A/N hello people who deal with me!! How are you? I decided to write a little Rin/Fluffly tribute. In a father/daughter sense though. So, here it is!

Summary: Rin is fifteen, still with Sesshoumaru. She remembers a lullaby her mother sang her to sleep with and decides to sing it to her lord.

The sun beat down on the trio as they walk through the forest. As she has aged, Rin became less of an annoyence. She didn't ask as many questions are gather flowers as much. Rin had matured greatly in her travelsand she's learned different things.

Rin was becoming hungry, but stayed silent, not wanting to bother Sesshoumaru. But he heard the her stomache grumbling, and subtly changed his direction to find food. Soon, they came to a feild. Off to the left side, a wild berry bush was growing. Rin looked at her lord, waiting for his approvel. He nodded his head and Rin happily ran towards the berries.

Sesshoumaru sat leaning against a nearby tree. Jaken went to find firewood, for he could tell his master planned on making a camp. Against his own will, Sesshoumaru closed his eyes, instead of keeping an eye on Rin. Somehow, without his keen senses being able to detect her, Rin sat beside Sesshoumaru silently.

"My lord?" She asked timidly. His eyes snapped open in surprise, but his face immediatly went back to the deadpan it always was.

"Yes?" He answered. Rin nervously changed her position.

"May Rin sing a song she remebered?" She asked timidly. Sesshoumaru hadn't heard her sing a sing in a long time. He was sure she really wanted to. He gave a small nod, almost to small to be noticed, but Rin's face lit up. She began to sing.

You are mine and only mine

I love you more than you know,

You are my light, you help me shine

I've been with you, i've whatched you grow.

Will you miss me when I'm gone?

because I will miss you

we've been together so long

when we're apart the silver moon turns blue.

Do you love me as I love you?

will you always be by my side?

when you say yes is it true?

without you I would've died.

Please say you love me,

please let us stay together,

if that's okay then let it be,

I want you to be mine forever.

Rin finished her song. It was rather short. She sat there beaming at Sesshoumaru. It didn't take a lot for him t know she sang it for him, not just to him. He resisted the smile that tugged at his lips. He would never admit it, bu he had grown to see Rin as a daughter.

"Does Lord Sesshoumaru love Rin?" She asked suddenly, a small uncertainty in her voice. Sesshoumaru stayed silent,tears started to well up in the young girl's eyes. She started to stand up, When her lord nodded slightly. Enough for her to see. Her smile immediatly came back and again Sesshoumaru had to once again fight to keep his own smile away.

"Rin loves her lord too!" She said. She hugged Sesshoumaru, then quickly went to get herself more berries. Sesshoumaru whatched as she twirled around in the feild on her way to the bush. He was perfectly content on watching his Rin be happy.

"I love you too, my Rin."

A/N YAY!!!! My sure to be horrible story is done!! I'm sorry for any OOCness, but this is my first Inuyasha fic. I hope you liked it. I love Rin, she's so cute! And I do think that Fluffy won't admit that he sees her as a daughter. Anyway, reviews are loved and flames will be used to melt the icecream of my enemys. Peaceout!