Chapter Three

Her Diagnosis and His Memories

Inuyasha POV

Me and Miroku have been sitting in the infermatory for six hours straight as of now. Sango has stayed the entire time, though no words were exchanged. We all just watched Kagome. She was still on the breathing machine and apparently she still wasn't stable. Her heart beat was still faint, not as faint as when Sango found her, but still incredibly faint. The nurse said it's nearly impossible to live this long with your body in the condition hers is in but she's still doing it. She's fighting death off with pure will. She couldn't even do that, and definitely not for this long.

I heard a shallow gasp and turn to see it came from Kagome. The nurse rushed in and checked her stats before frowning. She turned to us and said "Her breath is becoming shallower. I need to give her more oxygen. I'd move her to the hospital but if we unhook anything or move her in this state she'll definitely die. Good thing I was trained for this." She walked to the machine and adjusted it before changing the bags on the IV and leaving again.

We all stared intently, practically begging with our eyes, for her to wake up. I sighed and leaned over with my head in my hands. This is completely my fault, if I hadn't done so many things she wouldn't be on deaths doorstep. The nurse came back and said "I think you should all get some sleep. This has obviously been a very stressful day for all of you. You can either go back to your dorm rooms or crash on one of my beds here." We all nodded and Sango and Miroku both headed towards some beds that were on the other side of the room specifically placed for visitors.

She gave me an expectant look and I shook my head. She nodded and left to get Miroku and Sango their pillows, and blankets. Once everyone was settled and the nurse was asleep in her room that was connected to this part of the infermatory, I looked to Kagome and whispered "I'm sorry this happened it's all my fault." She just continued to take her small, shallow breaths, completely unaware of my presence. I moved her hair out of her face and laid my head on the bed next to her right hand. Instantly I fell asleep.

I awoke up at around three in the morning and looked back at Kagome. She looked a little paler. Suddenly her heart rate sped up at an insane speed. I jumped up and yelled "HELP! HELP! I THINK THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH HIGURASHI- SAN!" Sango and Miroku instantly ran over and the nurse soon came in. She observed her before saying "Kamiya- san, Kei- san, and Murasaki- san, I need you all to hold her down. She's going into cardiac arrest but we can't do anything at the moment so I need you to hold her down so if she starts having seizures she won't get hurt." We all nodded and held her down, sure enough she started having seizures and it was growing difficult to hold her down.

Once they ended her heart rate dropped again and the nurse looked confused. I asked "What is it?" She looked at us and said "That's not normal. I should have had to use a defibulater on her but it calmed itself at an un- natural rate." We all looked confused before she sighed and said "Let's just get back to sleep." We all nodded and went back to our arrangements. I stared at her hand and whispered "I'm sorry you're like this. It's my fault." I heard a somewhat strong breath from her before she said, in a barely audible voice "It's not your fault." She took a deep breath and said "It's mine." Another breath. "Don't blame yourself."

I looked up and saw she had her face contorted in pain and her eyes tightly closed, head slightly tilted back, gasping over and over to get the air she needed. Then I remembered she was nearly dead and in a slightly loud voice said "She's awake but she's struggling to breath." Again everyone rushed over and the nurse checked her stats before sighing in relief. She smiled at us and said "She does have the respiratory problems I thought she would have, and sadly they're worse than I thought they would be, but it's better than dying."

I looked over at Kagome and asked "Any other problems?" She sighed and said "She's deaf in her left ear at the moment but I have a feeling it's going to be temporary if she lets me care for it. Her right arm is broken in twelve places and her left leg is fractured. Her eye sight is slightly damaged but I'm nearly positive this is completely temporary and it will heal up. Finally the ear infections you already knew about. I determined her respiratory problems will be a life long problem now that she's awake and if she follows my medical instructions she may be able to participate in sports even. I would appreciate it if all of you could move in here and help me care for her until she's able to go back to her room and classes. She still isn't stabalized."

We heard a gasp louder than the rest and said "You know I'm here." Gasp. "Right?" We gave out a small laugh, even while she could die and almost did, she's still acts like her usual self. She smiled the best she could and we all frowned some. It was obvious how much pain she was in, and how well she was enduring it. The nurse moved the blanket up some more and said "Get some more rest. You'll need it if you want to get better, ever." She pouted a little before sighing which sent her into a coughing fit before she caught her breath and laid back again, quickly falling asleep. She looked so peaceful in her sleep.

Another memory flashed before my eyes. She was asleep cuddled into my chest with the blanket pulled over us. She was sound asleep and I was still panting. I looked down and couldn't help but smile at how peaceful she looked. She always looked peaceful when she slept, even if it was just a nap on a bench in the courtyard. I moved her bangs over a little and kissed her forehead and she shifted a little so she was buried further in my chest. My smile widened and I wrapped my arms tightly around her staring up at the cherry blossom tree above us. Yes, our first time had been outside, under a cherry blossom tree, on a blanket with one to go over us afterward. It was special to us though, it's where we shared our first kiss. I smiled and buried my nose into her hair inhaling her scent before falling into a deep sleep.

I saw Miroku wave his hand in front of my face. I blinked and looked at him. He looked concerned and said "Yash, you were spacing out again. You were thinking about her weren't you?" I looked away from him and he sighed before saying "You need to get over it Yash. I know you loved her but she's gone and others are here. I know you were not destined to fall in love, have it taken from you, mourn you loss till you die, then nothing. You are definitely destined to fall in love again. Just face it and get over her. Let others into your heart, give them a chance." I further turned and he sighed again before leaving.

I stared at his back as he left. How could I forget her. She was my first love and will be my only love. It would be betraying her if I gave my love to another. I stared at Kagome and the uneven rise and fall of her chest. I could only wonder why I cared what happened to this girl. I sighed and laid my head down again to sleep. Just before I did I swear I saw her but knew it couldn't have been since she is gone. It's just my cruel mind playing tricks on me.

Inuyasha's Dream

A girl ran in circles around me. She was laughing and so was I. We were at the beach and she was wearing her red bikini and I was in my red trunks. I waited till she came to the front again and lifted her into the air causing her to squeel and squeel louder when I started spinning in circles. Finally I set her back down and she was laughing so hard she fell onto the ground. I laughed and lifted her up before we raced to the water.

I delicately place my lips upon hers and nearly smiled into the kiss when she returned it. I couldn't believe it, she was actually returning my kiss. Any time I thought about kissing her I rejected the idea thinking she wouldn't want to be more than friends. When we pulled back she was blushing and timidly asked "Does this mean we're going out now?" I laughed and kissed her again, this time with a little more pressure and when we pulled back she giggled and said "I'll take that as a yes." I just grinned at her and once again claimed her lips.

I hugged her close to me and she readily returned it. When she moved to look at me I pressed my lips against hers. She returned it without a second thought. We pulled apart and she smiled before saying "It's okay Yash. I'll only be gone for a month. Break isn't that long." She was wearing a white tennis dress with white ballet flats and her hair was tied in a high ponytail with a white ribbon. Beside her sat two bags full of things she'll need while she goes home for the month. Since my half brother is the only family I have left I'd be staying at the dorms all break. I gave her one more kiss and watched as she walked out of the gates to Kurosuzu.

I sat in the front row seat watching her sing her solo in the chorus. She spotted me and winked and continued singing. Soon after the rest of the chorus joined back in. She kept her eyes on me smiling and I returned it. Sadly she wasn't paying attention and missed her cue for the second solo. She sang the wrong part and turned as red as a cherry in embarassment and the rest of the school just laughed in good nature. She ran off stage and I followed her. I wrapped my arms around her and told her it was okay. She sighed and returned to the stage, this time paying attention, and this time nailing it.

I stood on one side of the stage while she was on the other. We were in a play for all of Kurosuzu. I was playing the part of the man aiming for her affections and she was playing the woman that had two men fighting over her but wants to be free. I say "But I love you!" She turns her head away slightly and says "Hmph! So what?" I look dumbfounded and a bunch of cheering erupts behind us. She smiles and says "He's waiting for me." She starts running towards the arena until I call out her name. She turns to look at me and I run my sword through her heart. Once I realize what I did I sink to the ground holding her body and crying her name repeatedly. The lights dim and she hugs me and tells me how well I did and I just return the praise.

AN:I hope you liked this chappie, it's sorta giving you some depth on the relationship between Inuyasha and that girl. The girl in his dreams will always be his old love until I say other wise. Thanks for reading. Ja ne!