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World Domination

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Once upon a time, there was this cunning, handsome, suave young boy. He was the top ninja at the Konoha Academy and he had long, flowing black hair. He was awesome.

One day, this gift to mankind became very angry, he was better than everyone and he knew it. He felt the urge to prove it, though, and everyone was holding him down. So, this handsome, amazing, sexy boy grew into a young man. And this young man killed people. A lot. It started with his family, except his adorable little brother, of course.

Then he ran away to join a group of rouge ninjas, they were called Akutski.

Soon, this group began to show its flaws and the young man realized that he was far above them. So he killed them. The young man realized that everyone must die, it was to prove his prowess. But he wasn't arrogant.

So, he went around the world, systematically, and destroyed everyone, until he was the only person left. Then he laughed. And laughed. And laughed. And...

"Itachi? Itachi?" A voice called.

"Hmm. What?" Itachi whined grumpily. He had been sleeping, no one interrupted his beauty sleep. No one. Not even Kisame.

Itachi turned around to his bed mate and stared at the man through half-closed red eyes. His sleeping mask had been pushed up.

"Were you dreaming of world destruction again? Because it really isn't healthy." Kisame said.

Itachi rolled his eyes and pulled his mask back down. How would Kisa-kun know anything about his dream? He, Itachi was the future overlord of the world, after all. No one could tell him what to do.

Kisame wrapped his arms around the dark-haired man's waist.

"You can't be an overlord. You can't even beat Deidara at chess."

Itachi's teeth ground together and he tried to summon back those comforting thoughts of world domination.


"And, you couldn't possibly kill me." Kisame said decidedly.

"And why not?"

"Because you love me." Kisame groped Itachi lightly.

"Shut up." Itachi growled, flipping Kisame on his back and straddling him.