu said. Fuyu was still crying. The boy leaned down and helped fuyu out of his tiny cell. "Hurry, we gotta get out of here quick" the boy said.

"wh- who are you?" fuyu asked, wiping the blood and tears from his face. "I'm marki uchiha, and i'm here to help you outta this mess little kid" Marki said. Fuyu glared at marki for a moment. "you called me little kid, and yet i'm still older then you" Fuyu said. Marki sighed, fuyu could tell that marki was annoyed.

"sorry" fuyu said. marki sighed again. "yeah, whatever let's just get the hell outta here fuyu-niichan" marki said. Fuyu smiled. "you called me niichan!" Fuyu yelled happily, as he pointed at marki. "yeah, yeah, can we get outta here now?" Marki asked. Fuyu nodded, and they both went out and into the hallway. Both the children were blinded because of the sudden change in light. "Fuyu!, marki you found him un!" Fuyu smiled at the sound of the bomb artist's voice. "Deidara! it's so good to see you again!" Fuyu chirped. Deidara smiled wildly and gave fuyu a big hug.

Itachi, and a red head walked over. Itachi's eye lit up. "Marki did you find fuyu by your self?" Itachi asked. Marki smiled and nodded. Itachi smiled. "great job my son" itachi said. "YOUR SON!?" A voice yelled, then there was a low growl. Fuyu looked for the voice only to find that it came from a boy at the other end of the hallway. The rest of the akatsuki spun around, only to see the red sharingan eyes.

The boy growled, and narrowed his eyes at Itachi. Itachi only smirked, while the rest of the akatsuki staring to see what was going to happen, and to see who this boy was. "Long time no see little brother"