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Kyuubi ( ha ha just kidding)

Chapter 1: N. Uzumaki

Things were quiet as Sarutobi walked through the halls of his High School, it was early and as always he was the first one in the building. He roamed the dimly lit lifeless halls gently puffing on his pipe which he knew damn well wasn't allowed in the building.

Most of the faculty would be arriving soon before the students arrived for their morning classes in a little over an hour. He made his way to his office and entered the lobby that led to his private office but stopped and looked quizzically at the person behind the small desk that was next to the door.

"Shizune ?! What are you doing here so early, most of the teachers won't be here for another 20 minutes?"

" Oh Sarutobi-sama ! I came because Tsunade wanted me to help her out with one of the labs she was setting up this morning." Shizune said smiling at her boss, hoping to not raise any suspicion.

" Huh, Tsunade is here ? I haven't seen a soul and I've been here for at least an hour and a half." Sarutobi said as he stood in front of the desk and inspected the items spread across it.

" She might have gone back out but I know she'll be here on time"

" Well if you say so Shizune. Speaking of being on time, tell Kakashi he's going to get fired if he comes here late again" Sarutobi gave her a stern look showing her he was serious this time.

" Oh I'm sure He'll be here on time today Sarutobi-sama, he's definitely making an effort!" Shizune laughed nervously as she knew Kakashi's definition of trying harder was subtracting a few minutes from his usual hour of tardiness.

" Bull ! Kakashi hasn't made it here on time since he got this damn job !! And the worst part is on 'bad days' he ends up missing his first 3 classes completely. I don't even know what we are paying him for, he's never here"

Sarutobi pinched the bridge of his nose, " Well I'm going to my office, call me if anything happens. And If Naruto decides to pull any stunts have Ibiki handle him"

"Yes, Sarutobi-Sama. I'll make sure you aren't disturbed unless it is a dire accident."

He smiled at her and walked towards his office door, " Oh and Sarutobi-Sama if anyone sees you smoking in here we will end up getting fined again"

He sighed, " Yes Shizune" he said as he took one last puff and put the pipe in his pocket.

Shizune smiled, at least she avoided having to tell him what Tsunade was up to. She looked back towards her computer, she had a lot of work to do if she wanted to have the files sent to Tsunade before school started.

She was just confused on how she ended up doing all the work while Tsunade was probably out drinking, even at this ungodly hour she would at least have a bottle or two. The amazing part was that she was never drunk, it was almost like she drank just for the hell of it.

Shizune stood up and walked towards the printer as it spit out sheet after sheet of the documents Tsunade told her to make. She picked up the large stack and left to go find her step-sister.

As usual Naruto woke up to the loud antics of his godfather, every single day there was the sound of him either getting slapped by the latest girl he brought home or the sound of him getting punched in the face for peeping on their neighbors.

" Aaahhh, c'mon baby what was that for ? Ahhhhh don't do that, that's hot ahhh". The screams continued for another two minutes before Naruto heard the front door slam loudly.

Naruto groaned as he got up and walked out of his room to see Jiraiya sitting in the living room with what looked like a whole cup of coffee poured over him. " What did you do now ?" Naruto asked still half asleep as he dragged his body towards the bathroom.

"Well for some reason that beauty I brought home last night freaked out on me, I didn't do anything but make her some coffee and she just went berserk" Jiraiya said as he slowly got up.

" So you tried to get some morning action and since she wasn't drunk anymore she got pissed and told you off" Naruto said as he finished brushing his teeth.

" Hmm well I guess you could be on to something, but who could resist someone as handsome and strong as me" Jiraiya jumped up and struck a pose.

" Just because you write perverted books that people actual like doesn't mean people like you" Naruto said before he closed the bathroom door so he could take a shower.

"Aww c'mon that was cold Naruto, everyone knows I'm a brilliant writer ! Who wouldn't want to be my next girlfriend, I'm rich and Handsome. I have it all !"

Naruto walked out the bathroom in a towel after his quick shower, " but you're a cheap ass that can't stop peeping and once they find that out its always downhill from there".

"Hmm, you think ?" Jiraiya sat down on the couch and stayed there deep in thought, "maybe I have to find a better way to conduct my research so I don't get caught as often. What do you think Naruto ?"

Right on cue Naruto walked out of his room still operation in a sleepy daze, but now he was fully dressed in his school uniform. The standard High School uniform, dark slacks with a white long sleeve dress shirt and a tie.

His eyes were half open and he was still dragging his feet as he walked into the kitchen and took a cup of instant ramen out of the cupboard.

Jiraiya just eyed Naruto with an annoyed look, " Do you have to eat ramen every single morning of your life ?"

Naruto just grunted, as he prepared the ramen in irritation because he was impatient and found the three minutes that it took for the microwave to heat it up unbearable. Jiraiya stood up and scratched his stomach, he was in his boxers and a wife beater with a robe that he left open all the time.

He watched Naruto as he continued his zombie-like morning routine, it was very annoying to him and he was tired of it. He walked over to Naruto and slapped him across the back of the head.

Naruto's eyes widen as he finally woke up, " Hey what the hell old man, why did you just do that ?"

" You need to wake up ! I'm tired of talking to myself ever damn morning, you wake up at the same time every day you should be use to it by now"

" Well maybe if you weren't such a pervert you wouldn't be up this early and I wouldn't have to deal with you"

" You can't talk to me that way, take it back !'

"Make me old man !"

They were both in each others faces now, with mere inches between them. A loud ring broke up the fight as Naruto suddenly ran out of the kitchen.

" Hey this isn't over yet, you come back here !" Jiraiya demanded as he watched Naruto leave the room.

"Can't old man, I have to meet up with Kiba so I can get to school on time for once"

" Hmm, School ? Isn't school over yet ? I'm tired of giving you money for all those damn dances and then I have to give you lunch money. Ahhgg its ridiculous, I'm not made of money "

Naruto ran back through the room with a backpack swung over one of his shoulders, he grabbed the cup of ramen and tilted it as he raised his head back. He dropped the empty cup on the floor and headed towards the door with his cell phone in his hand.

" Eww how the hell did you do that, that was really creepy", Jiraiya commented as he eyed the empty cup of ramen, "Hey pick up your garbage !"

" Gotta go, see you when I come home!" Naruto said as he waved from behind his back before the front door slammed shut.

"Damn Kid", Jiraiya mumbled to himself as he threw away Naruto's garbage. A smile crept on his face, " I'm going to be so proud of you when you graduate this year, I just wish your father was still alive. He'd be proud of how far you've come".

Jiraiya sighed as he walked back into the living room, " Well, I have a lot of work to do, I better start getting ready for another strenuous day of research" he said with a lecherous grin.

" God I love my job" he said as he went to go get his equipment.

Naruto ran down the stairs of the apartment building and opened the front door, it was a gloomy day outside and the sun was hidden behind the morning clouds in the dark sky.

Kiba was waiting at the corner with his hands in his pockets, he looked pissed off and was grumpily mumbling to himself. Naruto ran up to him and looked around wondering where their morning ride was.

" Hey where's Hana ?"

"That bitch ditched us this morning, we're going to have to take the bus with that psycho again."

" Damnit, I hate taking the bus, what happened with Hana ?"

" I kinda set her bed on fire last night, It was an accident though !' Kiba said defensively.

Naruto just stared at him in disbelief, " How did you light her bed on fire by accident? Kiba how is that even possible to do accidently" Naruto said as he started to get irritated.

Kiba was always pulling tricks like this but they usually went wrong when he tried to do something too complicated.

" Well I was working on perfecting that firework prank, but Akamaru came in and messed it up. One of the fireworks went through the wall and lit her bed on fire and it kinda spread to her whole room"

"Oh yeah and I'm grounded now by the way" He said casually as he turned around and started to walk.

Naruto was just gawking at Kiba like he was retard but started to move after him, " So what are we going to do about this weekend, I thought you were going to throw that party?"

" I can still get the booze, I just don't know if we can have it at my place. I know my parents are leaving but I don't really think they trust me after last night."

They arrived at the corner where the bus would come to pick them up, " Whatever, we'll deal with it when the time comes." Naruto said as he put his hands on the back of his head.

There was a loud sound of screeching tires as a bus fishtailed from down the street. It came like a bat out of hell down the street picking up more and more speed until the diver finally hit the brakes.

The bus skid down to the corner, with the sound of burning rubbing filling the block as it finally came to a halt in front of Kiba and Naruto.

They both just stood there with their mouths open, " How the hell does this guy manage to keep his license", Kiba groaned as they stepped inside.

"Ahh you two came crawling back, well as a special gift to you guys I'll make you a challenge" Asuma said as he lit another cigarette.

"Umm that's ok" Naruto pleaded but it was too late.

"What kind of bet ?" Kiba said now rather interested.

" 40 bucks says I can make it to the school in 7 minutes" he said with a smirk on his face.

"Ha that's impossible, I'll take that bet" Kiba said with a confident smile.

Oh no, Please tell me he didn't do that, anything but that, Naruto thought in terror as he saw the sparkle in Asuma's eye. He used to be a pretty prominent street racer and hadn't adjusted to his job well.

Without warning he slammed on the gas pedal and they both fell back, because they had just been standing in the isle. Kiba crashed into the back bus door and Naruto came right after.

" Damnit Kiba, haven't you learned your lesson by now?" Naruto groaned as he climbed up and made his way to an empty seat.

" There's no way in hell he can make it there in time, its easy money trust me"

Their conversation was cut short as the bus swerved hard to the right and there was the sound of tires screeching and car horns blowing. They could feel the bus slowly picking up speed.

Asuma was laughing cheerfully as he ran past stop signs and red lights as he weaved in and out of traffic at an alarming speed.

Kiba finally got up and against the force of gravity he made it to an empty seat next to Shikamaru, "you've really done it this time, at the speed he's going you've already lost".

"What !?!" Kiba yelled as he grabbed Shikamaru's shoulders. "There's a 72 chance he's going to make it on time, the only way you can win is if there's a major accident or a cop stops the bus".

"With that being said Asuma knows were the cops hang out and took the time to take the roads were they don't normally patrol." Shikamaru said calmly as he ignored Kiba.

"Damnit" Kiba yelled as he sat back in his seat, Asuma took another sharp turn throwing him out of his seat and into another row. He slammed into Sakura who was sitting across from him.

" Kiba get off of me" she yelled as she pushed him back, he started to protest but they hit a pothole sending him bouncing out of the seat and into the isle were he rolled to the back again.

He hit the emergency door and sighed hoping that nothing else would happen, right then Asuma slammed on the brakes sending Kiba flying forward and landing on his face.

" I win" Asuma proclaimed as he stood up and continued to laugh in victory. Everyone on the bus groaned as they struggled to get up and stretch as they left.

Kiba remain on the floor as everyone left, they just stepped over him besides Sakura who purposely stepped on his back. Asuma stood there watching them leave waiting to see the look on Kiba's face when he got up.

His eyes widen as he looked around, everyone had left the bus but there was no sign of Kiba anywhere. He ran down the isle and looked around frantically, " God Damnit, that's the third time that kid left without paying".

He sighed and shook his head as he walked back towards the driver's seat, " One of theses days I'm gonna get my money".

Naruto was walking through the halls in his usual nonchalant manner, his hands were on the back of his head and his uniform was slightly disheveled. The neck of his dress shirt was unbuttoned and his tie was hanging loosely from it, and his sleeves were rolled up.

Kiba was walking right next to him with his hands deep in his pockets like always when he was thinking, " I think I can talk Hana into helping us out this weekend".

" Are you still thinking about that? Listen lets worry about getting the alcohol first" Naruto said as they made their way to his locker.

" You think we could have the party at your place ?"

"Sure that's a great idea, let's have a bunch of drunk girls at my place with Jiraiya there. Nothing could possible go wrong" Naruto said sarcastically.

Kiba laughed, " Whatever, what's with you ?"

"I don't know, I guess this whole Sakura thing has been getting to me"

" Are you still wasting time trying to get with that bitch" Kiba said showing some disgust at the mention or her name.

" Not anymore, she turned me down again last Thursday. I'm beginning to think she enjoys it" He said as he closed his locker.

" Dude don't worry about her anymore, there's plenty of other hot girls around here that you could fuck"

" Hey I don't just want to fuck random girls, alright Kiba" Naruto said sounding a little upset.

"Well look who it is" Kiba said ignoring Naruto's comment with a smirk as he saw Hinata coming down the hallway towards them.

" What? It's just Hinata" Naruto said as he continued to walk with Kiba.

" As smart as you are, you still end up being a moron" Kiba laughed as he watched Hinata.

" Hinata wants your nuts in case you haven't noticed, but I guess you don't have to listen to me you could just ask her yourself" He said with an even larger smirk on his face.

' Good Morning Naruto !" Hinata said cheerfully as she finally caught up with them.

Naruto was still stunned at what Kiba said but snapped out of it, " Hey Hinata".

"How are you today ?' She continued as she completely ignored Kiba.

" Hey I'm here too" Kiba growled.

" Oh Hello Kiba, sorry I didn't see you behind Naruto"

Her attention instantly snapped back to Naruto, " So Naruto, w-what a-a-are you do-o-ing this weekend" She stuttered. Although she had made a lot of progress over the years she still had her moments.

" I don't know yet, We were going to try to throw a party. If we do , do you wanna come ?"

" I'd love to Naruto !!!!" she chirped happily as she blushed at the thought of Naruto taking her to a party.

Kiba elbowed him and tilted his head towards Hinata telling Naruto to take a look, Naruto cocked his head to the side to look at her directly.

She had her hands together up to her chest as if she was going to start praying, she was looking at him with nothing but pure admiration in her eyes and a slight redness to her cheeks.

So maybe Kiba's right about Hinata, she is pretty cute after all. He snapped out of his thoughts as he heard the bell ring.

" Oh well I have to get the class, but I'll see you later Naruto" She said as she reluctantly left his side.

"Bye Hinata", Naruto said as he waited for her to get out of ears length, " I think you were right about her Kiba".

" Of course I'm right its ridiculously obvious and she has the nicest rack of our entire grade, you better hit that for me or else I'll have to assume you're gay" Kiba laughed.

" Let's hurry up and get to class" Naruto said trying to change the subject.

"Why bother Kakashi-sensei hasn't been on time since the school year started. It's basically a free period"

" Yeah but there's no point standing here all period plus I could use a nap" Naruto said as the headed towards their first class.

They turned the corner and made their way to a rather loud and disorderly classroom which a certain silver haired man was suppose to be teaching at the moment.

The entire classroom was filled with noise as people laughed and talked casually as they waited for the bell to ring. The only reason anyone actually came to begin with was to avoid the hall monitor.

Naruto walked through the room and took a seat in the back next to Gaara, with Kiba following him there. The redhead was leaning back with his head against the wall and his eyes closed.

" Hey Uzumaki" He said without opening his eyes.

"Gaara why do you have to be so creepy all the time" Kiba said as he took a seat next to Naruto.

" Whatever dog boy"

"Kiba gave him a glare but his eyes were still closed so it did no good, he finally just gave up and leaned back as well.

" You won't be so damn cocky after Akamaru bites you in the ass"

"I heard we have a new student today" Gaara said completely ignoring Kiba's threat.

" Not only that but I heard Uchiha is coming back this week"

"Sasuke ?!" Naruto gasped, as he clenched his fist in anger.

That name held a lot of sentiment to Naruto, Sasuke had been his best friend since middle school. They had started off as bitter rivals but by the beginning of middle school they had actually become really good friends.

At first Sasuke made fun of Naruto for always being dead last but when provoked Naruto actually tried in school and matched all of Sasuke's scores. Sasuke being brought up to think he was a genius took offense to being matched by someone as stupid as Naruto.

So for years they competed in absolutely everything they did from track records to weight lifting , being neck and neck in every challenge. Finally after Naruto beat Sasuke on Ibiki's supposedly impossible psyche test, he snapped.

He left to go to a more prestigious High School claiming that the poor facilities of the school held him back and that's why common trash like Naruto could rival his scores. He hasn't been seen since then, 3 years ago.

Now In the middle of their Senior year he was allegedly coming back after being kicked out of the best school in the country. But that wasn't the worst part about it, Sasuke had been the most popular guy in their grade since the beginning .

People didn't even start to acknowledge Naruto until after Sasuke left, that's when his popularity skyrocketed. From the end of his freshmen year up until now Naruto and Kiba had been pulling ridiculous pranks and throwing parties every chance they got.

Now they were friends with practically everyone in the school and Naruto had actually gained a name for himself besides "Sasuke's Rival". To think Sasuke was going to come back and ruin everything for him was too much to handle.

But besides that all the girls were practically worshipping him fanatically, to think he had to watch Sakura throw herself at Sasuke again made him sick to his stomach.

"Hey, Hey Naruto !"

Naruto snapped out of his daze to see Kiba waving his hand in front of his face. He relaxed and unclenched his fist.

" Dude settle down, If that asshole comes back and thinks he's gonna run this place again we can just kick his ass. Right Gaara ?"

Gaara actually opened his eyes, " If you want Uzumaki I'll snap his neck myself"

Naruto knew it wasn't wise to get Gaara in a confrontation with anybody. If it wasn't for Naruto Gaara would be in prison by now or even dead. He had homicidal tendencies for one thing and a terrible anger problem.

His siblings lived their lives in fear of Gaara murdering them in their sleep while just about everyone else stayed away from him at all cost. It wasn't until he made his first real friend, Naruto, that he was able to cope with his anger problems and learn how to care for others.

Before he met Naruto he had sent countless kids to the hospital for things so little as 'looking at him funny'. He was just lucky his father had enough money to keep the cops away from him. Although the bloodlust had never left his eyes, he learned how to control himself.

" Yeah ! Fuck Sasuke ! I'm tired of hearing about that arrogant asshole anyway" Kiba yelled as he stood up throwing his fist in the air.

" Fuck this lets go find out when he's coming and leave him a little welcoming gift" Kiba said with a smirk on his face.

" What do you have in mind ?" Naruto asked liking where this conversation was going.

" I say we break out the big guns, I'm talking about the flash bangs and bombs, and when I mean bombs I'm not talking about little cherry bombs I'm talking about the real deal" he said with a wink.

Naruto looked at him suspiciously, " Where did you get 'the real stuff' from ?".

He sat back down with a smug look on his face, " Let's just say I know somebody".

Their scheming was interrupted by the sound of the door slamming shut, " Hey Class, sorry about being late but my power went out this morning so my alarm clock didn't go off and then I had 4 flat tires so I couldn't drive. I was walking here when I noticed a mugger sticking up an old lady so I had to help her but by the time I chased down the criminal we had already made it across the city."

" needless to say, its been a very long morning for me" Kakashi said as he walked behind his desk and sat down. He looked up at the clock, " Hmm , 8 minutes left huh ? Oh well its better then nothing"

He reached in his bag and pulled out a book and put his feet on his desk. " Hey aren't you going to teach us something" Sakura yelled.

She was going to be the valedictorian and was the only person that nagged Kakashi to actually teach. No one else cared if Kakashi did anything and if it weren't for Sakura they wouldn't have received a single assignment all year.

" Well I guess, there is a group project I can assign" he said as he stood up and put down his book. Everyone in the classroom groaned but Sakura who sat at the edge of her seat anxious to hear what it was.

" Ok you guys will be in groups of two", he looked around the classroom and started calling out names.

Naruto sat up a little bit now interested in who he was going to get paired up with, "……….. Naruto Uzumaki and … Ino Yamanaka.." Kakashi continued.

Naruto slammed his head into his desk, " Why do I have to be with Ino of all people?".

He tried to be friends with everyone but even so he didn't really get along with some people. He tried to be nice to Ino but she was extremely difficult most of the time, and flat out rude the other half.

Her family owned a profitable line of flower shops and specialty greenhouses, Her father had just become the head of a power company through a merger.

So to say that Ino was rich was an understatement, the only real reason her family hadn't move to a rich neighborhood was because they were buying everything in this area.

At this point they owned almost everything and were fighting with the Hyuuga's for control of the town.

Hinata's father was a power politician who practically ran the entire city but recently the Yamanaka family had been intruding on their territory. The funny part was that Ino was incredibly stuck up while Hinata was the most down to earth person in the school.

" … and Kiba Inuzuka ….and Gaara. OK now I want you all to write a 5 page paper on this book" he said as he picked up his book and showed it to the class, Icha Icha Mafia.

" WHAT ?!?! You can't require us to write a paper on a perverted book that no one has, that's not part of the curriculum." Sakura said as she stood up and yelled at Kakashi.

" Of course I can, this is English class after all and this assignment will work on your reading comprehension and writing skills. This is difficult material people so take your time when you read it" He said as he sat back down.

" You just made that assignment up off the top of your head, you don't even have a clue what you're actually suppose to be teaching" Sakura barked at him, literally fuming at the thought of her having to read an adult book and write a report about it.

" Sakura if you keep this up I'll have to fail you" Kakashi said without looking up from his book as he turned another page. She instantly sat down and didn't utter another word.

"Oh yeah and I guess we have a new student with us today, Class I would like to introduce Tayuya". He motioned to someone in the front row.

A redheaded girl walked up to the front of the class, she was of average height and was wearing the standard uniform with a few minor exceptions. For some reason she had a black beanie on which caused her long red bangs to drape down over her face but it didn't seem to get in the way of her big brown eyes.

Her silky hair seem to leak from all sides from under the hat as it trailed down to the middle of her back. She had a slight tan showing that she spent a lot of time outdoors and her long legs had minor small cuts on them. From the look of the cuts she either got in fights a lot or did some other kind of outdoor activity.

The bell rang before Kakashi could continue and everyone started to pack their things up and leave. As Naruto grabbed his backpack he saw someone walking up to him, " Hey Naruto I guess we have to work on this stupid project together so you should give me your number".

Naruto looked up as Ino stood in front of him impatiently waiting for his mobile. He was actually surprised she was talking to him, she was known to ignore absolutely everyone and she hadn't been to warm to him in the past.

" Yeah sure" He said as he wrote it down on a small piece of paper he tore from his notebook.

"Here", he said handing it to her, she looked at it with mild interest and turned around to leave.

" Hey what about you, can I get your number in case I need to find you?" Naruto asked as she walked away.

She stopped and looked back at him, " Maybe later, right now I don't really know you well enough to do that" and with that she left.

"Stuck up bitch" Kiba grumbled as the approached the door.

" Hey Naruto can you come over here, I have a favor to ask" Kakashi said from behind his desk.

" I'll catch up with you guys later" Naruto said to Kiba and Gaara as he walked back to see what Kakashi wanted.

" I didn't really have enough time to introduce Tayuya to the class and since you seem pretty popular can you do me a favor and show her around"

" Uh sure I guess" Naruto said surprised that Kakashi would pick him for something like that.

" Good, she's a new student so its important she gets a good first impression. I'm counting on you Naruto" He said as he put his book down and sat up in his chair removing his feet from his desk.

" Hey Tayuya, could you come here for a moment" He said over his desk.

Naruto looked over to see the girl walk over to them with a small backpack dangling from one of her shoulders.

" This is Naruto, he's one of my better students. Anyway he will be showing you around today so if you have any questions feel free to ask him"

She nodded but didn't say a word, Naruto turned around to shake her hand. She looked at it for a few seconds but reached out and shook hands with him. " Well, lets get going" Naruto said as he ushered Tayuya towards the door.

They left the room and entered the busy hallway.

" Sooo how do you like it here so far?" Naruto said trying to break the ice.

" This place is a fucking dump and from the looks of it, most of the teachers are damn head cases" She said as kept her eyes on the hallway in front of them.

Naruto almost tripped when he heard her speak, he turned his head and looked at her utterly confused, she looked so innocent and even cute but she had the mouth of a sailor. ( I really don't know why people say that but I didn't know what else to put here)

She stopped and turned her head towards him once she realized he was staring at her,

" Can I fucking help you or should I pretend that I don't know your being a damn stalker and fucking trying to rape me with your eyes" She said as she glared at him.

Naruto blushed and turned back around, "Isn't it 'undress you with your eyes"" he corrected.

" Fuck if I care" she said as she unfolded a small piece of paper.

"So where the hell is this damn gym? I've already walked around this fucking school but I got lost all fucking morning." She continued.

" Do you always talk like that ?"

" DO you have a FUCKING problem with the way that I talk ?" Tayuya said as she leaned forward and got into Naruto's face.

" Woah calm down I was just asking, no need to freak out" Naruto said as he held up his hands in defense.

" Are you going to tell me or not ?" She demanded

"Yeah just follow me, I have gym right now too"

" Ahhg Don't tell me you're actually going to follow me all fucking day long ?" She complained

" Hey it's not my fault we have the same class together. I'm trying to be nice to you. You don't have to get mad about it"

" Whatever let's just hurry up I'm sick of being here already" She said with a sigh.

" So is the gym teacher as weird as our English one ?"

"Uhh lets just say that Kakashi-sensei is normal compared to our gym teacher" Naruto said with a laugh.

"Fuck ! I really want to have a quiet and peaceful day without all this new girl bullshit"

"Well gym is probably going to be the hardest moment of the day if that helps any."

They made it to the large gymnasium and Naruto pointed out the girls locker room, she left as Naruto went to go get changed as well. Gym wasn't his favor time of day but mostly because of the teacher.

The only good part was that the teacher was such a nice guy that it didn't really matter what you wore as long as you participated. Naruto put on a pair of grey sweat pants and a sleeveless blue shirt.

He was leaving the locker room when Kiba, lee, and Gaara showed up. Kiba was wearing a wife beater and a pair of basketball shorts, Gaara had on a black and red jumpsuit and Lee was sporting quite possibly the shortest pair of basketball shorts in history with a tight grey shirt that had "110" on it and he had sweatbands over his wrists and ankles.

"Alright let's go guys, let the fires of youth burn through you!!!" Lee exclaimed as he ran out towards the gym. Gaara just shook his head as he walked out, his arms still crossed as always.

Naruto sighed as he followed Lee and Gaara, " Where does he get all that energy from".

" I have no damn clue man, that Lee is a freak of nature" Kiba said with a chuckle.

They walked through the door to enter the crowded Gymnasium, " There he goes again, that guys has some screws loose".

" ALRIGHT STUDENTS!!! Its time to let your flames of youth burn bright" Might Guy exclaimed as he jumped and threw his fist in the air.

" MY flames burn the brightest Guy-sensei" Lee screamed as he ran up to his hero.

"That's it Lee, let it burn. Quickly 5000 Laps around the gym, GO !!!!" and with that they both took off.

Guy was the only person that somehow managed to find shorts even shorter than the ones Lee had which was anything short of a miracle. Guy had those ridiculous shorts and a grey sweatshirt ( the kind that doesn't have a hood) that had " Go big or go home" on it.

He also had a grey sweatband on his head and on his arms and he always had a sparkly silver whistle on him at all times.

Naruto just watched as Guy and Lee did laps around the gym, he looked across the gym to see Tayuya. She had changed into the girls gym uniform, and Naruto had to admit she looked really good in it.

Tayuya had on tight black volleyball shorts that hugged her hips and gripped her ass tightly, along with a short grayish shirt that didn't fully cover up her tone stomach. On the bottom left corner of the shirt was the school mascot, a praying mantis. She was standing perfectly still watching the spectacle Guy and Lee were putting on.

He chuckled as he watched her eyebrow twitch as she continued to watch the ridiculous contest. " Hey Tayuya !" Naruto said as he waved at her. She looked up from them and walked over to him.

" Hey shithead" She said as he made it over to him.

Naruto and Kiba face faulted at her colorful greeting, Naruto looked at her in confusion. "What did I do to deserve that ?"

She looked at him kinda confused, " What ?! Oh 'shithead', that's just my pet name for you" She said with a smile.

Naruto just looked at her, Is this girl serious, the first smile I ever see on her face is because she thinks 'shithead' is a cute pet name.

" So is this entire school filled with stuck up bitches ?" Tayuya said as she leaned up against the wall they were standing next to.

" Not entirely, you just have to watch out and make sure to stay far away from Queen Ino and here loyal subjects" Kiba said as he sat down.

" Ino has her kinder moments but she can be harsh to people she doesn't know" Naruto added as he decided to lean next to Tayuya.

" So are going to have to do anything or are those fucking freaks just going to run laps the rest of the damn period"

" Guy-sensei has a habit of randomly changing gears so be prepared for anything"

" What the fuck is that suppose to mean"

" DODGEBALL !!!" Guy screamed so loud that the gym shook.

Everyone instantly took off in different directions, Tayuya not really knowing what was going on decided to follow Naruto, who had taken off at light speed towards a corner of the gym.

" Hey slow down, what the fuck is going on ?" Tayuya yelled as she struggled to keep up with him.

" Just follow my lead and keep your head down" Naruto yelled back .

Without warning a large red rubber ball whizzed past Tayuya's face and slammed into the wall making a small dent.

She spun around to see Guy stand next to an enormous metal grate box, it was filled to the top with different colored dodge balls. Lee was standing in the crate on top of the large pile with an orange ball in his hands.

"You must survive by the intensity alone of your flame of youth" Lee yelled as he threw the ball into the crowd of running students.

" Everyone in this school is fucking crazy, what the hell happen to you people"

" I warned you Guy-sensei takes things a little too seriously"

They had taken cover behind some wrestling mats the Shikamaru had pulled up to shield them from the coming barrage. " Shikamaru, where's Chouji ?" Naruto asked as he grabbed a rolling dodge ball and hurled it randomly into the gym.

" He didn't make it, we were half way here when Lee shot him in the back. The only way we can make it out of here unharmed is if we move this mat to the other side of the room" Shikamaru said as he grabbed an incoming ball.

They grabbed the mat and held it up so it covered most of them, " Tayuya return fire" Naruto ordered as they started to slowly move towards the other side of the gym.

She looked at him and nodded, she reached down and picked up one of the rolling balls and whipped it at Neji who was currently jabbing at incoming balls sending them away from him.

The ball flew and curved slightly striking Neji directly in the ear, he grabbed the side of his head as he dropped over defeated. " Damn Tayuya, that was some throw" Naruto said now excited that they had a new secret weapon.

" Shikamaru give her your ball", he complied and she threw it into the crowd knocking Kiba flat on his back as the ball hit him in the back of the leg.

" Shikamaru keep 'em coming" Naruto ordered as Tayuya continued to strike down students one after another. They had finally made it towards the door but now Guy had spotted them.

"Hold it right there, that's not very youthful of you children" Guy said as he pointed towards them with a ball in his other hand. "Take thissss !" he said as he whipped the ball with so much force that it knock them back when it hit the mat.

" Quickly Lee, finish them off. Show them Why you are the most youthful of all my students" He cheered.

" Yes Guy-Sensei, I wont fail you !" Lee said as he threw ball after ball at them. Tayuya could barely follow the balls with her eyes as they flew towards them. She heard a scream and turned around to see Shikamaru struck with 8 balls consecutively before he collapsed on the floor.

She just watched in terror, "Tayuya look out" Naruto screamed.

She spun around to see Naruto rush into her and he knocked her down, she looked at him in confusion as 3 dodge balls hit him and he keeled over. She got up and quickly grabbed on of the ball that hit Naruto and whipped it back at Lee.

Lee had unfortunately used up all his ammo and just watch helplessly as the green rubber ball cut through the air and struck him in the face. He back flipped and landed on his back in defeat.

Before Tayuya could react Guy was already standing next to her. He grabbed her arm and held it high in the air, " I declare you the WINNER!"

A sweat drop appeared on her head, is this guy fucking serious?! All that was just a damn game.

"Lee" he called out.

" Yes sensei, please forgive me for I have failed" Lee pleaded on his knees as tears flowed down his face.

" Lee you will always be the most youthful in my eyes" Guy said as tears began to run down his cheeks as well .

They embraced in a hug, which had now become a very common sight and everyone just ignored them.

" Now 5000 more laps" Guy said standing up and pointing at nothing in particular.

" Yes, Guy-sensei" Lee said as he got up and took off, desperate to redeem himself in the eyes of his mentor.

Tayuya looked down at Naruto who was struggling to get up, " Hey shit head"

Naruto groaned as he finally stood up and held his stomach, " yeah ?"

"Thanks" she said with a genuine smile.

He smiled back at her and then made his way back towards the guy locker room.

Naruto walked through the Hallway completely exhausted from gym class with Kiba right behind him. " Dude that was fucking gay" Kiba complained as they walked through the hallway.

" I know, I got hit too remember ?" Naruto said as he grunted some more.

" Whatever, lets just go to Bio so we can hurry up and have lunch".

" Hey Fuckers wait up !"

They both stopped and turned around to see Tayuya running up behind them, her skirt riding up slightly as she did.

" Where the hell are you two assholes going, and why didn't you wait for me?"

" I thought you said you didn't want me stalking you" Naruto ask as he cocked an eyebrow

" Whatever shithead, I didn't say to leave me either now did I ?"

Naruto sighed, there's no winning with this girl.

" Well we have to go to Bio so you're on your own" Kiba said still not over the fact that she hit him in gym.

"Well what class do you have next" Naruto asked ignoring Kiba's comment.

Tayuya unfolded her schedule and read through it, " History".

Kiba burst into laughter and Naruto looked a little nervous, "Well, uhh, I wish I could go with you to help but my hands are tied".

"What the hell does that mean ? What's wrong with History ?" Tayuya panicked.

Kiba managed to suppress his laughter long enough to reply, "Well for starters its taught by the most psychotic teacher in this place, he transferred here last year but he already made 37 kids drop out of school".

Fuck ! how could this day get any worse ?, Tayuya thought as Kiba began laughing again.

Well, I've already dealt with some of these weirdoes already, this next asshole can't be that bad, right ?

To be continued…..

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