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Dead Man Walking

The man ran harder, faster, pushing himself further than he ever had before. His already bursting lungs were ready to fail any second and his heart was beating a mile a minute, working overtime with both adrenaline and fatigue.

The man, although beginning to feel faint from near exhaustion, never slowed down. He had been running for over an hour, but his pursuers were gaining on him, and getting closer. With a final burst of speed the man increased the distance between himself and the men chasing him. For a moment, it really seemed like he was going to get away, until he tripped over his own foot and landed on his face.

"Gotcha." One of his pursuers roughly dragged him off the ground by his hair, twisting his arms painfully behind his back. The man's breathing was ragged and was coming in great gasps. His previous energy had all but left him, and he was reduced to leaning on his captor for support.

"That's not good enough, Healer, and I'm afraid you can do no better." The cold voice spoke clearly. It belonged to the man who was fast approaching. He had short, fair, close cropped hair complimented by chilling blue eyes. One look into those merciless eyes could chill you to the bone. The man held captive was currently looking into those eyes, and he knew they would be the last thing he saw. He knew that begging for mercy would be fruitless, only making for a more painful death. Needless to say, the man remained silent. Considerably pale and sweating profusely, yes, but silent none the less.

"What do you want us to do with this slowpoke boss?" The man held the prisoner in a headlock, having not yet made the connection that his "prisoner" was on deaths row.


The "slowpoke" was dead before he hit the ground. Yassen Gregorovich lowered his gun, making no attempt to avoid the puddle of blood that was slowly forming around his feet.

"Clean up the body. Now." Yassen turned his back on the bloody scene, not at all fazed that he had just committed cold-blooded murder. After all, murder came easy for Yassen, he did it every day.

As for Yassen himself, he was already classified as a dead man. After faking his death on Air Force One, Yassen had gone underground. No one, not MI6, the CIA, or even Scorpia knew of his existence. And so Yassen had begun to form his own organization. He trained his own men and handpicked his own assassins. He was known only as Boss or Sir to them. There was no way that Yassen was going to jeopardize the freedom that "death" offered him. As long as no one knew he was alive, no one would be trying to stop him. However, Yassen only wanted the best of the best to be working under him, and so he had fashioned "tests" for the assassins in training to complete. These tests were designed specifically to tell Yassen whether the trainee would make it or break it in the crime life. The man Yassen had just killed was a trainee. Needless to say, he had failed his test.

Yassen's organization would be the deadliest, most sought after, and most notorious organization in all the world. Black Ace. He would make certain that when people heard that name whispered on the street, pure terror would enter their hearts, and that they would die of apprehension awaiting an attack. Yes Yassen Gregorovich was a sadistic man with dreams to fill and worlds to conquer, he just needed the right assassin under his hand. And he had just the person in mind.

"Alex Rider where are you?" The assassin's eyes were cold as he surveyed the computer screen in front of him. Brookland Elementary, London England.Yassen reflected on how truly amazing it was that you could find just about anything about anyone on the internet, if you knew where to look. Locating Alex had been a cinch, and Yassen couldn't wait to see the boy's face when he saw him. After all, Alex thought Yassen had died on that plane.

"Hold on Alex, here I come." Yassen sneered as he viewed the boy's school on the screen. It wouldn't be long now and he would have Alex in his grasp. There would not, could not, be an opportunity for the boy to escape. In less than twenty-four hours, he would belong to Yassen. And, Yassen suddenly realized, this would be an excellent time for him to announce the existence of Black Ace, and he knew exactly how to do it. Yassen knew he didn't kill children, but the world didn't know that, and they were about to get a fright!

"Porter, round up the men and show them this boy's picture. He's our prime target, but whatever you do, do not kill him! If anyone does it will be your life on the line. Now, it's time to have a little fun." Yassen strode purposefully towards his private jet, smiling in anticipation of finally seeing Alex.

"No one can help you now boy...you're mine, whether you like it or not."

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