Nick couldn't help but growl at the sight that met him as he entered his office, especially after what he had just seen outside. Stephen had been 'talking' to some students about their dissatations and Nick wondered whether he was honestly as oblivious about his appeal as he appeared or if he were simply a tease. Locking the door Nick turned back to face the younger man. His research assistant was practically bent double, one hand balancing him on the table as he reached for a folder behind the desk. The position was causing his shirt to run up and his jeans to emphasize his perfectly formed arse. Taking two steps Nick crossed the room and pinned Stephen to the table. The younger man let out a startled sound as the air was driven from his lungs.

"Nick?" he gasped.

"Say no and I'll stop," the older man assured.

"Actually," he shifted slightly. "I was gonna say, go into my pocket."

Nick did so, pulling out a tube of lube and a condom, "You planned this? Bloody tease."

"I hoped," he admitted. "Didn't plan but hoped."

Nick chuckled and reached around the younger man, deftly unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them down to his knees. He shifted slightly spreading his legs for the older man. Penetrating Stephen with his fingers Nick loosened his own trousers quickly coating his cock in the lube. Stephen whimpered as Nick removed his fingers and again as they were replaced by his cock. Bracing himself against the table Stephen pushed back against the older man, urging Nick to go faster. Hand curling around Stephen's hip Nick did as instructed. Levering himself up on one hand Stephen wrapped his other hand around Nick's wrist, guiding the older man's hand to his cock. Nick pumped Stephen's cock in time with his thrusts.

Nick shuddered as he came, biting down hard on the younger man's shoulder, where his shirt had slipped down leaving the skin exposed, hard enough to leave a bruise, marking Stephen as his own. The action sent his research assistant over the edge as well. Stephen slumped shuddering on the table, Nick's weight pressing down on him. Taking a gasping breath Nick straightened and fixed his trousers allowing Stephen to get off the table. Stiffly Stephen pulled up his trousers and slumped tiredly into a chair facing Nick who had sat behind his desk.

"Sorry," Nick sighed. "I shouldn't have done that."

"You regret it?" Stephen hated the way his voice shook.

"No Stephen," Nick assured. "But I shouldn't have treated you like that. You deserve better."

"Nick," Stephen chuckled. "I've wanted you to bend me over that table for years."

"I knew you were teasing," Nick hissed. "Bloody tease."

"You called me that earlier," Stephen smiled.

"It's true," Nick informed.

"Wouldn't have had to tease if you'd have done something sooner," Stephen smirked and then yawned. "Sorry, you wore me out."

Nick laughed, "You do more exercise than that on a regular basis."
"Mmm," his eyes drifted closed.

Nick watched as his research assistant drifted off to sleep and couldn't help but smile. He had never intended to take Stephen like that, not for their first time anyway, he'd always imagined being gentle with the younger man, easing into a relationship. Stephen shifted slightly in his sleep murmering Nick's name with a small smile and the older man relaxed into his own seat glad that he hadn't ruined their relationship. He was happy that the younger man didn't hate him and hoped their relationship could continue because he didn't think he could watch Stephen every day without taking that gorgeous body again. Sighing he decided they would have to talk when Stephen awoke but he suspected, hoped, Stephen would agree to 'seeing' him in a proper capacity. Crossing his arms on the desk he gazed over at the younger man with every intention of watching his research assistant sleep. In minutes he had dozed off.