Title: Small misunderstanding

Rating: T

Pairing: none, really

Summery: A small misunderstanding in Abby's Lab leaves Abby in hysterics and McGee and Gibbs rather embarrassed.

Disclaimer: Saddly, I do not own NCIS. If I did, I would just write the episodes myself.

Gibbs walked into Abby's lab where McGee was supposed to be helping Abby, but he didn't see them anywhere. He was about to start calling for them when he heard two voices from behind Abby's desk. Apparently then hadn't heard him come in.

"Push harder McGee!"

"I'm trying Abby but its not working!"

"Well try harder Timmy!"

"Maybe if you helped some it would work. Here, hold this."

"Okay, try pushing it in at an angle, maybe that'll work better."

"Alright, hold it here while I try to slide it in."

"Oh, watch it! Ow ow ow ow! That hurt!"

"Sorry, sorry, are you okay?"

"Look, it's bleeding."

"I don't want to look."

"Come on McGee, you're a trained NCIS agent. You're not afraid of a little blood are you?"

"No… I think it's stuck on something. Look and see."

"You 'look and see', your closer!"


Abby and McGee's heads appeared over the desk top, confusion written plainly on his face.

"Hey, Boss-Man, McGee was just helping me install my new hard drive. It really doesn't want to fit in the little slot in my computer," she explained. Curious, she asked "Why, what did you think we were doing?"

"Exactly that," Gibbs said quickly, trying to cover up what he had thought. Abby, however, wasn't buying it.

"Oh, come on, Gibbs, you can't lie to me, what did you think…" she trailed off as she replayed her and McGee's conversation in her head. Realization hit, and she burst out laughing.

"You thought… you thought that," she had trouble forming a sentence through her laughter. McGee was looking lost beside her, obviously not getting what was so funny.

"you thought that McGee and I were…" and she broke down in laughter again. Gibbs was shifting awkwardly from foot to foot, waiting for Abby to finish her sentence so he could deny it. However, McGee finally understood what was going on and turned beet red, setting Abby off again.

Starting to get impatient, Gibbs ordered them to get back to work and hurried out of the lab, leaving behind one near hysterical Lab Tech and one very embarrassed Probie.

This story is based on a real conversation a friend and I had while trying to install a new hard drive in my own computer. Except there were a lot more "that's what she said"s that just didn't seem to fit into this story as well. I hope you enjoyed it, and please review, it is my reason for writing :)