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How to Remove a Curse Mark

By Chibi Shino

Sakura's Turn

"What the-?" Sakura sat up and rubbed her back. She stared at the book. "How to Remove a Curse Mark, huh?" She picked it up and brushed off the dirt. She noticed some tabs sticking out of the side of it. She flipped to one. "...burn off?" She read it and gasped. "However did this probably killed the poor guy!" Suddenly, Sasuke popped into her mind. She looked down at the book and gulped.

I guess she has no choice...


"Guess she's not here..." Sakura sighed as she left the apartment complex. "Where are you Tenten?" She asked to no one in particular as she walked down the street. Why was she looking for Tenten you ask? Well, Tenten was probably the only one willing to do it. Hinata was to nice and Ino would want to be the one doing the stuff to Sasuke. Tenten was the only other option and she needed help.

That's how Sakura found her way to the Hyuga Compound. She gulped. She really hoped Tenten was here... She raised her hand to knock on the door. "Come in." Came a voice. Sakura jumped and looked all over the place, trying to find the source of the voice. "I am inside." It came again. Sakura still looked around. A sigh was heard and the door opened. Hiashi stood at the entrance. "Byakugan." Is all he said. Sakura walked inside. "What do you want?" He asked bitterly. "Who are you anyway?"

"I'm Sakura Haruno." She tried her best to hide her fear.

Hiashi raised an eyebrow. "Do I have any business with you?"

Sakura shook her head. "No. I wanted to know if Tenten was here..." Hiashi stared. "Maybe..." Hiashi glared. "If that's a possibility?"

Hiashi nodded. "She is here." Sakura let out a sigh of relief. "Would you like to see her?" She nodded and followed Hiashi up the stairs.

It was dead silent as they walked down the hallway. "So..." Sakura decided to break the silence. "How's running the clan going for yo-?"

"Be quiet."


More silence. They stopped in front of a door. "She's in here." Hiashi pointed. He knocked on the door. "Tenten. Someone's here to see you."

"Crap!" The voice of Tenten cursed. The sounds of rustling and running filled the air. The door opened and a panting Tenten waved. "Hi Sakura..." She breathed.

"Hey Tente-" Sakura stopped greeting when she saw how messy Tenten's hair was. "Did I wake you up?"

Tenten shook her head. "No, no, no! I was just..." She couldn't find the right words. Little did Sakura know, Neji hid in the closet.

Their secret will not be revealed!

Sakura decided to shake off the confusion. "I was wondering if you could help with with something..."

"Okay, shoot!" Tenten urged.

She showed Tenten the book. "I was going to use some of these ideas on Sasuke..." Tenten gasped and stared at the book.

Hiashi sighed and left. Youngsters these days... "So... What can I do?" Questioned Tenten. Sakura smiled and told her what she needed. Tenten looked at her in awe. "Are you serious?" She asked in disbelief. Tenten didn't even dare to look in the back of the book. Unforunatly, Sakura did and it was NOT going to be pretty. Sakura kept bugging her, so she had no choice but to give in. She hesitantly handed Sakura her bag of extra weapons. "Be careful with my babies." She told Sakura like she was letting her baby go.

"I will!" Sakura cheered. "Oh! Tenten?"


"Will you help me?" Neji jumped from inside the closet. Tenten and the Haruno girl? Teaming up? AGAINST UCHIHA? For once in his life, Neji pitied the fool. "Please?" Sakura whimpered. Neji smirked and shook his head. There was NO way that Tenten would agree!

"Sure! I'd love to!" Neji felt sick. He thought that he had it bad! Now the Uchiha has to deal with them both!

...he SO has to watch this!

The sound of scurring and a door closing soon followed that thought. Neji was about to get up when he realised something important.

He was locked in a closet.



"Do you have any idea why there are tabs in this book?"

Tenten jumped. Of course she forgot to take the tabs out. "No. I mean, I never seen that book in my life!" Tenten said frantically. Sakura cocked an eyebrow. "I SWEAR!" She begin to flail.

Sasuke sighed. Whatever... "I guess I'll leave off where the tabs stopped." She flipped the book open.

Plan 6: Blow Off With Trumpet. Strong men have strong ears!

"...what the hell?"

"Yeah! How ridiculous!" Tenten laughed. Neji smirked from behind a bush (How he managed to get out of a locked closet is beyond me). "So what's the next one?" Sakura turned to the next page.

Plan 7: Wipe Off With Balloon. A little static electricity won't hurt anyone!

"...well...it wouldn't hurt, would it?" Sakura pondered. Nah. It wouldn't. The trumpet could probably cause you to loose your ability to hear. The balloon would just give you a bad hair day. Sakura jumped at the thought of Sasuke rampaging about his hair. She gulped.

On second thought...

"Nah!" The pink kunoichi turned the page yet again, Tenten putting her head next to hers.

Plan 8: Hit Off Medieval Flail. He's a man! A BIG STRONG MAN!

Okay. She may be desperate, but she's NOT stupid.

Tenten started to smile. She never saw the rest of the book...

Plan 9: Fly-swat it off. Hey. With pain comes beauty.

"Well...why not?" Sakura closed the book and inhaled deeply. Tenten looked at her like she was crazy. Is she REALLY going to do that?! "Tenten!" She put her open hand infront of Tenten. "Flyswater!" Tenten dug through her bag and (Suprisingly) found a flyswatter. Sakura smiled as she grabbed the handle and swatted her hand with the pink side. "Okay! TO THE UCHIHA COMPOUND!" She said boldly. She looked down at her, now red, left hand.

"...ow..." She whimpered.


That plan and many more are coming next chappie!

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