Here is a new Cartoon Cross-over Series that me, dannyfangirl, and tomboyishgirl108 came up with. Most of it is a parody of Pirates of the Caribbean, and it will star one of my OCs, Captain SpongeBob BlackPants (who is a pirate version of SpongeBob, and has stared in my Pirates of the Caribbean parodies and Nicktoon Pirates of Oz).

Here is a plot on what the series will be about and who will star in it...

Captain BlackPants & the Pirate Toonribbean Adventures


Jimmy, Timmy, and Danny are young orphans who worked at the soup kitchen, wishing to be pirates to go on grand adventures. They get their wish when visited by a pirate captain, SpongeBob BlackPants, who takes them along the S.S. SSSSSS with his cartoon crew of pirates as they find treasure, travel the seas, and attack pirate rivals like Captain ZIM and his villainous pirate crew.

(Here are the main stars and co-stars of the series!)

S.S. SSSSSS Pirate Crew:

Jimmy Neutron, Timmy Turner & Danny Fenton/ Phantom – Three young boys wishing to get off Tortoonga to sail the seas, getting their wish when meeting BlackPants

Captain SpongeBob BlackPants – Captain of the S.S. SSSSSS and known as the greatest pirate of all the Toonribbean seas

Tak – A friendly pirate who helps out Jimmy, Timmy, and Danny sometimes, telling them about BlackPants and the S.S. SSSSSS

Ed, Edd & Eddy – The threesomes come up with scams and sometimes bet or try to get money from the rest of the crew for jawbreakers

Billy – Other than the Eds, the stupidest of SpongeBob's crew.

Mandy – A girl who never smiles, but is a decent fighter. No one knows why she doesn't have a mutiny against SpongeBob

Grim – The Grim Reaper who knows about the supernatural within the seas

PowerPuff Girls – Three five-year-old super powered girls created from sugar, spice, everything nice, and an accidental dose of Chemical X

Lilo & Stitch – One's a Hawaiian girl, one's a blue hostile alien. These two are a good match to help BlackPants find gold or sail the ship

Mac & Bloo – The mischievous duo of the ship with an 8 year old boy and an imaginary friend

Yin & Yang – The rabbit siblings and Woo Foo knights in training

Bart & Lisa Simpson – The sibs often fight. Lisa is the smart one as Bart is the troublemaker

Gary, Remy, Iago, and Zazu – The pets and animals who stay with the pirate crew. Remy and Iago are the animal friends of Jimmy, Timmy, and Danny; Zazu is part of the crew and known for his proper manners and such; and Gary is SpongeBob's sea snail who can be useful sometimes.

(That was the heroes, now the villains…)


Captain ZIM – Used to be part of SpongeBob's crew, but now a captain of his crew of villains, which he wishes to take over the world and take over the S.S. SSSSSS

First Mate GIR – ZIM's robotic first mate, who has a brain of a drool monkey

Crocker - A retired school teacher who is now a bomb specialist for ZIM's crew.

Vicky – A mean pirate that some of the young pirate members on SpongeBob's crew are afraid of.

Skulker – He sets traps for SpongeBob's crew to keep them from finding treasure before they do.

(And more to come…)

That's it, but don't worry, the first part of Episode 1 will be up soon. But for now you can just review and stuff.